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Little T Photography is a New Jersey based providing full-service commercial photography studio serving clients throughout NJ, New York and Pennsylvania.

Advertising Photography New Jersey - Little T Photography. At Little T Photography, we know that quality, professional images can be the difference between an ad campaign that sells or fails.

Advertising Photography New Jersey - Little T Photography

For almost two decades, we’ve been working with clients in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania representing a variety of industries and sectors to create beautiful, advertising works of art. With meticulous attention to detail and superior customer service, we take our clients’ visions for their marketing campaigns and turn them into reality one thoughtful step at a time. We pride ourselves on offering high value, convenient, and creative solutions to today’s marketing challenges. Residential Real Estate Photography Service New Jersey - Little T Photography. When it comes to selling homes, it’s no secret that you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Residential Real Estate Photography Service New Jersey - Little T Photography

Today’s homebuyers are savvy searchers who often spend hours online browsing through listings before they even step foot in a house. Photos are overwhelmingly viewed first in real estate listings. This has several implications for sellers. The first is that all the curb appeal and staging in the world can’t make up for low-quality listing photos. The second is that the listing description is secondary to high-quality photos in terms of grabbing potential buyers’ attention. According to a 2010 Redfin study, homes that are professionally photographed sell for at least $934 and as much as $18,819 more than homes photographed by an amateur.

At Little T Photography, we have been perfecting the art of residential real estate photography for years. Who we are - LittleT Photography. We are creative, innovative, and truly enjoy what we do and we believe it shows.

Who we are - LittleT Photography

The secret to our success is really no secret at all; it’s simply a combination of process and passion. Our process includes keeping things simple by providing quality service, reliability and on time delivery to our clients in the Tri-State area. Our passion comes through in our quest be the best at what we do and the appreciation of the unique needs of every client. The desire to understand your project goals versus just clicking off a shoot list differentiates Little T Photography from other studios. Building professional partnerships is critical to our success; having a partner you can trust to tell your visual story is critical to yours. Because we understand the business of marketing, we are uniquely positioned to help you stand out from the crowd.

Simply stated, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Commercial Real Estate Photography - Little T Photography. Little T Photography works with commercial real estate brokers, agents, and land and building owners in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania to showcase the unique features of their property.

Commercial Real Estate Photography - Little T Photography

Whether you need standout images for a retail, professional, office or mixed-use property, our advanced technology gives our clients an advantage over the competition in this highly competitive market. Website Photography - LittleT Photography. Gone are the days when businesses could purchase a URL, put a bunch of words on a website, and then hope to get found on Google.

Website Photography - LittleT Photography

Today’s customers are much more discerning. When they land on a website, they expect to see beautiful photographs that tell the story of your business. Whether you are selling a product or promoting a service, the right photographs can make the difference between converting your next lead and losing a potential customer. Tips for a successful portrait session - LittleT Photography.

You’re excited about the up-coming photo and videoshoot to promote your business.

Tips for a successful portrait session - LittleT Photography

After all, you’ve done your research and found a professional photographer who has great reviews and can work within your budget. The new video and photos are going to take the website to a new level and can also be used to create a new series of social media posts. So now you can sit back and let the photographer do all of the work. Right? Here are a few things you can do, to make your shoot go smoothly, giving you the best possible results. The most important thing you can to do to prepare for your shoot, is to dress appropriately. Avoid busy patterns. One final note: If your photographer is going to utilize chroma keying (shooting in front of a green screen) then definitely don’t wear green.

New Jersey Commercial Photographer - Little T photography. Social Media Photography New Jersey - Little T Photography. Today’s savvy marketing professionals know that having an active social media presence including a variety of social media channels is a must.

Social Media Photography New Jersey - Little T Photography

While some of these channels, like Pinterest and Instagram, are more photographic centered then others, all of them benefit from high-impact, eye-catching images. While many business owners believe they can get by using stock photography from an image bank for their social media posts, there are many reasons why stock photography is no longer a good option. Stock images can be duplicated by your competitors and image rights are often limited. Most importantly, stock images don’t lend themselves well to the branding process and often have a cookie cutter look that won’t successfully highlight the unique personality of a business. Commercial Product Photography New Jersey - LittleT Photography. NJ Food Photography, Dining & Restaurant Photography New Jersey. There are very few industries where visual appeal is more critical than in the restaurant and food business.

NJ Food Photography, Dining & Restaurant Photography New Jersey

Capturing a beautiful dish in the right setting and lighting is essential to set the mood for anyone trying to sell food or beverage products or market a dining establishment. Our food photography experts are knowledgeable in the delicate art of food styling and composition techniques. We’ve worked with restaurants, grocery stores, and food and beverage manufacturers and distributors to highlight their unique products in an appealing, creative, and fresh way.

Our approach is simple: to tell the story of your product through beautiful images. The way we do that is where our experience comes in. Services Industry Photography New Jersey - Little T Photography. Little T Photography provides affordable custom commercial photography to businesses working in the service industry.

Services Industry Photography New Jersey - Little T Photography

While word of mouth is still important, in today’s digital world, discerning customers and clients will check out services businesses online before picking up the phone to learn more, make a reservation, or book an appointment. Along with a great website and glowing testimonials, service professionals need high-quality photographs and videos to help potential clients connect a face to a name and understand the service your business provides. Our job is to present you and what you do in a way that connects with your target audience. And after almost two decades in the business, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.