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The Benefits of Language Translation Agency Singapore. Hiring an Experienced Legal Translation Agency for Official Purposes is a Must. Important Factors before Hiring Certified Translation Services. The Challenges of Translating Japanese to English. Importance of Translation Services for your Business. The Challenges of Translating Japanese to English. Benefits of Hiring a Language Translation Agency. Why using a professional translator is critical for Japanese language translation? Confidentiality of Financial Documents are Crucial. Why is Website Translation Important for your Business?

Authenticate your Documents by Having Certified Translations. Boxes to Check When Hiring an Agency to Translate Korean to English. Quick and Errorless Translation from Japanese to English. Brief Benefits Of Document Translation, Singapore That May Change Your Business. Why Would Ignoring Professional Translate English to Chinese Service Will Cost You? 3 Advantages to Hire a Professional Translation Company ASAP. Boxes to Check When Hiring an Agency to Translate Korean to English. Is Tech Making Language Translation Agency Better or Worse. Let Language Translation Agency Work for YOU. Does Your Certified Translation Services Pass The Test? We Can!

Are you paying too much for the certified translation services, Singapore? 3 Legal Translation Services Singapore You Require that You Are Not Aware. Extras That Make a Language Translation Agency Reliable. Most Creative Design Services Singapore from Lingua Technologies International. Design Services Singapore- Certified Translation Services Singapore- Translate English to Chinese-

Language translation agency- 3 Indicators of Great Agencies That translate English to Chinese. Certified translation service- What to Look for in a Firm That translate English to Chinese. Why Hiring a Transcribe Services Agency Is an Intelligent Investment Decision. Key Features of Website Design Services. Reasons for Hiring a Website Translation Agency.

Keystones of Qualitative Transcription Services. Questions to Ask a Language Translation Agency. Lingua Technologies- Best English to Japanese Translation Company. Certified Translation Service by Lingua Technologies. Find the Best Thai Translation Service from Lingua Technologies International. Transcription services- Translate English to Chinese - Live Captioning- Certified translation services Singapore- Get Best Design Services Singapore by Lingua Technologies International. Quick Website Translation and Localization by Lingua Technologies International. Best Certified Translation Services Singapore by Lingua Technologies International. Get the Best Transcription Services by Lingua Technologies International. Best Language Translation Services- Lingua Technologies International.

Professional English to Japanese Translation. Professional Language Translation Services, Agency in Singapore. Professional Website Translation Services in Singapore. According to Internet World Stats, there are currently 2,405,518,376 internet users worldwide – 87% of whom are outside North America with almost 45% in Asia.

Professional Website Translation Services in Singapore

Most global consumers prefer to buy products from websites that provide them with content and information in their own language. Despite this fact, very few businesses are actually connecting to a global audience. Instead of building a website that caters to various languages, cultures, and customs, many business websites are still offering a one-size-fits-all customer experience. In an increasingly globalized world, this is not the right way to go. No matter what your product, or how big or small you are, as soon as you begin selling internationally – or planning to – translation and localization of your website into the language used in your target market becomes a necessity.

Language Translation Agency. Translation Agency in Singapore. English to Thai Translation Services in Singapore. Thai translation is an incredibly tedious process that must take into account the local touch, cultural sensitivity and keeping up with the latest development in the language and its acceptable slangs.

English to Thai Translation Services in Singapore

Fiercely proud of their language, Thailand is the only country in South East Asia that has never been colonized by any foreign power. To totally understand the challenges of handling Thai translation, one must first be familiar with the Thai culture and the Thai language. The national and official language of Thailand is Thai and it is spoken daily by approximately 80% of the 68 million residents in this Southeast Asian country.

Although English is the most common foreign language in Thailand, and English is taught in school in Thailand but outside of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, the language becomes quite useless as more Thai people are more comfortable with the use of their own language. About the thai language. Korean to English Translate Services. When it comes to Korean translation, knowing the Korean language is not enough to make one a good Korean translator.

Korean to English Translate Services

The Korean translator you use has to be a native or a translator who is totally immersed in the Korean culture and the Korean’s way of life. With more than 80 million speakers worldwide, there are 6 speech levels of formality in the Korean language. How and when you use them is dependent on who you are speaking to. It can be considered as a major insult if a wrong variation of the word is used! Best Graphic Design Services in Singapore. At Lingua Technologies International, we are proud to be offering high quality Design Services to our clients.

Best Graphic Design Services in Singapore

We can now support the entire journey of your marketing messages from start to finish, always making sure that they reach your target audience in the most personalized approach they deserve. Graphic design is all around us: we see it in the form of brand logos, websites, street signs and product packaging. This just goes to show how important it is to have a visually appealing and unique graphic design in order to attract the attention of your audience. Now, thanks to an abundance of freely available design software, everyone can have a go at graphic design.

But there is so much more to it than choosing a suitable color theme and a nice font. Professional Financial Translation Services in Singapore. With Singapore’s push to become the regional legal hub, the local legal industry here is seeing some exciting and unprecedented developments.

Professional Financial Translation Services in Singapore

With Singapore’s leading position as a global business and financial hub, the evolution of related transactional work with customized approaches and techniques must be supported by high quality legal advice and services, in particularly in the area of arbitration and mediation. With English as our primary business language and a highly developed regional economic, political and legal hub, Singapore is a highly attractive location as Asia’s leading destination for dispute resolution. That is why its more critical than ever to have an experienced Singapore-based team helping you with your legal translation services.

Linguistic Challenges This is an industry whereby the flow of information is rapid and mostly unstructured; thus, the challenge is to make the best use of whatever data that is available on hand. Conclusion. Best Legal Translation Services in Singapore. Best Language Translation Services in Singapore. English to Japanese Translation Services in Singapore. When it comes to Japanese translation, as with other languages, it is not a word-for-word replacement nor does it mean that by simply knowing Japanese, one will be a good Japanese translator.

English to Japanese Translation Services in Singapore

There are a number of challenges associated with Japanese translation that need to be overcome. Japanese in written form uses three different sets of character: Katagana, Hiragana and the Kanji. The most complex one has to be Kanji. Kanji is derived from Chinese script but it has since developed in a very different direction especially in terms of what it means in the Japanese language. Kanji can be very complex and there is no one equivalent English word that can somehow convey the true meaning of a word in Kanji. Japanese is a language that cannot be taken at “face value”. As with most Asian languages, grammatical structure in the Japanese language is vastly different from that of the western one. Hence, it is important to understand that we may be looking at a major “face-lift”.

Best Document Translation Services in Singapore. A certified translation is provided by a professional translator or translation company.

Best Document Translation Services in Singapore

This certification carries an official declaration signed and stamped by an authorized representative from the translation company with the following assurance:That the translation is true, complete and accurate rendering of the content of the source documentThat the translation is done by a translator knowledgeable in both the languages required in the translation This is only an attestation to the authenticity of the translation provided. In order to officiate it (making it official), the certified translation must be notarized by a Notary Public. Notarization is necessary if the translated document is to be used in a foreign country or when it is an explicit requirement by the authorities or government agencies.

According to the ICA, official translations are translations that have been certified/ attested by the relevant Embassies or notarized by Notary Publics in Singapore. Professional Language Translation Agency in Singapore. English to Thai Translation Company in Singapore. Professional Translation Services in Singapore. Find Translate English to German in Singapore. As with translation of any languages, translation from German or into German is no easy task. Most of the problems of English to German translation can be categorized into three classes namely lexical, grammatic and pragmatic. But don’t worry, we are not going to get into the academic aspect of it. Spoken by more than 100 million people across the globe, German or Deutsch is the most widely spoken native language in the EU. It is also the top five most widely used languages on the internet. German is also the 11th most spoken language globally. Some of the most obvious challenges faced in German translation are associated with gendered nouns, sentence structure, and how spoken German as an inflected language further challenges the task of translating German into other languages and vice versa.

For German, both traditional and reformed spelling exist. Best translate Vietnamese to English in Singapore. As with translation of any languages, translation from Vietnamese or into Vietnamese is no easy task. To handle Vietnamese translation well, it is critical to understand the heritage and language of the intended reader, as well as where he or she now lives. One slight error in the choice of word could all too easily make you sound rude and offensive. Translating word for word too, will make the sentence become wordy, incomprehensible and sound ridiculous at times. Depending on whether one comes from the North, Northern Central or South, there are differences in the way the language is used. Not only are there differences in pronunciation, there are also variations in terms of cultural.

Find Website Translation Services in Singapore. Best Transcription Services in Singapore. As the world gets smaller, the transcription business is booming, and secretaries, reporters, clerks, working moms and retirees are discovering that it is a great way to earn some extra cash.

Best Transcription Services in Singapore

Few, however, bring 17 years of experience, top native-speaking professional linguists, and advanced software to the task like Lingua Technologies International. Transcription involves the conversion of speech, whether live or recorded, into an electronic text document. While business, legal and medical documents are the most common, events, speeches and seminars are often transcribed as well.

Transcription of Most File Types and Languages Our reputation for excellence in professional document transcription services is the result of our timeliness, fine quality and attentive client service. Find Subtitling Services in Singapore. Subtitling is no longer restricted for use as a tool to assist the hearing-impaired in understanding what is going on the screen.

Find Subtitling Services in Singapore

It is now a common tool used to not only to enhance the experience of viewers but it is also used as a marketing support tool to extend the reach of marketing messages in noisy and crowded places where media is used extensively in the form of infomercials and billboards etc. Subtitling can also be used to enable understanding across different languages and cultures, effectively extending the global reach of marketers.

In fact, if it is done correctly and accurately, bearing in mind the cultural differences, the nuances that may improve or disrupt messages, religious sensitivity etc, it can even help build goodwill and reduce the need to reproduce marketing messages in whole for different markets and thus leads to savings in marketing cost. Best Translate English to French in Singapore. As with translation of any languages, translation from French or into French is no easy task.

Best Translate English to French in Singapore

Translation into and from French, the “language of love” is much like love itself; it can be complicated. There are much more things to consider than just getting someone who knows French to handle translation into English and from French. Spoken by about 354 million people across the globe, French is the third most spoken language in Europe, after German and English. It is also the official or second language in at least 55 countries worldwide and there are French speakers in far reaching places like Cambodia and Vietnam. Spreading across different continents, we are presented with multiple variations of French as it is spoken in France, Belgium, Monaco, the Middle East, Canada, the US and some parts of South East Asia.

French is also a much longer language and most of the time, French translation tends to be 15-20% longer than the English source text. Best Professional and Document Translation Agency in Singapore. Best Certified Translation Services in Singapore. Translation Services in Singapore: Three Things to Consider for English to Bahasa, Indonesia Translation. It is the end of the year 2019, and many businesses are going global, and many are ready to take their chances in foreign language speaking countries. Top of all, you have a need for English to Bahasa Indonesia translation service. Indeed, the prospective of booming in any industry on a worldwide scale is worth taking the time, effort, and, money. However, a basic problem with Asian countries is that not many foreign companies have their language-speaking employees or something else like hard to break the language barrier. For example, you have an Indonesian company, selling some amazing product, and the next phase is to go global.

The first in your mind what about all that information in your brochures is relevant, but on a national scale only. Lingua Technologies International — Four Reasons to Hire Medical translation service... Translation Services in Singapore: How Much Does Document Translation in Singapore Cost? Document translation services refer to the language editing and writing industry that a translation agency handles. The document translation in Singapore accepts hundreds of projects in a day and that of Indian, Japanese, and Khmer languages. There is no language barrier, which means Arabic, Bahasa, Burmese, Chinese, French, or German, is easily translated for further use. The professional translation services cover all the subject matters, and potential customers’ needs such as legal, contract, certificate, and marketing. Of course, there is a fee to pay for document translation in Singapore and depends on the following slabs. Per Word. English to German Translation Services.

English to French Translation Services. English to French Translation Services. Translate Chinese to English Simplified & Traditional Services. Considered one of the hardest languages to translate into and from, Chinese translation is definitely one of the most challenging of all the languages. If the Chinese translator you engaged is not well qualified, translation mistakes can surface causing huge misunderstandings and making a laughing stock of your products and services. There are numerous challenges when it comes to Chinese translation that one should take note of. One of the challenges is the type of Chinese used in the different regions. Depending on where the Chinese is used, it is more than just choosing between using Simplified or Traditional Chinese. In general, the following challenges are more prevalent in Chinese translation: There are many dialects used by the Chinese.

Transcription Services. Subtitling Services. Professional Language Translation Agency. Translate Chinese to English Simplified & Traditional Services. English to Vietnamese Translation Service - Lingua Technologies. Medical Translation Singapore. Translation for the medical and healthcare industries is one of the most highly demanded translation services. The linguistic diversity of many countries means the services offered by a good translation company are now essential to the effective operation of healthcare and medical companies. Cultural and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) set standards that are designed to reduce disparities that arise from different cultural and language preferences, and to make services more inclusive for all patients and consumers. If you work in the healthcare or medical industry you may have heard of these standards. You may be considering how your company can provide more inclusive services in a linguistically diverse world, while ensuring that important technical information is not miscommunicated.

The following provides a snapshot of how a high quality translation service provider can help your company meet the key CLAS standards and your customers’ needs.