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How it Works. Is It Really Effective?

How it Works

“A client receiving psychotherapy is better off than 79% of clients who do not.”- Dr. Robert Rosenthal, Harvard University Counselling & Therapy have been known to be very effective in helping with a variety of challenges most of us face, be it Relationship Challenges, Depression, Anxiety, Stress as therapies help in building resilient coping mechanisms and empower us. Empathy, Perspective, Challenging of Negative Thought patterns are some core fundamentals of Counselling & Therapy. Breakups, marital concerns, childhood experiences, Loneliness or work-life balance, all the stress-inducing events in our life bring a range of common symptoms - stress, low self-confidence or anxiety and sometimes even depression.

Some of the clients terminate therapy right after 2 sessions because of the overwhelming recall of pain, or inability to challenge or confront the unhealthy thought pattern that they have been practicing all the while to deal with the stressful situation. How to Deal with Long Distance Relationships? - BetterLyf. The phrase ‘love is in the air’ literally feels quite legitimate in today’s time.

How to Deal with Long Distance Relationships? - BetterLyf

Almost every consecutive person you know has a significant other. Be it a budding romance, dating, or even serious relationships for that matter – the feeling of being in love forms a very integral and important aspect of a person’s life. How to Deal with Long Distance Relationships. Why we need Counselling. When the Pressure To Be Perfect Hits You. “My brain feels like it’s been punched and punched and nothing comes out”-Kirsty Schafer Earlier this year, research involving 40,000 students at universities in the UK, the US and Canada found a 33% increase since 1989 in those who feel they must display perfection to secure approval.

When the Pressure To Be Perfect Hits You

Perfectionism can affect people of all ages and lifestyles, but it is increasingly prevalent among students. Perfectionism is a personality trait rather than a mental health condition, yet it overlaps with a plethora of disorders from eating to obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, body dysmorphia, depression and suicide. How To Focus On Things In Your Control. A man has been trying to cut down a tree in the rain for hours, after a while his neighbor seeing that the man is facing some difficulty goes over and asks what the problem is and the man replies “It’s hard to cut down the tree because the wood is wet.”.

How To Focus On Things In Your Control

The neighbor replies “Since nature is not in our control and you can’t do anything about the rain, you can surely do something about the saw and sharpen it, you’ll be able to cut down the tree faster that way”. We do the same thing every day. We spend hours complaining about our concerns like if we put on weight because of an illness, we will constantly worry about our health. Struggle. Perfection. Self Care. Lonliness. Reminder. Relationship Quotes. Know Importance of Relationship Counseling. Importance of Relationship Counseling, No relationship is ever entirely smooth sailing.

Know Importance of Relationship Counseling

Sometimes the problems are overtly present from the beginning of the relationship, sometimes they surface after a long time of being together. Before being a couple, we are two different unique individuals with our own personal histories, experiences, ideas, belief systems, and core values that we bring into the dynamics we share with our partner.

Relationships. Self pity. Relationship communication. How To Deal With Friendship Problems? Friendship Problems- BetterLYF. We all find this solace in different individuals who might play a variety of roles in our lives, while some may find their best friend in their mothers, some may do so in their siblings, or like many others we may just find that in our friend.

How To Deal With Friendship Problems? Friendship Problems- BetterLYF

Along with such friendship comes a bag of expectations, opinions and comparisons. These may sometimes create barriers in our friendships. These barriers if left unresolved may escalate into frequent arguments, fights or negative thoughts and emotions. Taking care of a few simple things may help us avoid such.

While it might take a while to find someone whom we can trust and pour our deepest, darkest secrets, when we do find that someone we often wish them to be by our side at all times of joy, achievement, sorrow or confusion. When Our Best Friend is Not Available. Your Self Care Sheet. Depression Quotes. Friendship Quotes. True Love Quotes. Relationship Conflicts. Break up hurt quotes. Quotes. Thursday Thoughts. How Do You Resolve Conflicts? Know the Ways to Resolve Conflict.

Just as romance, affection and love is a part of romantic relationships, so is conflict, disagreements and arguments.

How Do You Resolve Conflicts? Know the Ways to Resolve Conflict

How To Give Your Partner Space? Give Partner Space in Relationship. There are several phrases that, when uttered in a relationship, can make your blood run cold.

How To Give Your Partner Space? Give Partner Space in Relationship

Like there is the much dreaded breakup, but there are also some more benign — but somehow scary! —The moment when your partner asks for some SPACE. What is this space in a relationship? When someone you are dating claims that he or she needs “space,” the recipient has no idea what this person means other than the fact that they aren’t going to see or talk to each other as much as they do usually.

Coming Out of The Closet. How to know your boundaries. Where To Draw The Line In Relationship. How do you ensure self-care?

Where To Draw The Line In Relationship

In the world of Psychology, it is called- healthy boundaries. When we talk about having boundaries in our lives and relationships, we are talking about what is acceptable and what is not, to be a functional and a healthy self. It leads to a sense of ownership knowing what you own and take responsibility for and where it ends. To set boundaries one needs to communicate and voice out their needs. This becomes easier for us and for the other person because the world cannot have an insight into our inner world. Relationship Quotes. Difference Between Stress And Anxiety. 4 ways to deal with Inferiority Complex. We all have gone through phases in our life when we are shackled by self doubt and low self confidence.

4 ways to deal with Inferiority Complex

How To Cope With Rejection. How to stop negative thoughts. How To Deal With Negative Thoughts? Overcome Negative Thoughts. Self talk is the conversation that we engage in with ourselves on a daily basis, even if we do it unconsciously. Don't Be A People Pleasure. What is social anxiety? How to Fight With Social Anxiety? Know the Answers. Social Anxiety is used to describe feelings of anxiety and fear that occur in response to social situations. Even the most confident of people can get a little anxious before a presentation, or when they are meeting new people, but in social anxiety this distress can be so overwhelming that they may frequently try to avoid social situations.

There are several psychological and physiological manifestations of social anxiety. When we are anxious we may experience intense fear, racing heart, turning red or blushing, dry throat and mouth, trembling, swallowing with difficulty, muscle twitches, shaky hands, excessive sweating, and eye contact problems. . Psychological manifestations could be worrying intensely days and weeks before a social situation, worrying that people will notice us nervous and anxious, needing alcohol/drugs to face social situations, avoiding social gathering etc. .

To truly understand why social anxiety occurs, we have to ask ourselves questions deeper than the surface. Cognitive Distortions. What Makes You Feel Worthless? Inferiority Complex. An inferiority complex is lack the self-worth, doubt and uncertainty about ourselves and feeling of not measuring up to the standards. This term Inferiority Complex was used in the 1920s by German psychotherapist Alfred Adler, a one-time follower of Sigmund Freud who became disenchanted with Freud’s emphasis on the influence of unconscious factors as motivators in human behaviour. “I am not good enough “– this is the main motivator behind every inferiority complex. Causes Of Feeling Worthless: The feeling of worthless or Inferiority complex, unlike depression, isn’t an illness – it is mainly caused by some past events that happen to people and made them think they are inadequate or not worthy. Due to these unfortunate past events, people build false beliefs that they build about themselves.

For example, below are some possible causes that may lead the inferiority complex/worthless in a child- How To Support a Loved One When They are Dealing With Depression? - Betterlyf. If you have a friend or a loved one who is diagnosed with depression. You may be clueless as to how to help them. The person may not voice out as to what they need that can help them deal better because it is a part of depression. Your loved one is dealing with too many emotions and thoughts at a moment and is overwhelmed to deal with it. Here is a list of things that you can do to help them dealing with depression in a better way. Become informed. Depression Quotes 3. How to Overcome Depression. Depression Quotes, Depression Counselling. What is Depression Like. Forgiveness in Relationship. Online Therapy. Depression Quotes. When Counselling For Depression is Necessary. What Does Your Anxiety Do. Cognitive bias 4.

Cognitive bias 3. Cognitive bias 2. Cognitive bias 1. Online Counseling for LGBTQ Community. Who are the LGBTQ community The LGBT community is a community bound together by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities who derive identities different from the conventional heterosexual relationships and gender identities predominantly known in society.

They fight battles of recognition, acceptance, moral dilemmas and internal and external conflicts, with the simple aim of living a “normal” life. The LGBTQIA++ community in India lives life in the shadows of darkness, bound by their internal and external conflicts. We have all heard of the stigma that comes in associating with the community whether as a member or as a supporter. But, how far do people go to understand the nuances of family dynamics that come due to the social prejudices, the oppressive legalities and disruptive protective services and their potentially devastating impact of those from the community. The facts The challenges… The Power of AND. Online Counselling. Depression counselling 3. How To Overcome Agitated Depression (1) Depression how if feels. How To Move on After a Breakup. Depression Counselling. Agitated Depression-You May Not Feel Sad But STILL Be Depressed.

Suffering from Depression can be very distressing and challenging. Usually, most commonly noted form of Depression is seen as a mood disorder characterized by low mood, a feeling of sadness, and a general loss of interest in things. When Counseling for Depression Is Necessary. RIP Sushant. How Anxiety Feels? An Overview Of Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety disorder. Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action. Self compassion. Stress in the digital age. Binge Eating. Anger or Uncertainty Affecting Your Relationship. Dealing With Regret. What Our Kids Are Hiding Behind Their Misbehavior. As adults, we use reasoning, critical thinking, and try to make informed choices most of the time. Pandemic. Covid 19 - What Does Your Reaction To Pandemic Tell? As the news of the Covid-19 pandemic spread like wildfire, the general public’s reactions were divided into two types: There were people who started going out with masks, stocked on supplies, medicines, sanitizers and then there was another segment that went on with their daily routines.

How To Beat The Lockdown Fatigue? Carve Your Way Out of Fatigue. “I feel tired”, “I now take frequent naps”, “My eyes and head hurt”, “I just can’t concentrate”. If these statements resonate with you, then you may be experiencing the lockdown fatigue. How to Help Your Relationship Survive a Lockdown - Counselling In USA. Depression – Major Signs and Symptoms – Life Lessons We Need. Everyone faces days of occasional blues, or feel too low emotionally. Reason can be a bad day at work, a break-up, death of a loved one or long waiting promotion.

How To Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety – Life Lessons We Need. Self love In The Time Of Uncertainty. 6 Tips to Take Good Care Of Your Mental Health during Lockdown. Dealing With Uncertainty In The Time Of Corona. How To Deal With Boredom Amid Lockdown. Covid 19 – What Does Your Reaction To Pandemic Tell. How is lockdown affecting you. Are You Coping Well in Crisis? Healthy and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms. Clingy in a relationship. How to cope with Coronavirus Anxiety. How To Deal With Boredom Amid Lockdown. What can you do to not let boredom create self harming habits. What's your Love Language? Know about Love Language- BetterLYF. How to Stop Comparing your Partner with Others- BetterLYF. FOMO. What’s your Love Language. How to Stop Comparing your Partner with Others. CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN Managing yourself & Relationship. Dissociation – When Your Mind Takes A Break. Love Quotes in Tamil with Images - BetterLYF Wellness Coach.

How To Practice Social Distance In The Time of Coronavirus 1.