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I am a web programmer by profession and a Mac user by choice, I have a keen interest in various spheres of technology including Mac troubleshooting. Specialising in a number of server-side languages, I have credible authority in my areas of interest. When not working or sharing expert tips, I like to unwind by taking long walks with her furry companions that are extremely close to my heart.

Here's The Only Mac Security Software You Need. Although Mac computers come with a number of built-in security features, these tools may not be enough to keep all threats at bay.

Here's The Only Mac Security Software You Need

Despite using these tools religiously, many Mac users face an array of issues, such as malware and virus attacks, data loss, and even identity theft. It is, therefore, important for Mac users to have a secondary line of defense to protect their computer from all such vulnerabilities. In this post, we validate the recommendation by highlighting how built-in Mac security may not be enough to keep your guards up. Five Computer Security Myths, Debunked by Experts. Macs have earned the reputation of being the safest and the most sophisticated computer systems over the years.

Five Computer Security Myths, Debunked by Experts

Thanks to their high-quality built and advance features, they offer a great level of reliability to users. Despite all the goods, Mac is not immune to malware attacks, and this is why there are third-party security apps for the device. What’s Occupying Space on Your Mac’s Hard Disk? Are you troubled by the slow performance of your Mac?

What’s Occupying Space on Your Mac’s Hard Disk?

Less space on the hard disk is one of the primary reasons for sluggish performance of your Mac. Documents, music files, and videos are some of the culprits that consume space of your Mac’s hard disk. How to Encrypt and Password Protect Files on Your Mac. Though Apple provides various inbuilt features for data encryption that come on board with the OS X, there are some security threats that can only be handled by third party mac file encryption apps.

How to Encrypt and Password Protect Files on Your Mac

Here are a few simple and effective ways to encrypt files on your Mac. Disk Utility Encryption. Simple Tips to Secure a Mac from Malware, Viruses, & Trojans. Like other devices, Macs too are vulnerable to cyber attacks, malware, spyware, and ransomwares.

Simple Tips to Secure a Mac from Malware, Viruses, & Trojans

Recently, the outbreak of the Flashback trojan exposed the inability of inbuilt security features of Mac devices, that fail to offer security against such advanced virus infections. It, therefore, becomes imperative for Mac users to invest in a comprehensive Mac internet security app such as iDoctor. In addition, Mac users can enhance their devices’ security by following these five security tips. Mac Security Threats to Watch out for in 2017. If you think Mac’s security systems are impenetrable, think again!

Mac Security Threats to Watch out for in 2017

Mac attacks increased by an unprecedented rate of 744 percent in 2016, and as the number of Mac users is expected to grow further, the number of hacking attempts is also expected to rise by the turn of 2017. Opting for a Mac security software that provides comprehensive security against different threats can, however, help you ‘up the guard’ against existing and future threats. Before you choose to download any or buy a Mac security software, let’s take a look at some of the biggest Mac security threats that the software must be capable of protecting your Mac against. 1. Mac OS Sierra: Frequently Asked Questions. Apple Inc released the thirteenth version of its macOS, the Sierra (version 10.12) in June 2016.

Mac OS Sierra: Frequently Asked Questions

The successor of OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra comes with a range of new features that include a newer Siri for the desktop, picture-in-picture video, newer maintenance , integration with the Apple watch, and the Universal Clipboard. In a nutshell, if you have a Mac, you need to upgrade to Sierra. Know the main threats to your Mac PC. Most Common Reasons for Mac Data Loss. Loss of data, whether personal or professional, can be a nightmare if you do not have a Mac file recovery app.

Most Common Reasons for Mac Data Loss

There are many free data recovery software that can efficiently recover the data from Mac. If you have not backed up your data for a while, you might be at the risk of losing the stored files. Besides the backup part, there are many other reasons that could lead of loss of data in Mac. This post lists four common reasons for data loss on Mac. Logical Issues with Your System. Easy ways to make your Mac run faster. If your Mac is slow or takes more than the usual time to respond to basic commands, it may be the time to optimize your Mac.

Easy ways to make your Mac run faster

While optimizing the Mac is one of the many ways to improve the performance of Mac, you also need to clean junk files and protect the system from malware. When it comes to tuning your Mac, there are many system optimizer apps for Mac such as iDoctor, which can be used to tune your Mac. Guide for Optimal Mac Experience. The certain level of sophistication and computing experience offered by Mac make them a popular choice among computer users.

Guide for Optimal Mac Experience

They are known for their durable build quality and reliability. Regular usage could, however, slow down a Mac, resulting in time-consuming start ups to delay in opening files. The good news is, optimizing a Mac’s performance is not as hard as you may think. From using a Mac hard disk cleaner to installing a duplicate file remover, you can take several steps for a smoother Mac experience.

Top 4 Uninstaller Software for Mac OS X. Low disk space is one of the many reasons behind a slow running Mac. By deleting unwanted programs and files and moving a few to iCloud, you can free up disk space and speed up your Mac to a good extent. Although deleting files is easy on Mac, uninstalling apps completely can be challenging, unless you are an advanced user.

The reason is, completely uninstalling an app also requires removing its related files such as caches and preferences. That’s when an uninstaller software for Mac OS can help. As far as which app uninstaller software to use is concerned, here are the top four choices. Answering 4 FAQs about Tracking a Stolen Mac. Mac computers are inarguably among the most technologically advanced computing devices available on the market. Given their state-of-art hardware capabilities, innovative designs, and increasing demand, a number of instances of physical thefts or “apple picking” has become a common phenomenon. Not many users know that these expensive machines are easily traceable, but with the help of the right time tracking software for Mac, users can easily locate their stolen machine. Simple & Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Mac. The best part about working on a new Mac is that there’s ample storage space to download your favourite movies, songs, games, and other files.

As time passes and more files occupy the space in your hard disk, you might find it difficult to enjoy a seamless computing experience. The good news is, you can clean up your Mac to make it work like new again. From using a Mac system cleaning software to tweaking a few general settings, there are various steps to accomplish the task. Here are five easy ways to clean up and enhance your Mac’s speed. Top 5 Mac Security Threats Every User Must Know. Ways to Uninstall Programs on Mac Computers. Simple & Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Mac. Mac’s OS is packaged with functionalities, such as Mac system optimizer that are difficult to replicate or corrupt. There may, however, be instances when Mac’s performance becomes slow due to various reasons. The post discusses four essential maintenance tips to optimize your Mac’s performance.

Take a look. Ultimate tips & tricks to improve Mac security. Setting up a new Mac is easy and secure. However, accessing internet can put it at the risk of cyber attacks. Activities such as downloading and sharing files with other users over the Internet or other unsecured networks, expose your Mac to a number of cyber threats. To protect your Mac from getting infected with malicious software, the post discusses five tips that will protect your Mac from cyber threat.

Take a look. 1. How to increase Mac security with encryption. Top 4 Encryption Practices to Enhance Your Mac’s Security. Ways to lock your Mac and protect it from prying eyes. Apps To Speed Up Your Mac. Reasons Why Is My MacBook So Slow and How to Fix It. Ultimate tips & tricks to improve Mac Security when using Internet. How To Make Your Mac Start Up Faster.

Reasons Why a Mac is Running Slow and What to Do. Effective Mac security options everyone should know. Simple & Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Mac. Optimize Your Mac for Better Performance - Keep Macs safe from the dangers of the Internet. Refreshing Ways to Clean Up Your Mac Hard Drive. Effective ways to protect your Mac from malware. Explore the methods Hackers Use to Intrude Mac Machine. Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software of 2017. Mac storage tips to free up extra hard drive space. Mac Users Hit by Rare Ransomware Attack. Top macOS Sierra Problems and Solutions. Apple’s AirPort Hardware Update Fixes ‘Back to My Mac’ Bug. Ways to prevent Mac from Heating Up. Your Mac May Not be as Immune to Viruses as You Think. Who Says Macs Don't Get Viruses?