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Tips on how to make a video news report. Do you want to make a TV news report but have no idea where to start?

Tips on how to make a video news report

Watch this video to see how a group of students, with help from the BBC's Sophie Long, go about it and read the advice below. <img name="holdingImage" class="holding" src=" alt="Sophie Long with School Reporters" /><div class="warning"><p><strong>Please turn on JavaScript. </strong> Media requires JavaScript to play. </p></p></div> Reviews & recommendations of tools for education. Bibliographies & Research Guides Listed by Subject (Science Reference Services, Library of Congress) Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. PicMonkey: Free Online Photo Editing. Printable Graphic Organizers for Teachers, Grades K-12.

Highlights Halloween Happy Halloween!

Printable Graphic Organizers for Teachers, Grades K-12

Students love this fall holiday; take advantage of it! You'll find everything from costume patterns and printable Halloween masks to counting activities and vocabulary lessons. 2016 Presidential Elections Election season is here! Help your students understand the process of our national elections (held on Tuesday, November 8), from the President down to local representatives, with our election activities. October Calendar of Events October is full of events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum!

Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers. - Create puzzles and other diversions. EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes. Free Puzzlemaker. The Solution to Reading Comprehension. Fakebook. Editable PowerPoint Newspapers PowerPoint Template.

Views 925,852 Filed under Educational , Editor's pick, english, newspaper, resource, school We have just updated our popular editable PowerPoint newspapers.

Editable PowerPoint Newspapers PowerPoint Template

With these you can create your own news headlines, articles and insert your own pictures. Following a couple of requests, we have updated these so that you can now add in your own newspaper name. A few different types of newspapers are included in the template. These spoof newspaper templates could have many uses, including college and school projects and fun cards to send news to your friends and family. The template is also available in portrait (vertical) format and our latest template in the series, the Magazine PowerPoint. Teaching Kids NewsTeaching Kids News - Readable, teachable news. Lesson plans. This lesson plan has been designed for high school students.

Lesson plans

Newseum Digital Classroom. GaVirtual Learning Resources. HOTandThinkertools - home. Library of Congress Home. Smithsonian. Resources – Teachers. Tapp Media Center Lisa Roberts Media Specialist Resources – Teachers Edmodo Resources.

Resources – Teachers

ePals. FREE - Federal Registry for Educational Excellence. FREE Features These features originally appeared on the features blog.

FREE - Federal Registry for Educational Excellence

The features highlight resources and ideas related to holidays, awareness months, anniversaries and seasonal topics. January February March April May June July August. Classroom technology for online learning. Blendspace - Create lessons with digital content in 5 minutes. Make mobile learning awesome!

Blendspace - Create lessons with digital content in 5 minutes

Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Save time by using free lessons & activities created by educators worldwide! May one stream a Netflix Video for in-class use? I have been asked more than once by a faculty member, may I stream Netflix videos to my classroom?

May one stream a Netflix Video for in-class use?

Most Netflix videos, unless they are older films in the Public Domain, are protected by copyright. However, there are statutory exceptions that allow educators to show all or portions of films in an educational classroom. Title 17, Section 110(1) of the United States Copyright Act, for example, states educators may show a “performance… of a work… in the course of face-to-face teaching activities of a nonprofit educational institution, in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction, unless, in the case of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, the performance, or the display of individual images, is given by means of a copy that was not lawfully made under this title, and that the person responsible for the performance knew or had reason to believe was not lawfully made. A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet.

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. EdWeb: A professional online community for educators. Curriki. iPad Academy - Learn How to Use the iPad. Posters, Study Guides, Handouts, more. Instructional and Educational Videos, Animated Explanations, - Explania. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. Convert PDF, DOC and Other Formats to EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, FB2, LIT and LRF. Publish Digital Magazines and More Online for Free. Browse Talks.

Classroom 2.0. Internet4Classrooms - Helping Students, Teachers and Parents Use the Internet Effectively. Online Whiteboard and Collaboration - Instructional and Educational Videos, Animated Explanations, - Explania. Welcome! - eduClipper. Digital textbooks and standards-aligned educational resources. Using Primary Sources - Teachers. Primary sources are the raw materials of history — original documents and objects which were created at the time under study.

Using Primary Sources - Teachers

They are different from secondary sources, accounts or interpretations of events created by someone without firsthand experience. Examining primary sources gives students a powerful sense of history and the complexity of the past. Helping students analyze primary sources can also guide them toward higher-order thinking and better critical thinking and analysis skills. Newswordy: Words. ePals Global Community. Project: Literature Circles Students work in small groups reading a novel and assuming various roles in the Literature Circle in order to demonstrate their understanding of the novel and share...

ePals Global Community

Project: Email Exchange Students will engage in an ePals email exchange, practicing the skills of collaboration and communication while building friendships and learning about the daily lives and cultures of others around the world. Collaborative Detective Story Students will compose a collaborative narrative short story while creating international friendships and a great story to share. 21st Century Learning Tools Project. MasteryConnect. BiblioNasium - Kids Share Book Recommendations. Use Online Reading Logs, Find Books At Their Reading Level. Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations, documents, infographics.

TeacherTube - Teach the World. The Learning Network - The Learning Network Blog - - PBS LearningMedia. OED birthday word generator: which words originated in your birth year? Do you know which words entered the English language around the same time you entered the world? Use our OED birthday word generator to find out! We’ve scoured the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) to find words with a first known usage for each year from 1900 to 2004. Simply select the relevant decade and click on your birth year to discover a word which entered the English language that year. Please note that the dates given for these words refer to the current first known usage of the word. The OED team is continuously researching the histories of words (something you may be able to help with), and it’s therefore possible that we will find an earlier sense of the words during our research.

If you are a subscriber or have access to the OED, visit our guide to learn how to find your own personal OED birthday word. Click on your birth year in the left-hand column to discover your OED birthday word. Words originating in the 1900s include: Words originating in the 1910s include: Home Page for the National Music Museum. Share My Lesson - Free K-12 Lesson Plans & Teaching Resources. K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies that Work.