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African Music

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African Music Videos | Traditional Music from Africa | Page 4. Most South African music styles are deeply rooted in the country’s and culture’s history. Especially, the highly suppressive apartheid regime with all its repercussions helped shape many of the most prominent music styles. During the forced labour migration starting in the early 20th century, the migrant workers have developed several forms of expressive culture (see previous article on ‘Maskandi’ and ‘Gumboots’). Most of these forms of expressions are sung by Zulu men, since they made up the majority of migrants. The isicathamiya is an all men choral music, which epitomizes the terrifying experience many black South African had to go through. The music first made it to the international stage in the 1930s with Soloman Linda’s version of the Zulu song ‘Mbube’ (‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’).

Today, many Zulu isicathamiya choirs still originate from KwaZulu Natal (mostly Durban), but Johannesburg is the secret hotspot for choir competition. African Music. Traditional Rhythm Band from Botswana Part 1. Traditional African Music Instruments. Youssou N'Dour - Captivating Music From Senegal. The music of Youssou N'Dour gives you warm and golden dreams of a distant world. The style that he plays is called mbalax. It's a blend of caribean rhythms, pop and traditional griot music and is very popular in his home country. Many years before I even dreamed of coming to Africa, I used to listen to his tapes.

His music has a way to pull you in and capture your senses. Traditional drum beats, exotic melodies and his hypnotizing voice pick you up and carry you to the heart of Africa. Youssou's songs take your soul to this continent long before your body arrives. Biography and Career Youssou was born on 1st October 1959 in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal. Since the 1970s, Youssou has shaped the music style mbalax more than anybody else. But Youssou is more than just a music star: His Influence Youssou is also a very respected authority in Senegal. Youssou cares about what's happening in Senegal and the world and is always actively involved. What do you think about Youssou? 01track0. African Music.