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Instagram: how the hashtag changed #fashion. The love-in between Instagram and fashion could be summed up by the most liked picture of the last five years: the selfie of model Kendall Jenner lying on the floor in a lace dress with her hair arranged into hearts.

Instagram: how the hashtag changed #fashion

It gained 3.1m likes and, with the hashtag “hearthair”, more than 10,000 followers shared their versions of the picture. This is the extreme end of online influence but it does demonstrate what fashion has known for a while. In a world where nothing happens unless it’s on Instagram, the # is everything – and retailers are using it for commercial gain. & Other Stories H&M New Brand. 04 April 2012 Lauren Milligan Updated Wednesday April 4, 10.13am: As seems to be the way with the story of H&M's new luxury label launch, another rumour has been proved to be accurate, after press officer Håcan Andersson confirmed to French news agency Relaxnews that the brand will indeed be named "& Other Stories".

& Other Stories H&M New Brand

Deriva Paper — Deriva Paper. Studio Visit at & Other Stories. & Other Stories and Household get together - Household. Household worked together with the team at & Other Stories in Stockholm last year to help tell their brand story, and so the launch of the debut store on London’s Regent Street was eagerly awaited.

& Other Stories and Household get together - Household

& Other Stories is the latest brand to hit the high street from H&M and has been more than two years in the making. On the opening day one thing was for sure, it was packed and people were buying in droves!. & Other Stories is a breath of fresh air, because the concept plays back to customers how they really feel about fashion – the desire for trend and inspiration, the want to treat (no matter how small), the need to complement an existing outfit, create a whole look or simply make a look feel more individual.

If I could choose: & Other Stories // photo bomb // Sara Hildén Bengtsson // freundevonfreunden. This is a simple photo bomb of beauty - I am basically reposting another blog post - just because I couldn't leave it.

if I could choose: & Other Stories // photo bomb // Sara Hildén Bengtsson // freundevonfreunden

My days are soooo long at the moment - I should be sleeping now - because tomorrow will get even more hardcore. But seeing these photos simply made me so happy - we all love & Other Stories - and I guess after seeing these beautiful images and reading the interview with Sara Hilden Bengtsson the Creative Director of the & Other Stories Atelier in Stockholm I think I might love the entire concept even a little bit more. Sleep tight ! Link to the worlds best "take a sneak peak into people's home and workspaces" blog aka freundevonfreunden here. ELLE Exclusive: We been to & Other Stories. It can’t have escaped your notice that team ELLE is pretty excited about the launch of & Other Stories.

ELLE Exclusive: We been to & Other Stories

The new high street label from the teams that bought us H&M and Cos has been three years in the making, and it’s been more than six months since we learnt of its impending existence. But now, at long last, the time has finally come - the store opens tomorrow. And we’ve already been inside. We headed to Regent Street yesterday to prowl the shop floor ahead of anyone else, accompanied by the brand’s creative director, Sara Hildén Bengtsson, and ready to wear designer, Colombe Campana. And, hard as it was, we managed to resist simply compiling a personal shopping list to bring you all you need to know about the store: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.The beauty department is brilliant, centred around the philosophy that ‘every look starts with a healthy skin’. 9. 10.

Sara Hildén Bengtsson. How did you end up working with & Other Stories?

Sara Hildén Bengtsson

I worked with Samuel Fernström for many years at H&M, and then we were asked by the board to work on & Other Stories. Between 2010 and 2013, everything was top secret. It’s been building up for a long time with ateliers in Paris and Stockholm. Paris has more focus on design and the development of the collections, while our Stockholm office is more brand-focused, with graphic designers, architects, photographers, stylists, copywriters and art directors working closely to develop the brand itself. We stock everything from women’s beauty products to accessories and clothing. You lived in London for over ten years.

I moved there to study at the Royal College of Art and complete my Masters. Could you ever consider doing something less creative? No, I’m the happiest when I’m in a studio; when we’re actually working with a store and have to get ready. Intelligence, Retail Recon. LONDON, United Kingdom — On Friday, Swedish fast fashion giant H&M debuted its new retail concept ‘& Other Stories,’ steps away from sister stores H&M and COS on London's Regent Street, as part of an ambitious Europe-wide launch, with additional locations in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and Berlin.

Intelligence, Retail Recon

H&M & Other Stories: A new chapter for the British high street. For the next big thing on the British high street, the & Other Stories headquarters in Stockholm are surprisingly low-key.

H&M & Other Stories: A new chapter for the British high street

Located on a quiet, snowy street in a residential part of the city and permeated with the smell of something delicious cooking for lunch (the team in the atelier all eat together every day), it's a far cry from the vision of ultra-hip Swedish cool we have come to expect from the brands this region keeps sending to invade our shores. It feels deceptively homely, despite all the fierce-looking, articulated platform shoes, armour-plated bags and sharp silhouttes nestling in the workroom. But then its owner is well-versed in putting us at our ease when it comes to being fashion-forward. & Other Stories, which launched last week simultaneously in London, Berlin and Copenhagen (how's that for cool company?) High-concept outlet from H&M influenced by fashion bloggers. H&M, the world's second largest fashion chain, opens its latest retail venture in London on Friday.

High-concept outlet from H&M influenced by fashion bloggers

The store, called & Other Stories, is intended to be a premium brand premised on an female attitude to shopping influenced by social media and blogging. The 1,200 square metre store on Regent Street is neither a conventional H&M store, of which there are 2,800 in 43 countries, nor one of its more grown-up design-led fashion stores, called COS, which launched in the UK in 2007. PressRelease Jan13 Stories Stores en. Press%20Release Stories London Launch. Econsultancy. Comment: New fascia & Other Stories will broaden H&M's appeal.

& Other View - Style Bubble. The phones have been ringing non-stop.

& Other View - Style Bubble

The rails have been emptied. Sizes are out. The Regent Street branch of & Other Stories cannot wait for stock replenishment day fast enough (it's a Tuesday by the way, if you've been out of luck with styles/sizes). Suffice to say, it's been a successful first week of opening for H&M's new addition to its roster of fashion chains, one that has been shrouded in mystery beforehand and finally got its big unveil last week. I was unfortunately still in Paris, despite my dying curiosity as to what & Other Stories is all about. First up, what of the clothes? High-concept outlet from H&M influenced by fashion bloggers. ADVANCED STYLE: PRESS. ADVANCED STYLE: Advanced Style x & Other Stories. When I first got the call that & Other Stories wanted me to shoot a story for the launch of their first US store and e-Commerce site I was thrilled. I have been a fan of the brand for a long time and was excited that they were finally heading to NYC.

We knew that Iris Apfel would be the perfect match for a personal styling story featuring some of the brand's latest clothing and accessories. Head to to check out the rest of the shoot and collection and make sure to visit their new store at 575 Broadway, opening on October 17th. Six Crucial Things to Know About & Other Stories. & Other Stories emerged in Europe just over a year ago, taking no time at all for buzz to float overseas: the clothes, the beauty products, the accessories, the price point! Fashion-hungry Americans got jealous of the H&M-owned brand's 11 stores across the pond—in countries from Spain to Sweden—and it became one of those "while you're in Europe you must check out" bullet points. Then, like the answer to a shopping prayer, & Other Stories announced they'd open their first Stateside store in New York as well as US e-commerce at (sign up now and get 20% off your first order—you're welcome).

The doors to both open today, and fashion people are freaking out excited. Here's the story. 1. 2. 3. The fall collection offers four "stories," each based on a different city—Stockholm, Paris, New York, and Berlin—designed to be mixed and clashed as the shopper sees fit. 4. "We're trying to reach a woman with a heart for fashion," Helena explained, "which can be a woman of any age. " 5. 6. The Trouble with Ready-to-Wear. LONDON, United Kingdom — For consumers, high-end fashion delivers significantly less ‘bang for buck’ than other luxury categories. While you can wear the same watch or necklace or handbag every day — and always look good — you cannot wear the same dress to every event. Fashion is also a weaker signifier of status than other luxury items, as the brand of a piece of clothing is less immediately apparent than the brand of a bag, for example. Plus, when it comes to clothing, it is usually possible to get away with a lower-priced alternative.

As a result, consumers often prefer to mix clothing from mass fashion retailers and specialist mid-priced brands with high-priced luxury accessories, limiting their spend in designer ready-to-wear. Letterpress Alive. Black Rabbit: the season-less men's fashion label. After years of working for labels such as Diesel and G-Star, fashion designer Leo Velimir Brancovich has enough of the fashion seasonal cycle and the endless stampede of discounting that followed.