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Homemade Natural Beauty Products - 7 Ingredients and 20+ recipes. Facebook. (1) Facebook. Spine. Spinal Neurosurgery Experts in Phoenix, Arizona Spinal surgery at Barrow Neurological Institute incorporates the most advanced techniques to correct disorders of the spine and spinal cord.


Our faculty boasts world-renowned spinal surgeons, radiation therapists, endovascular neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and rehabilitation specialists. We address the entire spectrum of spinal disease processes through both traditional and minimally invasive surgical treatment options. Degenerative disorders, trauma, tumors, and vascular diseases are treated through a team approach that includes specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders. Barrow also offers radiosurgical treatment options for tumors and other lesions of the spine that require no surgical incisions, such as CyberKnife radiation therapy. How can we help you? For more information, please call 1-800-BARROW1 (227-7691) or (602) 406-6281. For International Patients Barrow Neurological InstituteSt. Dean Chou MD - Department of Neurological Surgery. Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery Associate Director, UCSF Spine Center Dr.

Dean Chou MD - Department of Neurological Surgery

Chou completed his residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and then undertook a fellowship in complex spinal surgery at the Barrow Neurological Institute. He is board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery and has been elected by his peers for six consecutive years as one of the Best Doctors in America. Dr. He is an expert in the treatment of spinal tumors and sits as a charter member of the Spinal Oncology Study Group, an international consortium of experts in the field of spinal tumors. Download the UCSF Neurospinal Disorders Program brochure (PDF) Education, Training, and Previous Positions Selected Professional Memberships and Appointments American Association of Neurological SurgeonsCongress of Neurological SurgeonsAANS/CNS Section on Disorders of Spine and Peripheral NervesNorth American Spine Society (NASS) Selected Honors & Awards Selected Recent Publications Chou D, Lu DC.

Are These 27 Adrenal-Boosting Foods & Herbs Helping to Lessen Your Stress? One too many cups of coffee.

Are These 27 Adrenal-Boosting Foods & Herbs Helping to Lessen Your Stress?

Traffic. Late nights. Evil bosses. Screaming babies. More traffic… Chances are you’re on a first-name basis with one or more of these scenarios, and so are you adrenal glands—those important stress regulators hanging out atop your kidneys. The adrenals send hormonal responses throughout your body that when over-stressed can lead to feeling fatigued, depressed, anxious and an inability to concentrate. Beyond simply avoiding stress in our lives (as if that’s even possible!) Food Potassium rich foods help to keep the sodium/potassium levels balanced in the body, which is critical for adrenals. Try eating these foods for the above nutrients: AlmondsAvocadosYamsSwiss ChardParsleyBrazil NutsKaleWalnutsOrangesLemonsKidney BeansCelerySeaweed (particularly kelp)BerriesSquashMilletDried figsHemp seedsDried datesShiitake mushrooms (and all medicinal mushrooms, for that matter) Herbs Licorice root has been used for centuries to boost adrenal health.

Resources: Image: radworld. Cheryl Luptowski: Gluten-Free: Not a Fad But a Necessity for 18 Million Americans. Gluten-free products seem to be everywhere -- from pasta and cookies to bread and even ice cream.

Cheryl Luptowski: Gluten-Free: Not a Fad But a Necessity for 18 Million Americans

Major food retailers such as WalMart, Whole Foods, Wegman's and Target carry a number of gluten-free products, and PF Chang's, Outback, Chili's and other chain restaurants have added several gluten-free menu items. Although it may seem as though gluten-free is a fad in a society obsessed with new diets, the reality is that for those who suffer from gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, this is not a choice, but a necessity. In fact, experts estimate that 1 in 16 Americans have some form of gluten sensitivity. So what is gluten and why is it such a big deal for nearly 18 million Americans?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley that is responsible for the elastic nature of dough. The increasing population of gluten-free eaters has not gone unnoticed by food manufacturers. Look for certification. Interview with ‘Wheat Belly’ Author Dr. William Davis. You all (or y’all, as we say around these parts) submitted so many good questions for Wheat Belly author Dr. William Davis , we decided to make this a two-part Q & A. We’ll probably have part two ready early next week. Fat Head: You’re a cardiologist by profession, and yet you just wrote an in-depth book about the negative health effects of consuming wheat. How did wheat end up on your radar? What first made you suspect wheat might be behind many of our modern health problems?

Dr. I provided patients with a simple two-page handout on how to do this, i.e., how to eliminate wheat and replace the lost calories with healthy foods like more vegetables, raw nuts, meats, eggs, avocados, olives, olive oil, etc. That’s when I began to systematically remove wheat from everyone’s diet and continued to witness similar turnarounds in health across dozens of conditions. Fat Head: You cite quite a bit of academic research in your book, but you also cite case histories from your medical practice.

Dr. 10 Mood-Boosting Foods You Can Grow. Just being outside, whether you’re gardening, exercising, or simply taking a stroll, is a great mood booster.

10 Mood-Boosting Foods You Can Grow

But getting your hands dirty in a garden is so effective at combating depression that it’s often used in “horticultural therapy” at psychiatric hospitals. If you feel like your energy levels are dropping or you’re just too stressed out at work, plant yourself a good-mood garden, and get the benefits not just of a little garden therapy but of all the healthy foods linked to lower rates of depression. Certain vegetables and herbs are rich in antidepressant compounds and minerals that can do everything from taking the edge off a bad day to curing full-blown depression. Here’s a guide to get you started—10 of the most potent antidepressant foods and herbs and how to grow them anywhere.

Swiss Chard Eat it: All types of chard are packed with magnesium, a nutrient essential for the biochemical reactions in the brain that boost your energy levels. Photo: Rodale Inc. Megan Fox: Removing Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Has Been "Traumatic" Megan Fox is paying for her past mistakes.

Megan Fox: Removing Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Has Been "Traumatic"

When she was 19-years-old, the actress began getting tattoos as a form of self expression. "Everyone warned me and told me, 'There's gonna be a day when you don't love this stuff anymore. You're gonna grow up,'" Fox said on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Monday. PHOTOS: Weirdest celebrity tattoos of all time! "I was stubborn and thought that I was going to love it forever, or that it would be like a book of my life, all the things that I loved when i was young.

Fox, who said she has "eight or nine" tattoos, is currently in the process of removing the portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm. PHOTOS: Megan Fox's incredible body over the years The Friends With Kids star, 25, said that when the laser hit her skin, "it sort of exploded and looked like little kernels of popcorn popping up. PHOTOS: Other stars who've emulated Marilyn Monroe. Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease. We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong.

Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

So, here it is. I freely admit to being wrong. As a heart surgeon with 25 years experience, having performed over 5,000 open-heart surgeries, today is my day to right the wrong with medical and scientific fact. I trained for many years with other prominent physicians labelled "opinion makers. " Bombarded with scientific literature, continually attending education seminars, we opinion makers insisted heart disease resulted from the simple fact of elevated blood cholesterol.

The only accepted therapy was prescribing medications to lower cholesterol and a diet that severely restricted fat intake. It Is Not Working! These recommendations are no longer scientifically or morally defensible. Inflammation is not complicated -- it is quite simply your body's natural defence to a foreign invader such as a bacteria, toxin or virus. 41 States Sell Out to Merck's HPV Shot Gardasil Vaccine. March 9, 2012 Since 2006, 41 states have introduced legislation to support the HPV vaccine industry, despite the danger of death and injury.

Shockingly, Dr. Diane Harper, a lead developer of Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine, warns against Gardasil vaccine deaths and she advocates complete disclosure about the risk of death and adverse reactions (including Guillian-Barre syndrome) to parents and patients. Dr. Harper also acknowledges that the CDC’s death rate data is skewed. 95% of infections from HPV resolve on their own with zero government intervention. The HPV vaccine legislation in 41 states includes mandatory vaccination, funding Merck and GSK’s HPV vaccines, removing parental rights by removing parental consent for the HPV vaccine, or educating the public about the HPV virus. The federal government pays for more than 40% of HPV vaccinations. Merck had a very strong lobbying campaign for state mandates in 2007 to REQUIRE its Gardasil vaccine. New Evidence of Synergy Between Vitamins A and D: Protection Against Autoimmune Diseases.

One of the perennial topics of this blog is the synergy between vitamins A and D.

New Evidence of Synergy Between Vitamins A and D: Protection Against Autoimmune Diseases

A new Japanese study published last July in the journal Immunology Letters (1) provides further evidence of this synergy, this time suggesting the dynamic duo can courageously combat the most flagellant of our inner impulses, keeping our wayward neutrophils in check and barring them from wandering too far down the winding road that leads to autoimmunity. These investigators faced a conundrum. A number of studies suggest that the activated hormone form of vitamin D, calcitriol, has great promise for preventing and treating autoimmune diseases, but its usefulness in the clinical setting is currently limited because it promotes excessive accumulation of calcium in the blood and soft tissues. One hardly wants to cure, say, psoriasis if it means having to pass kidney stones.

Th17 cells are helper T cells that produce a number of inflammatory chemicals, including interleukin-17. 1. 2. Keeping Teens Organized. Organizational skills can be the key to the chaos that is your child's life.

Keeping Teens Organized

Teens are often at a loss to know why they cannot find their notes and assignments or are always running behind. Not all children realize that organizational skills must be modeled and taught. If this is the case with your teen, it may be time to step in and ask if they would like some help organizing and ordering their life. It can be a good time for the two of you to bond and for you to pass on necessary life skills. The Necessary Supplies Begin by helping your teen to choose the supplies that they will need to organize their school items. In each binder, place a set of dividers and label them appropriately for the class. Saving the Date Next, help your child to set up a planner or appointment book that they can use to keep track of classes, assignments due, and extra curricular activities. Practicing New Skills Follow Through is Key You might also find the following helpful: School Lunch Ideas Bullying in Schools.