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Denim messanger bag. Denim vacation tote. I spent last week sailing in the British Virgin Islands with 16 family members aboard two Catamarans.

denim vacation tote

I wish I could tell you that I learned to sail, but mostly I laid in the sun and enjoyed the ride! Before leaving for the trip, I decided to make myself a beach tote that could get damp, sandy or salty. Inspired by a denim tote by Built by Wendy from a few seasons back, I cut up a few pairs of my old jeans, and sewed up a tote. built by wendy my denim tote. Ökokott valge õmblusega. This week, we're embroidering all kinds of shit.

Ökokott valge õmblusega

See yesterday's pin board project here . Today, let's embroider a tote bag. Ökokott sydamega. Print Your Own Fabric. Guest post by Karina from Maple Ash and Oak Hello there, I am Karina from Maple Ash and Oak.

Print Your Own Fabric

Here I will show you a simple and inexpensive way to create your very own fabric pieces. No need for large screens, squeegees, and emulsion. Beautiful prints can be created with simple methods and materials. Natural Dye with the EtsyLabs. Natural Fabric Dye, Turmeric. Felt Peter Pan Collar. We almost lost our marbles when we first spotted these scalloped white Louis Vuitton collars on the runway.

Felt Peter Pan Collar

And so when Lucky Magazine asked us to create a tutorial for their November issue, DIYing Peter Pan collars was an absolute no-brainer. Crisp, feminine, and perfect for fall, who would have thought Neverland could look so chic? Canvas Peter Pan Collar. So Peter Pan collars are a pretty big trend right now, and I really love them.

Canvas Peter Pan Collar

I'm just glad it's socially acceptable for girls over the age of 6 to wear them now! A fun way to wear them is as a statement necklace like this one, to hip-up any plain shirt.