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A Geek in Librarian's Clothing. Pursuing excellence for library service to children. Here is a story, told in pictures, of five things I wasn’t prepared for before I became a storytime librarian: [Making finger puppets after a day at ALA Midwinter.

Pursuing excellence for library service to children

Image courtesy of the author; originally posted on Instagram.] 1. That I would chose to spend so much of my free time doing things I love that happen to relate to work. First of all, this is 100% my choice to spend my time researching beginning readers and making flannelboards. Working with felt and sewing finger puppets have become my favorite way to relax. [Me, dressed as Princess Anna from Frozen. 2. Do you need a musical instrument? How about a Frozen costume? [Storytime scarves in the washer! 3. My weekly routine involves taking our scarves home to wash after every use. My daily routine involves washing shaker eggs and wiping down board book pages. [Ukulele & accessories. 4. The great thing about storytime is that there are always new books and songs and rhymes to explore. [A thank-you note from a patron. 5. Google Web - A Scholar's Guide to Google.

Advanced SearchingTips on conducting advanced web searches using Google, including using operators not readily available from the Advanced Search Page.

Google Web - A Scholar's Guide to Google

Google users can conduct advanced searches in two ways: 1. By using the search engine's dedicated Advanced Search page 2. By integrating Advanced Search Operators into their search. Advanced Search Page. Products. Worth more than I paid!


"I am so glad I found the Elementary Librarian lesson plans! The fact that these plans were easy to use and were aligned to both the AASL and Common Core ELA standards made them worth far more that what I paid for them! " - Mikki All the work is done for me! " This will be my 7th year and until your plans I have been spinning my wheels trying to come up with solid plans each week. The Information Literacy User’s Guide: An Open, Online Textbook. Categories  - Evaluating Web Pages: Questions to Consider - LibGuides at Cornell University.

8 Awesome Ways Libraries Are Making Learning Fun  Library Services. Curriculum & Instruction.

Library Services

The Importance of Libraries and What We Do. Who speaks for Intellectual Freedom in schools? Intellectual freedom is the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction.

Who speaks for Intellectual Freedom in schools?

It provides for free access to all expressions of ideas through which any and all sides of a question, cause or movement may be explored. ALA. Creating Tools for Specific Assignments. I have been writing a lot here about the different types of collaboration that I have been doing in all subject areas.

Creating Tools for Specific Assignments

I want to share an instance where I created the tool for a science class, but I didn't really do any teaching for this assignment. The biology teacher, Mrs., Higgins, came to me recently about beefing up an assignment that she has done in the past. 7 Classrooms: library as pedagogical incubator - The Ubiquitous Librarian. Study finds that high-poverty schools with a certified teacher librarian achieve a 5-year graduation rate of 79% « Library Research Service.

Image credit: Washington Library Media Association There’s yet more reason to invest in school library programs!

Study finds that high-poverty schools with a certified teacher librarian achieve a 5-year graduation rate of 79% « Library Research Service

Even as the number of endorsed librarians in today’s schools continues its downward trend, studies are consistently finding that there is no substitute for a quality school library program (You can peruse through research done by LRS and other institutions on this subject here). A new study conducted by the Washington Library Media Association (WLMA) and reported by School Library Journal further corroborates these findings. The study, which drew from 1,486 K-12 public schools across Washington state, concludes that students in schools that have a certified teacher-librarian (CTL) are more likely to perform better on standardized tests and to graduate, regardless of whether they live in an urban, suburban, or rural area, and regardless of the income of their household.

The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age. Part of a series of case studies produced by Digital Promise examining the work of members in our League of Innovative Schools.

The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age

Click here for more info on the League. To stay up to date on future case studies, sign up for our email newsletter. Location: Vancouver, WA. The Future for Teaching and Learning. What does the future hold for librarians’ participation in teaching and learning in colleges and universities?

The Future for Teaching and Learning

Many are already taking advantage of the opportunities pro­vided by the emergence of new technologies and faculty interest in giving students assignments that will engage them in their learning. I believe that the greatest oppor­tunities for librarians lie in deeper connections to the curriculum, adapting to new modes of pedagogy, linking technology-rich and collaborative spaces in libraries to learning, and ensuring that individuals who enrich the library’s role in teaching and learning are on staff. Over­all, the trajectory is for the increasing integration of librarians and libraries into the teaching and learning program of the college or university. Librarians, Pedagogy, and Curriculum Departments, colleges, or individual faculty might deliberately add the development of technology and in­formation skills within the discipline as new objectives in the curriculum.

HeLIOS - Hemingway Library Information Online Skills Tutorial. Home - Research 101 - Research Guides at University of Washington Libraries. 21st Century School Libraries. School Libraries. Library A to Z. Library Skills Downloadables - Tools. 17 Creative Children's Libraries. 10 thoughts on digital libraries: where they're going. In Exploring Digital Libraries, I endeavor to sort out both.

10 thoughts on digital libraries: where they're going

While I do offer a definition of what the phrase “digital libraries” means in the context of current research and practice, the truth is that myriad diffuse definitions and opinions about digital libraries continue being expressed. There are even more perspectives on where digital libraries are going. Last week I asked some colleagues to send me one sentence each on the topic of digital libraries in this time of large-scale, web- and network-driven societal change. This somewhat kaleidoscopic, crowdsourced blog post is my attempt to weave together what they sent me.

A Librarian’s Defense of Despair – The Conversation. So an executive falls asleep on his private, three-engine jet. He awakens to a loud noise. Peering down is his pilot, a bright-yellow package clasped to his chest. The Library of the Future. Back in April I wrote a blog post about “Teaching the Class of 2025“, my opinions on what I think the classroom of 2025 would look like, feel like and sound like (click here to read).

I had some amazing feedback on this blog post that got me thinking and reflecting on what I wrote. One response in particular was related to my comments on Libraries from Karen Clarke, a Library Manager at St Patrick’s College in Wellington, New Zealand. In the blog post I said: “Libraries and Books will be no more – I have already noticed the move away from this in the past few years. What does a good library tell you about a school? Your library is your portrait. - Holbrook Jackson... children in one set of schools are educated to be governors; children in the other set of schools are trained for being governed.

The former are given the imaginative range to mobilze ideas for economic growth; the latter are provided with the discipline to do the narrow tasks the first group will prescribe. - Jonathan Kozol, Savage Inequalities. Had I any say in the decision, my grandsons would never attend a school that did not have a good library program.* You can tell a lot about a school's philosophy of education - in practice, not just in lip service - by what sort of library it supports. Teacher Librarian Roles. Library Skills Downloadables - Tools. Imagine the Possibilities. State of America's Libraries Report 2015. Skip to main content ALA User Menu. Top 10 Academic Library Websites 2014. 4 Ways Academic Libraries Are Adapting For The Future. For academic institutions seeking to thrive amidst the constantly shifting world of higher education, libraries have become the heart of the spirit of collaboration and innovation—going beyond being places to merely access knowledge to become hubs to truly explore and create.

Libraries and Librarians: Essential to Thriving Schools - Road Trips in Education. School libraries in the 21st Century. Rethinking the library proves a divisive topic at many liberal arts institutions. Several library directors at liberal arts institutions have lost their jobs as they clash with faculty and administrators over how much -- and how fast -- the academic library should change. None of the dismissals, resignations or retirements are identical. Study: Good School Libraries Affect Test Scores. Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A study released Tuesday by the South Carolina Association of School Librarians shows that the more emphasis is put on school libraries--and the learning that takes place there--the better scores students receive on standardized tests.

University of South Carolina Professor Dr. Karen Gavigan outlined the studies five areas of importance at a press conference Tuesday morning. Study Ties College Success to Students' Exposure to a High School Librarian. Ending the Invisible Library. To explain the utility of ­semantic search and linked data, Jeff Penka, director of channel and product development for information management solutions provider Zepheira, uses a simple exercise. LibGuides: Pedagogy to Oppress? You have to be a pretty tenacious researcher to find any criticism about LibGuides, the practical and convenient tool that librarians use to create online guides to research. My search for “LibGuides and critique or criticism” taught me a great deal about how to interpret literature, while keying in “LibGuides and problems” merely returned information about the occasional scheduled downtime. It was not until I limited my search to and then traced a bunch of links and pingbacks that I could even start to gather a sense of the conversation round the topic.

Yet, ironically, it is exactly this twisting, infuriating and (occasionally) joyful process of research that is stifled by the way that most librarians structure and organize their LibGuides. Web-based research guides have helped to bridge the gap that the growth of online resources has put between the library and its patrons. What is a LibGuide? Understanding the Nature of Research Expanding the Scope of Research. Opinion: Dear Congressman, Research Shows Closing School Libraries and Cutting Certified Librarians Does Not Make Sense. American Libraries - September/October 2014 Digital Supplement on School Libraries digital edition.

Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2014. Best Library / Librarian Blog 2014. Trust me, I'm a librarian. 10 things classroom teachers need to know about modern school librarians. School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian. Transforming the Library Profession. Creating School Libraries of the Future for The Students of Today. Writing in Libraries: Processes and Pathways to Inquiry and Learning. Five-Minute Film Festival: Reimagining the Library. Top 5 problems with library websites – a review of recent usability studies. Library 2.0 - the future of libraries in the digital age. 21st-century-library-infographic.jpg (JPEG Image, 2800 × 2099 pixels) - Scaled (36%) Research Information - The essential link between publishers, librarians and researchers. 7 surprises about libraries in our surveys.

Is there a library-sized hole in the internet? Inspirational school libraries from around the world – gallery. Transforming Libraries. What Does the Next-Generation School Library Look Like? Free Video: Libraries in the Internet Age. A Free Web & Mobile App for Reading Comfortably — Readability.

Award-winning learning management system for teachers and school administrators. LearnZillion. Award-winning learning management system for teachers and school administrators. Annenberg Learner - Teacher Professional Development. Library Girl (@jenniferlagarde) Abby the Librarian. The Daring Librarian (@GwynethJones)

Marcus Sedgwick (@marcussedgwick) Library Girl (@jenniferlagarde) I Love Libraries. Sherry Gick (@LibraryFanatic) Knowmia. Gooru. Abby the Librarian. The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice. School Library Research (SLR) 227680e.pdf. E-learning in School Education in the Coming 10 Years for Developing 21st Century Skills : Critical Research Issues and Policy Implication. Thoughtful Learning: Curriculum for 21st Century Skills, Inquiry, Project-Based Learning, and Problem-Based Learning. School Library Monthly. FINDS Research Model. Information Literacy. Skills Overview. Formative Assessment.

Inquiry-based Learning: Explanation. Thoughtful Learning: Curriculum for 21st Century Skills, Inquiry, Project-Based Learning, and Problem-Based Learning. What is Universal Design for Learning. The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice - Session Overviews. FINDS Research Model. Directory of Open Access Journals. Mighty Little Librarian.

Thoughtful Learning: Curriculum for 21st Century Skills, Inquiry, Project-Based Learning, and Problem-Based Learning. The Daring Librarian. Thoughtful Learning: Curriculum for 21st Century Skills, Inquiry, Project-Based Learning, and Problem-Based Learning. Blogs of School Librarians/Educators Resource Descriptions.

The Unquiet Librarian. Ten Search Tools and Tactics Teachers and Students Need to Know. Project Information Literacy: Smart Talks.