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How to use Kahoot! to teach new topics - Blind Kahoot!'ing. Record and host audio online with SpeakPipe Voice Recorder. One tool I use quote often in my English language classroom is a voice recorder.

Record and host audio online with SpeakPipe Voice Recorder

For years, I used Vocaroo as my online recorder, but I have stopped that completely due to the awful ads that are shared with the listener of the shared audio file. Instead, I am using SpeakPipe Voice Recorder. It is a simple, online voice recorder that doesn’t need registration. Files are downloaded or shared online using a unique URL. Listeners can also download the file or listen online. Go to SpeakPipe Voice Recorder and click on ‘Start Recording’. For laptop and desktop users, you will be asked to give permission to Adobe Flash to have access to the microphone.

SpeakPipe will immediately start recording. If you audio is quiet, you may get this message. You may give your recording a title or simply leave it blank. SMARTBoard: Use the SMART Recorder to capture a live video recording of your SMARTBoard presenation and then share it with your students! Quick overview: The SMART Recorder is a “screen capture” tool that allows you to record yourself teaching on your SMARTBoard.

SMARTBoard: Use the SMART Recorder to capture a live video recording of your SMARTBoard presenation and then share it with your students!

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, I use a similar a technique to create the step-by-step video tutorials you see each week. The best part (that I saved for last) is that the SMART Video recorder is really easy to use! What is required? The SMART Notebook software and a microphone. Olympic Jeopardy. Advanced PowerPoint Animation - Creating Fireworks. 20 practical ways to use Google Forms in class, school. Google Forms gives educators a powerful data collection tool.

20 practical ways to use Google Forms in class, school

Check out these 20 ways to harness its power in school. (Google Forms logo used under fair use) Everyone wants data. Schools want it to track student performance. Companies want it to learn about their customers. We track data in our own personal lives (fitness data, banking data, even social media data). Teachers and students have their own data gathering and tracking tool that’s free and easy to learn — Google Forms. Assessment in the mixed-ability classroom. Erika Osvath is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer.

Assessment in the mixed-ability classroom

She joins us on the blog ahead of her webinar ‘Mixed-ability teaching: Assessment and feedback’, to preview the session and topics she will explore. One of greatest challenges facing teachers of mixed-ability classes is assessment, especially in contexts where uniformly administered tests and giving grades are part of the requirements of the educational system. These forms of assessment, however, tend to lead to unfair results. They are like holding a running event where participants set off from a different spot on the track. Naturally, in each case the distance covered and the rate of progress will depend on individual abilities. Also, students tend to interpret their grades competitively, comparing their own performance to the others in the group, which, again, leads to anxiety and low self-esteem, becoming an obstacle to further improvement.

Let’s look at a few practical examples. OurStory. OurStory. Classroom uses of aurasma. 9780521692489p46 47. Prepositions of Place: at, in, on. Prepositions: Using "AT" for Places, by Dennis Oliver - Free English Grammar Lessons. The preposition at is also frequently used in placephrases.

Prepositions: Using "AT" for Places, by Dennis Oliver - Free English Grammar Lessons

One use is for exact addresses (addresseswith a house or building number). Another use is forgeneral locations--places (such as a school, officebuilding, hotel) that are collections of more specificlocations (particular rooms, offices, etc.) Examples Her favorite flower shop is at 1423 Main Street. SMART Board Templates. SMART Board Templates. NJAET Outline SMARTBoard.

11 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Your SMART Board - WeAreTeachers. Do you and your students tend to do the same thing on your interactive whiteboard over and over?

11 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Your SMART Board - WeAreTeachers

Us too! That’s why we were excited to talk with Rebecca Penina Simon, an interactive-whiteboard expert who’s also the director of educational technology at Solomon Schechter School of Queens. Here are some of the cool ways she’s using Teq Unlimited, a resource that combines SMART’s software with some awesome online PD and that we want to try right now. 1. Take advantage of built-in activity templates to create some seriously cool lessons.Most interactive-whiteboard software comes with activity templates that make it easier to create activities and games. Random Name and Group Gener... by Mrs Hanson's Interactive Classroom. Lesson structures template 12 2008. Smart Board Name Recognition Activity. 5 Activities to Make Your PowerPoint More Engaging – tekhnologic. A few days ago on the Teaching English – British Council Facebook page there was a discussion about PowerPoint – Do you love it or hate it?

5 Activities to Make Your PowerPoint More Engaging – tekhnologic

The discussion linked to an article by Rob Lewis who talked about ways PowerPoint could be used in class. In an earlier post he also wrote about the good points and bad points of PowerPoint. I thought that it was an interesting discussion overall and I enjoyed reading other teachers’ opinions. Most people would agree that PowerPoint is just a tool and that the way you use it determines whether it is useful or not. The people who love it, love it because it is easy to use and a convenient way to show pictures in the classroom. The people who hate it, hate it because they have had bad experiences with it in the past where they were subjected to death by PowerPoint in the presentations they watched. The football game3. Recall 3 0. Concentration1. Picture reveal 3 01.

Powerpoint for teachers part 2. Photo flash1. Quick match text to images1. Quick match images to text1. 5th Word Review - Play Hangman Game Online. 6th Review - Play Hangman Game Online. Dozier Elementary's Sea of iPad Resources. Dozier Elementary's Sea of iPad Resources. iPads at Burley. 1:1 iPad vs. BYOD – 學校提供行動裝置與學生自帶行動裝置之優缺點比較 – 數位學習無國界. 小學生利用平板電腦可以學得更好嗎?|數位時代. 平板電腦變身電子書包 打通資訊融入教學最後一哩. Interactive Learning Tool. Interactive Learning Tool. Interactive Learning Tool. Interactive Learning Tool. "Unit 1 Word Review": Connect Fours Revision Quiz.

You will see a wall of 16 clues.

"Unit 1 Word Review": Connect Fours Revision Quiz

You need to group them into 4 rows of 4 connected items. Simply click four cards to identify a group. You score 1 point for each group found within 2.5 minutes. You have unlimited guesses for the first two groups. After completing 2 groups, you have 3 chances to create the final 2 groups. Interactive Learning Tool. Interactive Learning Tool. Jeopardy Style Review Game Creator.

The Instant Jeopardy Review Game has been designed and dramatically improved to make it the perfect review game for a wide variety of classroom uses.

Jeopardy Style Review Game Creator

This tool is a fun and interactive way to review content in your classroom, meeting, conference, or other group setting. The new and improved version of the Jeopardy Review Game includes the following features: Simple insertion of pictures on Question and/or Answer slides Full support for symbols, such as exponents and wingdings style fonts Better support for foreign language Question and/or Answer slides Simpler visual editing process Embed anything in your question slides, even Youtube videos, flash objects, etc. Simple scorekeeping system Works on portable devices such as smartphones, iPad, and iPod Touch! Random Name Picker. Countdown Timer. EITHER Choose one of these set tunes...

Countdown Timer

NO TUNE | Countdown (30 secs) | Mission Impossible (3mins 30secs) | The Apprentice (1mins 35secs) ...OR search YouTube / provide a YouTube URL here! countdown timer Edit the time! Edit the title! How to Create a Quiz Show With 5th graders unit 2 word scramble Game - ProProfs Word Scramble Game. Step 1: Choose the size:Step 2: Copy the code below: Hidden Picture (1)5th unit 2. Hidden Picture. Disappearing Words. 15-Puzzle With Custom Image. Set up your own image and save the link of the generated page to challenge your friends! All your settings and your image will be encoded in your URL. To get the URL of an image in Google Chrome right click the image then 'Copy image address'. Set up a sliding puzzle with your own image and challenge your friends to solve it. Use any image URL from the web. The generated puzzle will work on mobile devices as well.

Preferably your image should be 540px x 540px or any square image. If your image is landscape and the scale image option is active then the bottom of the playing field will remain empty. By default when you load the page the puzzle is scrambled. Numbered tiles help the players determine where a piece belongs. Each time you click the Submit button the URL of this page changes containing all changes you have made to the settings. IMG_1942 — ProProfs Brain Games and Online Puzzles. No-prep ESL Vocabulary Games for Young Learners. Running out of tricks? Here are some quick vocabulary activities for kids that every ESL/EFL teacher can rely on anytime of the day.

They require little to no preparation and some can be given to kids and adult learners by adjusting the level of difficulty. Ready to get your class off to a good start? Read on! 1. The teacher writes preferably an 8-letter word or longer on the board and students make as many new words as they can using all the original letters from the given word exactly once.

Variation: When checking the answers, cross out common words that appear in at least two of the teams. 2. The teacher writes a scrambled word on the board that students need to un-jumble in their teams, e.g LEJMUB –> JUMBLE. Variation: For more advanced students, you may give 3 or more jumbled words at once which they need to solve in 1 minute. 3.