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Brazilian Aloe: Does it Cure? If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you understand what that one simple word can do to your entire outlook on life.

Brazilian Aloe: Does it Cure?

In many instances, the diagnosis of cancer means that you will need to undergo rounds of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatments and more. You will spend your days nauseated, vomiting, in pain all the while worried about every tiny little infection. You won't go out anymore and you will be afraid for your friends and family to visit. Until ultimately, one day, you will succumb to your cancer and will quietly pass away in as undignified a matter as you can imagine. But, what if we told you that there was another way? The main issue with cancer does not lie in the diagnosis itself, but in the manner in which it is treated.

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5 Reasons to Get Outdoors, Play, and Be Healthy

With that been said, outdoor play is particularly beneficial for kids as their bodies and brains are still developing. In today’s world, many children are spending a majority of their time indoors on computers, tablets, or phones. What are these kids missing out on? Let’s take a look at five scientifically proven reasons why children should be spending more time outdoors:Vitamin D In the early 20th century, tens of thousands of children were developing crippling bone deformities due to a health condition known as rickets, a disease caused by vitamin D deficiency.

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