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Top 20 Best PowerPoint Presentation Design Posts for 2012. By Jon, on January 1st, 2012 In order to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation, you have to learn the process of effective presentation design .

20 Best PowerPoint Presentation Design Posts for 2012

After four years of blogging, I’ve written a number of posts designed to help you create better, visually engaging and effective PowerPoint presentations. As all blogs posts do, some resonated better than others and often provided great discussion in the comments. Instead of forcing you to sift through my site, page after page, or trying to search my site with keywords just to find the best posts, I have aggregated 20 of my best blog posts, including the 5 most viewed post written in 2011, to help you become a better PowerPoint presentation designer. Post types include specific presentation design techniques, book reviews, tips, methods, and more. So without further ado, here are the best PowerPoint presentation design posts from Presentation Advisors to make you a better presentation designer in 2012. What’s Wrong with PowerPoint Templates? Des photos gratuites et libres de droit : Photopin. Trouver des illustrations librement utilisables pour son blog, sans atteindre le droit d’auteur de quelqu’un, c’est parfois compliqué.

Des photos gratuites et libres de droit : Photopin

Et il ne faut pas oublier que « gratuit » ne signifie pas « libre de droit » ! La meilleure solution étant bien entendu de bien regarder si les photos que vous souhaitez publier sont munies de la mention Creative Commons, et à quelles conditions. Pour simplifier la tâche, le très sympathique Photopin s’ajoute à la liste des moteurs de recherche de photos gratuites et libres de droit, dont nous aimons bien faire la collection. Le principe de Photopin ? Il recherche des photos sur Flickr, en sélectionnant uniquement celles qui sont libres de droit, ou tout au moins que vous pourrez publier simplement en créditant son auteur. Ensuite, cliquez sur la photo que vous aurez sélectionnée, et les différentes tailles disponibles au téléchargement seront affichées. Le site Photopin via Dotbit. Liebfraumilch. Liebfraumilch is a vivid handwriting script that relies on the OpenType features Contextual Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures and Stylistic Alternates, which are available only in OpenType-aware applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite or Quark Xpress.


Liebfraumilch or Liebfrau(en)milch is a style of semi-sweet white German wine which may be produced in the regions Rheinhessen, Palatinate, Rheingau and Nahe. More… The name is a German word literally meaning “Beloved lady’s milk”. The original German spelling of the word is Liebfrauenmilch, given to the wine produced from the vineyards of the Liebfrauenkirche or Church of Our Lady in the Rhineland-Palatinate city of Worms since the 18th century. The spelling Liebfraumilch is more common on labels of exported wine. Free Font: Yanone Kaffeesatz. »Yanone Kaffeesatz« was first published in 2004 and is my first ever finished typeface.

Free Font: Yanone Kaffeesatz

Its Bold is reminiscent of 1920s coffee house typography, while the rather thin fonts bridge the gap to present times. Lacking self confidence and knowledge about the type scene I decided to publish the family for free under a Creative Commons License. A decision that should turn out one of the best I ever made. It has been downloaded over 100,000 times to date from this website alone, and you can witness Kaffeesatz use on German fresh-water gyms, Dubai mall promos and New Zealand McDonald’s ads. And of course on coffee and foodstuff packaging and café design around the globe.

In 2009 I reworked much of the typeface, and it got published in FontShop’s FontFont Library under the new name FF Kava. In 2010 I decided to re-release the typeface under the SIL Open Font License to make it possible to include in software bundles or web font services like Google’s Font Directory. Color Trends + Palettes. Presentation Tips from Olivia Mitchell.