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Burningman Guitar lessons. Make A GhettoBlaster Tricycle. Supplies:1 - Adult Tricycle (Found one for 300$ on craigslist)1 - Concert Speaker (Mine has 2 15" woofers, 5 tweeters and 1 mid range)1 - 1400 watt (Depending on speakers)Car amp1 - Car Stereo1 - Deep cycle 12volt battery1 - Pair of blue and red led'sFiberglass supplies (Fiberglass mat, fiberglass resin, catalyst, polyester)Lots of bondo for car shapingParticle BoardSpeaker WireFeltSpray paintOptional Tools i used:Staple GunNail GunReciprocating SawSpray on glueLots of Gloves.

Make A GhettoBlaster Tricycle

Housing search - mail a bunch of flowers! - StumbleUpon. Wall Photos. Fitness. Music. Gardening. Art. Mythical Creatures List, Mythical Creatures A-Z - StumbleUpon. Self development. Education. Health. Welcome to the Official site of One Million Gardens. How To&8230; - StumbleUpon. Embed This Infographic <a href= ‎"><img src=" title="10 How Tos" alt="How To Infographic" border="0" class="nopin" /></a><br />Source: <a href=' title='Interesting Facts'><a href=' title='Interesting Facts'>Today I Found Out</a></a> 1) How to drastically increase the life of your shaving razor Before or after you shave (I prefer before so that the blades are dry), place your jeans on a hard flat surface; then run the razor up the pant legs about 10-15 times quickly; then repeat running it down the pant legs 10-15 times quickly.

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No need to press that hard, but a little pressure is necessary. necessary. Epic Homemade Porsche Win & EPIC FAIL .COM : #1 Source for Epic Fail and Fail Pictures, Fail Videos, and Fail Stories - StumbleUpon. Epic Homemade Porsche Win373 By jason in Win on April 17, 2011 Browsing: Epic Homemade Porsche Win.

Epic Homemade Porsche Win & EPIC FAIL .COM : #1 Source for Epic Fail and Fail Pictures, Fail Videos, and Fail Stories - StumbleUpon

Most Popular Repurposing Tricks of 2011 - StumbleUpon. The best trick of all is repairing broken stuff.

Most Popular Repurposing Tricks of 2011 - StumbleUpon

You would be amazed that in this throw away age so many things can be repaired easily. Invest your money in quality tools, and you will find the tool pays for itself in the first few repairs you make with it. There are wonderful adhesives and tapes that people aren't aware of that work wonders. Take an hour and go to a home hardware store and really browse around to discover some of these wonders of the modern world. Quotes: Wise quotes - StumbleUpon. Some wise and funny quotes from famous and anonymous people. 1.

Quotes: Wise quotes - StumbleUpon

Advertising modern art 2. - StumbleUpon. I think "accountability buddy" really misses the point.

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There is satisfaction and joy in accomplishing the task, but that's where accountability buddy is a misnomer. All habits of any sort will trip, falter, fail, etc. It's all about getting back in the game. People who falter in quitting smoking, depression, learning a new skill, taking up exercise or learning a new habit need a buddy who they enjoy doing it with and will help them get back in the game. We are humans and we love to connect and share experiences with - even introverts have a means by which they connect and share.

Premium Funny: Shakespeare Insult Kit - StumbleUpon. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie - StumbleUpon.

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