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Kathy Schrock - Homepage. -the teacher librarian in the 21st century. For Teachers. Instructables supports teachers and students by providing free Premium Memberships and awesome project ideas for your classroom.

for Teachers

For Students A premium membership means access to all of our classes. Learn everything that Instructables has to offer with classes ranging from electronics to pasta making to leatherworking. If you've got a great project to share, we're constantly running contests to reward the best instructables. For Teachers We provide plug and play hands-on projects to let you supplement their curriculum with the best projects we have to offer. Sign up for a free Premium Membership and get started today! Instructables has great projects for the classroom.Get inspired by some of the latest from our education channel. Our goal is to provide education to all who need it.

"I use Instructables for ideas for classroom projects, information on how to do/make portions of classroom projects, and ideas to help my students explore more about topics they are interested in. Thanks! Adventures in School Librarianship. Nancy J. Keane's Children's Literature Webpage. The official metaliteracy blog with the latest updates. A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine.

EdWeb: A professional online community for educators. The best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula rated for learning. Free Technology for Teachers. Horizon Project. Not So Distant Future — technology, libraries, and schools. Librarydoor. Making Ourselves Indispensable. Serving as member and chair of our state library association's advocacy committee the last few years has really opened my eyes about the importance of working advocacy into our daily lives.

Making Ourselves Indispensable

A few things that I've read lately have renewed my advocacy efforts this year. I've been thinking about how I can make sure the library program is indispensable, no matter what technology changes may come. Just like other school districts, ours is investigating a 1:1 initiative. Everything is in the planning stages at this point, but I'm already thinking about how this will change our library programs. Tuesday Tools and Tips - Creating Makerspaces in Schools. Two weekends ago, I attended EdCamp NYC at The School at Columbia, an independent school on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Creating Makerspaces in Schools

One of the things I love about attending edcamps is that the day is always unpredictable because you don't know what will be discussed or who will be leading conversations until that morning. What ensued was an inspiring day focused on tinkering, exploration and innovation. A Day of Play and Exploration The day began with a discussion led by Don Buckley, The School's Director of Technology and Innovation, focused on design thinking in schools. Buckley used projects completed at The School to illustrate the various stages of design thinking, which include defining a problem, researching and creating a solution and a prototype, and implementing the solution.

The day ended with a session on 3D printing run by Don Buckley and Jaymes Dec. Design thinking, tinkering and exploring, designing and creating . . . 5 Ways to Reach Every Reader. My work is deeply inspired by the children I’ve known—and shared stories with—in underserved communities in the United States and abroad: 13-year-old Daniel, in New York’s Harlem neighborhood, who reclaimed a childhood of joy after a hard life in foster care; Diana, in Nairobi’s Kibera settlement, who had never seen a girl stand up to a man before she read Charlotte’s Web, then learned to advocate for herself by paying close attention to Fern; and Sanjee, in Pakistan, who can’t attend school because of the dangerous route to get there but who enters new worlds through the power of stories and books.

5 Ways to Reach Every Reader

For these children and the others I have met on my journeys, reading is not only a source of entertainment or joy but also a doorway to new possibilities, where the power of imagination and knowledge become infinite. With the launch of its new statement of mission, “Open a World of Possible,” Scholastic is championing every child’s right to have access to books and stories in all forms. Librarydoor. Eliterate Librarian.

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Library Experience From 1996 to 2006, Valenza was the techlife@school columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer where she gave tips for teachers, school librarians, and students on using the latest Web 2.0 tools, techno-gadgets, and information literacy skills, and she has been the high school teacher-librarian at the Springfield Township High School Library since 1998 (Valenza, 2011d).


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