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Use These Templates to Make Your Own Digital Breakouts! – Sustainable Teaching. Author’s note: This post is intended to help teachers make Digital Breakouts in Classic Google Sites.

Use These Templates to Make Your Own Digital Breakouts! – Sustainable Teaching

The New Google Sites has gone live. Please read my blog post about making Digital Breakouts in New Google Sites. Additionally, please read my post comparing the classic and new versions of Google Sites. Digital Breakouts, the entirely online offshoot of the BreakoutEDU movement, are a great way to help students fall in love with problem-solving.

I make and use them, as do my colleagues who have found innovative ways to incorporate them into instruction. Recently, I have had colleagues and educators on social media tell me they would like to make digital breakouts but the task seems daunting. So here it is – a Digital Breakout template website, a replicable Google Site template, and a Google Folder with template files. The site demonstrates some great tools for digital breakouts: Google Forms with Quiz Mode enabled for feedback, Quizlet, EdPuzzle, and Thinglink. Like this: Like Loading... Amazing Race EDU. TechieTeacher5280: Augmented Reality - Breakout EDU mashup! This past weekend, my teammate Tiah Frankish and I attended the GAFE Summit put on by the EdTechTeam and hosted by Boulder Valley School District in Colorado.

TechieTeacher5280: Augmented Reality - Breakout EDU mashup!

We learned a ton of new things, and were re-invigorated when we returned to work on Monday. Two of the sessions we went to were especially fun, a Breakout EDU building session lead by Crystal Miller and Sarah Stuhr and another one on Augmented Reality by Micah Shippee. Of course, our minds started spinning - how could we hide a clue to a lock for a Breakout activity in an augmented reality image?

We decided to hide numbers in a Dodecahedron pattern that would only be revealed when viewed through the Quiver App. You can see the result below: We can't wait to use this in our next Breakout EDU session! If you want to try it out yourself, here's the link to the final file. If you'd like to make your own, here's the key we used to create it. Document the Gettysburg Address! Breakout EDU Resources- Symbaloo Gallery.

Panic of 1837! Pave the Way for Barack and Hillary! Get Started — Breakout EDU. Thank you for signing up for the Breakout EDU beta.

Get Started — Breakout EDU

We’re currently in open beta and anyone with a Breakout EDU kit can begin testing the games. The password for all the games is "showyourwork" There are two ways you can get a kit: Option 1: You can purchase it directly from us here. Option 2: You can put together your own open source kit. All the games on the site are password protected to prevent players from looking up solutions while playing. Also, we are encouraging people to design their own games.

Welcome to the Breakout EDU community! Digital — Breakout EDU. Tom's Digital Breakouts - United States History. The Next Awesome Thing In Your Classroom – Digital BreakoutEDU. I have made fourteen digital BreakoutEDU activities.

The Next Awesome Thing In Your Classroom – Digital BreakoutEDU

Please have a look, attempt to crack the locks, and give me feedback! Can you succeed in 45 minutes? For those new to BreakoutEDU, hints for cracking the lock are built into the site. Some are visible, some are hidden. Some are distractions. Update 5/18/16: I documented how teachers use Digital BreakoutEDU at Gravelly Hill Middle School to engage students on the BAMRadio Network EdWords blog. My colleague ELA teacher Suzanne DeConto and I made a poetry break-out to help 7th-grade students review poetry. Defeat Barry Goldwater! Combine Like Terms and Save Halloween! Decide The 1800 Election! Pave the Way for Barack and Hillary! Richard Knicks-on blends some of my favorite things, Digital BreakoutEDU, US History, and the New York Knicks! I challenged myself to make a digital breakout for the first half of US history. I made Sell World War I to the American Public as a relatively easy way to review World War I concepts.

Breakout EDU. Breakout EDU Public Group. Welcome — Breakout EDU.