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Project Based Learning

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Stixy - online creation, collaboration, and sharing tool. Stixy is a free, online tool for creating, collaborating and sharing.

Stixy - online creation, collaboration, and sharing tool

It is a type of online bulletin board. You can create as many Stixyboards as you want so that you can organize projects. Lego Super Hero Movie Maker Puts You On The Director's Chair. Lego Super Hero Movie Maker is all you and your kid need to make the next blockbuster action adventure film starring your favorite Lego DC Universe Super Heroes.

Lego Super Hero Movie Maker Puts You On The Director's Chair

In essence, Lego Super Hero Movie Maker is an iPhone app that lets you shoot stop motion animation, and it does this through an impressively easy and kid-friendly interface. The app has a collection of title cards featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as several generic title cards. Once you’ve decided on a title card and edited the movie title and director text fields on it, you’re ready to shoot your movie. Simply set your Lego DC Universe action figures to your desired poses, train your iPhone’s camera on the scene, and tap the center of the screen to capture the frame. Make a Video Quickly and Easily.

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CyQuiz Home Page. Qwiki - The Easiest Way to Create Video : Qwiki. 12 Puzzle and Quiz Creation Tools for Teachers. There are many different sites on the internet that allow you to create your own puzzles and games to use either directly in class, or which can be linked to/embedded into your VLE.

12 Puzzle and Quiz Creation Tools for Teachers

I’ve been doing some trawling ahead of a training session I am running soon, and here are a few of the best ones that I’ve found. There are others out there, but the focus specifically for my session was KS4 and 5, so these links are aimed at older students. If you have any other favourites, please add them to the comments! 1. Classtools Net Classtools is already one of my favourite websites, home of the Countdown Timer and Random Word Picker. 2. Content generator’s templates allow anyone to generate their own e-Learning quizzes, games and applications through our custom software – no coding required. Playfic.

Voki Home. Animation Desk - Create Short, Animated Videos. SlidePresenter - free online multimedia presentations. Wikis for Everyone - Wikispaces. Viewer for iPad. Edublogs – education blogs for teachers, students and institutions.

Build a Complete Website. On an iPad. Let's take a look at how (or indeed if) it's possible to design and build a website entirely on an iPad.

Build a Complete Website. On an iPad.

We'll use a variety of apps to conceive, wireframe, design, code and deploy a simple HTML web page. Ever since tablets breached into mainstream usage, we've taken a quick stance on working out the best way to support these new devices for consumption of web content. I've written numerous articles across our blogs about this topic, as have many of my fellow writers. Books have been published. Panels have been held. But what if the tablet could be a viable platform, not only for consumption, but for creation? Step 1: Bringing Together Ideas The first stage of the design process is planning and bringing together initial ideas. Education. Using PBworks in your academic environments.


PBworks hosts over 300,000 educational workspaces, and has helped transform teaching and learning for millions of students, parents and teachers. Educators ranging from major universities like DePaul, school districts like Baltimore County Public Schools and individual teachers trust PBworks as their collaborative learning environment. In your Classroom, Library, District or University Encourage student-centered learning. Creative APP-titude: iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativitity.

Conduit Mobile: Create your own apps. January 23rd, 2012 Comments Off What it is: Want to see something really super cool?

Conduit Mobile: Create your own apps

You can create your very own app for multiple mobile platforms in, I don’t know, 7 minutes flat! Seriously. Conduit Mobile makes it incredibly easy to create your own app out of a blog, class website, wiki, etc. and publish it to share with others. It honestly could not be easier. How to integrate Conduit Mobile into the classroom:Conduit Mobile makes it easy to meet your students and families where they are-on mobile devices. Explore and Create Free Timelines. Beat Blaster: Turning Your iPad Into a Hi-Fi System.

The music player built into the iPad is perfectly fine.

Beat Blaster: Turning Your iPad Into a Hi-Fi System

5 Video Projects to Try With Your Students. Video creation projects are some of my favorite things to do with students.

5 Video Projects to Try With Your Students

I like video projects for a number of reasons not the least of which is that students generally enjoy them too. I like video projects because when they're organized properly students have to write, research, produce, and revise just as they would if they were writing a story or research paper. The difference is that shared finished video projects have the potential to reach many more people than a well-written essay does. Another bonus is that I can invite my administrators into my classroom to watch a few short videos and they can quickly see what my students have been doing. Here are five ideas and tools for video projects that you can try with your students this year. 1. Free Online Tools to Create Infographics.

Infographics and data visualizations have become incredibly popular ways to impart information while keeping your audience engaged.

Free Online Tools to Create Infographics

As a result, a slew of user-friendly, free online applications have been created which enable users to create their own information graphics. Here are five such tools that I think are particularly valuable: Wordle - Create beautiful and fully customizable word clouds with this free tool. Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources (Categorized) This post is #6 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category.

Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources (Categorized)

Total items listed: 112. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week! Update: Be sure to check out our latest post on infographics: Infographics Are Everywhere – Here’s How to Make Yours Go Viral. I love a good infographic! ImageSpike - Image Hotspot Generator. Make Your Images Interactive. Storytelling. Free Photo Slideshow online, awesome slide show maker with photos and music!

Widbook - Write, read and share. Poster Production - Get Inspired with Automotivator. Automotivator is an online poster generator that allows users to create motivational posters that can be shared with other 2.0 applications, such as wikis and blogs. Besides being free (although there is an option to professionally print your final product), the process of creating a poster is a fairly simple one. Users can upload an image from their computer or another web site, select the font style and color, and then type the motivational message.

Once completed, posters can be saved, printed or uploaded to other Web 2.0 sites (i.e. Flickr, imgur). Revisiting as a Curation Tool. is a curation tool that allows one to automatically publish a digital newspaper on a daily or weekly basis. Essentially, it pulls from news sources that you choose and arranges the content in different categories. Connect your classroom to the world. 'Fakebook'! Create a Fake Facebook Profile Wall using this generator.

21 Map Creation Tools for Students and Teachers. Yesterday, I published a review of MapFab which is a fabulous, free, and simple tool for creating maps online. Writing that post got me thinking about all of the other free map creation tools that I've reviewed over the years. Google Maps and Google Earth are my favorite tools for creating maps, but not every school allows teachers and students to download it.

And creating Google Maps does require you to have a Google account which is an obstacle to use in some schools too. In the list below you will find some map creation tools that don't require registration. The Teachers Should See This: iMotion HD. World's Best Way to Make & Share Comics. Infographics and charts - interactive data visualization.