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Denim messanger bag. Denim vacation tote. I spent last week sailing in the British Virgin Islands with 16 family members aboard two Catamarans.

denim vacation tote

I wish I could tell you that I learned to sail, but mostly I laid in the sun and enjoyed the ride! Before leaving for the trip, I decided to make myself a beach tote that could get damp, sandy or salty. Inspired by a denim tote by Built by Wendy from a few seasons back, I cut up a few pairs of my old jeans, and sewed up a tote. built by wendy my denim tote To make the tote, I used 4 pair of old jeans in varying colors of denim. I cut 6 inch wide strips from the legs of the jeans. I sewed the strips of denim together, cut out my tote bag pattern, and sewed the bag together.

I lined the bag with a yellow cotton toille, added denim handles and a magnetic snap for closure. Here are a few more pics from the B.V. My sister Julie at the Helm Tyler winding the wench in the rain the dinghy behind the catamaran. Ökokott valge õmblusega. This week, we're embroidering all kinds of shit.

Ökokott valge õmblusega

See yesterday's pin board project here. Today, let's embroider a tote bag. Read on for the full tutorial. MATERIALS: Pre-Made Canvas Tote Bag, Embroidery Thread, Embroidery Needle, Marking Pencil, Ruler ONE: Begin by drawing out a geometric pattern of your choosing using a water-soluble marking pen/pencil. TWO: Embroider over your pattern with evenly-spaced French knots. THREE: Be patient and keep chugging along until you've embroidered over your entire pattern. This is a great project for taking on the road. Ökokott sydamega. Print Your Own Fabric. Guest post by Karina from Maple Ash and Oak Hello there, I am Karina from Maple Ash and Oak.

Print Your Own Fabric

Here I will show you a simple and inexpensive way to create your very own fabric pieces. No need for large screens, squeegees, and emulsion. Beautiful prints can be created with simple methods and materials. Most of the supplies are household items and the rest can be found at your local art or craft store. What you will need: *2-3 yards 1/4" Foam *Fabric (for your prints and a cover cloth) *Textile Inks (can be found at your local art store) *Scotch Tape *Markers *T-pins or Sewing Pins *Plastic Folders or Tray *Scissors *Exact o Knife *Contact Paper (transparent) *Containers *Spatulas *Iron *Rubber Bands *Stamps (optional) Start by preparing your print space.

Now you can take your fabric and pin it to your print table. Now comes the fun part... creating your designs! After the paper is peeled from the contact paper place it on your fabric: Now take out the extra piece of foam you set aside. Natural Dye with the EtsyLabs. Natural Fabric Dye, Turmeric. Felt Peter Pan Collar. We almost lost our marbles when we first spotted these scalloped white Louis Vuitton collars on the runway.

Felt Peter Pan Collar

And so when Lucky Magazine asked us to create a tutorial for their November issue, DIYing Peter Pan collars was an absolute no-brainer. Crisp, feminine, and perfect for fall, who would have thought Neverland could look so chic? You’ll need:2 scalloped edged collar pieces cut from white felt or rubber flannel (pattern downloadable here)a single hole punch or leather rotary hole punch1 yard of white ribbona needle and threadhot glue gunbutton Using the pattern template, cut out the two collar pieces.

Create small holes between each scallop, using the hole punch. Overlap the two wider end pieces and push a button through the last two aligning holes. Cut the ribbon into two half-yard lengths. Wrap the collar around your neck and tie it into a bow. Your Louis Vuitton inspired peter pan collar is finished! (top image via FGR, rest of images by HonestlyWTF) Canvas Peter Pan Collar. So Peter Pan collars are a pretty big trend right now, and I really love them.

Canvas Peter Pan Collar

I'm just glad it's socially acceptable for girls over the age of 6 to wear them now! A fun way to wear them is as a statement necklace like this one, to hip-up any plain shirt. I know there are already a few DIY tutorials out there for necklaces with a similar idea as this, but I couldn't find one exactly like this, and I felt like I had a few things to add sewing technique-wise, so I created my own little tutorial as part of the Kollabora Alt Summit Challenge.

Find the full tutorial here, and let me know if you make one! I think my next one will be in something sparkly.