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TripIt - Travel Itinerary - Trip Planner. LodgeNet Mobile. Taxi Magic. Top 97 Travel Apps. Home > Top 113 Free Travel Apps 1 to 50 based on popularity Travel applications help users plan trips and learn about distance places through articles, reviews and photos posted by professionals and online communities.

Top 97 Travel Apps

AppAppeal ranks all travel apps based on worldwide popularity. Popularity rank 1 AppAppeal rating 5/5 Free plan available Mobile apps Google Maps is a free web-based mapping application. Popularity rank 209 AppAppeal rating 3/5 TripAdvisor is a travel website that helps users decide where to go and where to stay while they are there. Popularity rank 369 AppAppeal rating 3/5 AccuWeather offers weather forecasts. Popularity rank 656 AppAppeal rating 2/5 Wunderground provides weather information for worldwide locations, including hourly forecasts, current conditions, sa... Popularity rank 835 AppAppeal rating 4/5 MapQuest helps users find directions and other map-related information.

Popularity rank 928 AppAppeal rating 3/5 Popularity rank 1,388 AppAppeal rating 5/5. 2011 Business Travel 50: How Social Media Has Changed Business Travel. Social networks have changed the way we work—and live.

2011 Business Travel 50: How Social Media Has Changed Business Travel

For example, 18 percent of consumers use social networking sites before even getting out of bed, according to a May 2011 Ericsson ConsumerLab study. They have also changed the way we travel, morphing business trips from a mundane experience into a data-rich opportunity to make new connections and discover or strengthen relationships. "The simplest way to think about it is that you used to fly into a city and unless you knew someone who was there, there's no chance that you ever got in touch with anyone," notes Aaron Strout, the Austin-based head of location-based marketing at WCG World, an integrated global communications company.

"We all tend to hover around in these bigger metropolitan areas and we're closer to so many people we know than we think we are, but we just don't know it. So social media kind of tightens up that six degrees of separation, and it also makes for serendipity. " Dig Deeper: Get the Best Airfare Deals. 6 Ways to Improve Your Vacation Using Social Media. The Social Travel Series is supported by, the easiest way to have an online meeting. lets you instantly share your screen with anyone, for free.

6 Ways to Improve Your Vacation Using Social Media

Use it to collaborate, demo, show off — the possibilities are endless. Try it today. Even if you’re trekking into the wilderness, you need never be without some friendly guidance from your social network. There are hundreds of travel booking websites — many featuring peer reviews — that travelers find immensely helpful. But beyond the Kayaks and the Jetsetters of the world, there are numerous ways to tap your social network and crowdsource public opinion to help you assemble your travel plans. Peer Recommendations and Travel Planning Jauntlet. Deals and Discovery at App Shopper - Top 200 (Free) in Travel for iPhone. Best Travel Websites and Apps. TripIt - Travel Itinerary - Trip Planner. GateGuru, Airport Info & Flight Status. Introducing Dwellable for iPad - DwellableTrends. The wait is over.

Introducing Dwellable for iPad - DwellableTrends

Dwellable for iPad is now available for download in the App Store! Those big, beautiful photos? They look even better on the iPad. Want to make sure your rental is on the beach? No problem, just use the interactive maps to check out your beach access. The app also features instantaneous filtering, sorting, favorites and the ability to share listings with friends. The free Dwellable vacation rental search application for iPad is available for download in the App Store.