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Get Targeted Technology Email Lists and Mailing lists. Technology email lists can make a big difference in your email marketing and lead generation. We focus on getting leads for technology related products, ensuring target audience, and improving the quality of mailing and email list. We serve as a one-stop base to acquire the most effective technology leads for your business. Our technology list represents a significant opportunity to expose your products or services to technology related audience.

IBM Lotus Notes CRM Users Email and Mailing List. Profile:Email marketing lists for IBM Lotus Users Whenever anyone talks about software services, the global corporation - IBM comes in the first juncture of the mind.

IBM Lotus Notes CRM Users Email and Mailing List

IBM offers way more than just solutions to ease up the business for its clients, its collaborative client-server software platform called Lotus Notes is a great innovation which facilitates the daily functions between different teams in a corporate environment. Its an overall application suite with components such as email, calendar and scheduling, contact book, database, web server and programming. The unique thing about this multipurpose software is that unlike its competitors all the components of Lotus are presented using a single front-end. Nowadays there are much complications involved while carrying out different tasks withing an organization. IBM has a diverse clientele pertaining from industries like automobile, aerospace, IT, security, banking, finance, healthcare and others.

We have a rich database on: Oracle Application Users Email Lists and Mailing Addresses. Oracle Technology Decision Makers Mailing Database. Profile:Email marketing lists for Oracle Application Users Californian company Oracle Corporation is a renowned brand in the field of computer technology.

Oracle Technology Decision Makers Mailing Database

At the present age of cloud computing, Oracle Application is becoming more and more popular. It is originally a business software which consists of a wide range of modules such as enterprise resource planning suite, customer relationship management application and human capital management platform. Oracle application has been developed to cater to multiple aspects of business operations. Companies dealing with finance, governance, supply chain, sales etc use this all in one software to tackle their day to day operations.

Oracle Corporation has presence in over 145 countries all around the globe and more than 420,000 end users for its products. At List2Tech we have been helping for a long time in getting their campaigns reach the right professional audiences. Ab Initio Technology Users Email Lists And Mailing Addresses. Ab Initio Customer & Vendors Email Addresses. Profile:Email marketing lists for Ab Initio Technology Users Ab Initio software is a Massachusetts-based American company building multinational enterprise solutions.

Ab Initio Customer & Vendors Email Addresses

Its considered as a business intelligence platform with a fourth-generation data analysis, manipulation, batch processing and graphical user interface. Epicor ERP Users Email Lists and Mailing Addresses. Epicor ERP Users List, Email Addresses, Mailing Database. Profile:Email marketing lists for Epicor ERP Users Austin-based company Epicor Software Corporation has been involved in producing enterprise resource planning suite called Epicor.

Epicor ERP Users List, Email Addresses, Mailing Database

This application is totally integrated ERP solution with extensive functions for inventory control, accounting, manufacturing execution and pre-production material planning. It is a modular software which means that the users can can purchase specific modes of this tool without being compelled to buy the other modes. Due to its software oriented architecture Epicor has gained a solid market share. The software focuses to address the everyday problems that the companies face in terms of economy growth.

Crystal Reports Users Email Lists and Mailing Addresses. Crystal Reports users email and mailing list. Profile:Email marketing lists for Crystal Reports Users Crystal Reports was initially launched as “Quick Reports” in the year 1991.

Crystal Reports users email and mailing list

Later in the year 2007 it was acquired by SAP which has since then produced two versions namely 14.0 and 14.1. Atlassian Tool Users Email List. Atlassian users email and mailing list. Atlassian has been a successful enterprise software developing company since 2002.

Atlassian users email and mailing list

This Australian company hasn’t looked back after developing their first software called JIRA which an useful tool for software developers. The software was available to all from a simple internet download and points the entire workflow along with tracking of issues. It gets easily integrated with other developer applications, and the teams have the chance to use sets of application program interfaces available in it to suit their needs. Besides JIRA Atlassian has come up with a variety of products like: Confluence: Collaboration software aiding to connect peers and enhance their performances at work.

At List2Tech we have formulated specialized List of Atlassian Tool Users to give marketers a viable support to target the global subscribers of this company’s products. Atlassian has over 60,000 customers worldwide which includes 85 companies from the Fortune 100 list. Marketo Technology Users Email Lists and Mailing Addresses. Marketo Technology Users List, Email Addresses, Mailing Database. Profile:Email marketing lists for Marketo Technology Users Marketo Inc is the manufacturer of marketing automation software for various companies.

Marketo Technology Users List, Email Addresses, Mailing Database

The enterprise functions solely based on the determination of aiding marketers excel in the art of digital marketing. The company offers intuitive engagement marketing applications to contribute towards this bigger aim. The prime focus is to understand and engage target audiences as well as assess the overall impact of these marketing endeavors. The digital world has been changing rapidly, Marketo keeps its clients up to dated with this fast paced sector. List of Taleo Vendors. Taleo Technology Users List, Email Addresses, Mailing Database. Profile:Email marketing lists for Taleo Technology Users Taleo is a cloud-based application which primarily focuses on talent acquisition, management of performance, learning and development, and compensation management.

Taleo Technology Users List, Email Addresses, Mailing Database

This software was first developed by an individual database vendor and was originally known as Recruitsoft, it was later acquired by Oracle in the year 2012. Hadoop Customers Email Addresses. Profile:Email marketing lists for Apache Hadoop Users Apache Hadoop is an open-source application which conducts distributed storage and processing of enormous data sets into clusters of computer by using simple programming procedures.

Hadoop Customers Email Addresses

Hadoop services are capable of offering services like data processing, storage, access, governance, security and operations. It has been designed in such a manner that it can easily serve a single server to thousand of computer systems. Hadoop’s overall framework is handled by Apache software foundation, however it was initially released by Yahoo in the year 2008. The reasons why it has been preferred over other open-source applications are prompt process and storage of huge chunks of data, bigger computing power, tolerance to errors, flexibility, budget-friendly nature and scalability. Big data software are highly popular these days. Customers Mailing Database.

Profile: Email marketing lists for Smartsheet ERP Users Smartsheet is one of the most popular software as a service platform developed in order to handle and synchronize work done by an entire workforce.

Customers Mailing Database

This project management application helps users to collaborate with fellow peers for the completion of certain task apart from just scheduling them. One can also set up notifications and reminders relating to the completion of the respective tasks. Smartsheet servers lets you attach files to the overall sheet or to a particular row in the sheet. You also have the liberty to set up a project discussion with this application and can use it store these discussions within its sheets. According to the records of Smartsheet Inc over 90,000 companies rely on this specialized application to manage their day to day operations. Generally a poor quality email list will never be able to meet your business objectives. Customers Mailing Database.

Profile: List2Tech delivers highly targeted, prepackaged and customized Vertex ERP user lists that raise incomparable ROI and conversion rates. With List2Tech Vertex ERP Decision Makers contact information concern to high-level decision makers across all major industrial sectors. List2Tech provides you ease multi-channel email marketing, VAR(Value Added Resellers) in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe. Base CRM Users List : Customers Email Addresses Mailing Database.

Profile: Email marketing lists for Base CRM Users Base constituted a scientific sales platform which helps enterprises to get benefited through measurable, scalable and repetitive means. It consists of the cloud-storage feature and automatic sales force application. Its an all-rounder in terms of data handling and capture through all devices. With this software one can analyze huge chunks of data simultaneously. Base CRM is extremely user-friendly and much easier to navigate, there is no additional setup required for it to run smoothly. B2B campaigns are diverse these days, people come up with new tactics to entice their targeted audiences. We at List2Tech believe that in order to succeed in your brand promotions you need to be very choosy about the type of data solutions you use for planning these campaigns. We have a rich database on: Base CRM users list Base CRM users in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe. Customers Email Addresses.