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Pins from lindaswatson.com on Pinterest. Pins from luneblog.com on Pinterest. Produkte - Andreas Moeller. SCHALS OF FAME und neue Freunde 2013 enstanden diese neuen Freunde: TESORO, CONJOMERINO und CERRO LARGO Unsichtbare Aktivität sichtbar gemacht Die Schals, Mützen und Decken TRAVEL, MOYA, SAIMAA, PONGIS, MOVE, BRAINBOW, KAYAK und PIRK haben alle eine Gemeinsamkeit: Elastische, durchgehende oder gebrochene Linien sorgen für Volumen und eine dreidimensionale Oberfläche.

Produkte - Andreas Moeller

Die Komposition von Bindungen und Materialien, Spannkräften und Qualitäten macht die innere, unsichtbare Aktivität sichtbar. Das Material wird lebendig. Klassische Schals Die Schals ESMA, STONES, HIBERNATE, CONJO und CIELO sind auf klassische Weise gewebt, d.h. die Webekanten befinden sich an den Längsseiten und an den Enden gibt es kurze Fransen. Von einem Versehen zur Designwolldecke. Pins from cs.arizona.edu on Pinterest. Ptj_13dow_4.gif 670×871 pixels. Wovens on Pinterest. Margo Selby.

False double weave. The three-layer false doubleweave got another washing, this time with a gentler program (I did not want it to shrink further, I just wanted to get rid of the pressed look).

false double weave

Of course I forgot to measure brfore, but it can't have shrunk much (I think). However, the pressed end still showed as flatter than the rest. I think the mangled end reverted to "almost untreated". I let it dry out completely. It then had this, um, slightly hard hand that line-dried things can have. . - my problem is that I still like the look of the un-treated/tumbled so much better! I also tried to fix a threading/treadling (for three layers) to make the right-hand edge easier to shuttle. Kerstin's extras. Tartans, wallhangings, handwoven fabric, Linda L Davis, Linda Davis.

Tartan design. Tied Weaves Workshop on Disc Profile Draft A CD that takes you through a self-study of over a dozen tied weaves that you can do at your leisure on an 8 shaft loom. $20.00 US includes shipping and handling to the US and Canada.

tartan design

Contact Linda to pay and arrange for shipment. Outside North America, please Contact Linda for prices. This workshop is designed to solve the mystery of how to develop original designs and convert them to tied weave structures through block design and profile drafts. The CD contains threadings, treadlings, WIF files, and images for sixteen structures, and sample sheets for recording results. Study Groups Not everyone is in a large enough guild to have a workshop make sense because you need to do at least the first 12 samples to really understand the possibilities of tied weaves. Ikat Tape - Shibori & Ikat from Maiwa Supply. Gradations. Complex Weavers. Peggy's Weaving Tips > Learn about the automatic reed hook. INDIGO estudio textil. Textile and fibre art resources - techniques>weaving. Culture Sector - Intangible Heritage - 2003 Convention : Back to the full list Inscribed in 2009 (4.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Country(ies): Japan Identification Description The high-quality, lightweight patterned textiles made from the ramie plant are ideal for the hot and humid Japanese summer.

Culture Sector - Intangible Heritage - 2003 Convention :

Documents Nomination form: English|FrenchConsent of communities: Japanese/English Decision 4.COM 13.54 The Committee (…) decides that [this element] satisfies the criteria for inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as follows: Slideshow © 1998, by Association for the conservation of techniques for Echigo-jofu, Ojiya-Chijimi- fu © 2008, by Agency for Cultural Affairs © 1977, by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

Resources. RGB / CMYK Convertor Sett & YPP Calculator Mother of All Spreadsheet Hemstitching Hemstitching Creating Presets Creating Presets.


Weavewright. E-weaving. Yarn - Weaving Supplies - Looms - Lunatic Fringe Yarns. Robyn Spady's Blog. Fibres of Being. TOKOLO.com. Diversified Plain Weave sampler « Fibres of Being. This is a class sampler I wove back in May – so if my recap of the theory is wrong, please let me know so I can correct it :) Liz (Calnan – my weaving teacher) explained that diversified plain weave is a development of plain weave.

Diversified Plain Weave sampler « Fibres of Being

Thick and thin yarns are used in sets of three – thin, thick, thin – in both warp and weft. You need 4 yarns: a thick dark and a thin dark, a thick light and a thin light. The thin threads provide a stable plain weave ground. The thick threads in warp and weft dominate visually. An example. I can have my pattern and stability by adding extra thin threads and using diversified plain weave. From a distance the circle design is still apparent. Let’s take a closer look at what I did. The top right 6 x 6 grid of the tie up looks the same. Some extra work using the two shuttles, and some extra chunkiness in the design. Here’s that design on the sampler/scarf. The pattern is the same on the back, but the negative image (ie lights and darks swapped). EVA STOSSEL'S WEAVING BLOG. Handwoven by Shepherd's Delight. The Handweavers Studio & Gallery Japanese high twist wool.

SKYTTEN. Din Hobby butik på nettet, Hørmann Hobby - Hørmann-Hobby ApS. På Spinnhuset finns handvävd textil och akademisk dräkt.