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Linda Wester is an expert web developer by profession and a avid blogger who is interested in writing informative & original articles on a wide range of topics. She is associated with a leading Magento Development Outsourcing Company called HireMagentoGeeks Ltd.

10 Efficient Ways to Improve your eCommerce Store Sales. These days, almost all tech-savvy people purchase their favorite products and services from E-commerce websites to save their precious time, energy and some bucks.

10 Efficient Ways to Improve your eCommerce Store Sales

This trend has provided a great lift to the E-commerce business. As a result, several entrepreneurs have come up with their E-commerce ventures to increase their sales and revenues. However, selling products and services through E-commerce websites is not an easy task. The presence of many E-commerce companies on the World Wide Web, rapidly changing mood of buyers, volatile SEO, increasing operational cost, etc, make it difficult for e-retailers to have a lucrative E-commerce business. If you run an E-commerce website and are desperately searching for ways to increase its sale, then you should try some tips which are explained below: 1.

People use different search engines to look for the products/services they need. Web Design Guide to get Higher Conversion for your E-commerce Store. Having a beautifully-structured eCommerce website is the ultimate way to generate quality leads and higher conversions.

Web Design Guide to get Higher Conversion for your E-commerce Store

A design of an online store should be engaging, thriving, and customer-centric that can enhance the entire shopping experience of your potential web customers in real-time. Your site should encourage them to get into the buying journey, without any complication. To make your e-store stand out from the crowd, make sure that you use the highly flexible and customizable CMS platform, reliable web hosting and trending web design. 6 Challenges While Running an e-Store and How to Fix them. The availability of a number of powerful and feature-rich eCommerce platforms like Magento has encouraged business owners/retailers/merchants to become a part of this highly competitive eCommerce industry to grow their businesses.

6 Challenges While Running an e-Store and How to Fix them

The platform has a ton of in-built features, functionalities, extensions and templates that let you create beautiful and user-friendly online store from scratch. However, due to a lot of discrepancies & challenges, e-retailers often struggle for their survival. There are a number of factors that challenge the existence of E-commerce websites and affect their business. Today, we shall talk about the main difficulties faced by entrepreneurs while operating E-commerce websites and point out how to deal with them.

Trust issue As a matter of fact, E-commerce business is run on trust between the seller and the buyer. Remedy. Email Marketing Success For E-commerce Business in 2017. E-commerce Email marketing is a process of sending meaningful newsletters to Internet-savvy consumers and urging them to purchase their favorite products/services from E-commerce websites.

Email Marketing Success For E-commerce Business in 2017

It helps online retailers to stay in touch with their customers, communicate with them actively, increase awareness about the products/services, and push sales up to a great extent. As changes frequently take place in the E-commerce business, E-store owners need to adopt new trends as soon as possible to grow their sales rapidly. If you do Email marketing for E-commerce websites, here are some tips that you should use to make your Email marketing campaigns successful in 2017: 1. Finish Necessary Actions at first. A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Magento Store from Hackers. Since the eCommerce industry is growing rapidly day by day, it becomes essential to harness some strict actions that can protect your online store from hackers and other security threats.

A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Magento Store from Hackers

Being an eCommerce site owner, you can't take a risk of seeing your site getting attacked by a hacker. Due to the availability of financial data of web customers and other credential information, you should focus on strengthening the security of your web store. Today more and more people are opting for Magento platform due to its out-of-the-box security capabilities and high-quality extensions. Of course, they can help you to some extent, but if you want to see better results, you need to follow some crucial Magento security measures. Here, in this post, we will share a comprehensive guide to secure your Magento store from hackers and other security attacks. 7 Dazzling E-commerce Trends in 2017. The E-commerce marketing trends keep on changing with every passing year.

7 Dazzling E-commerce Trends in 2017

In 2016, we’ve some remarkable trends related to eCommerce web design such as motion animation, long scroll, the card like layouts, flat and material design and of course responsive design. And 2017 is going to be a great year for all the creative web designers who love adopting latest trends while developing an eCommerce website. If you are planning to do something big with your online store this year, then you should keep yourself ahead of your competitors.

To help you generate quality leads and higher conversions + increased sales, we bring you the list of incredible eCommerce trends that will help you grow your web business across the globe. Let’s get started! 1. In the last five years, we have seen some drastic changes in the shopping behavior of web customers. In fact, Google has rolled out mobile-first version of its index to give user-friendly experience to mobile users. SEO Guide to Optimize Magento Website to Improve Performance 2017. Search Engine Optimization is a powerful web marketing technique which determines the visibility of websites in different search engines.

SEO Guide to Optimize Magento Website to Improve Performance 2017

It is the foundation of all web-based businesses. Website owners, admins, marketing professionals need to optimize their site with the latest tricks of SEO so that they can improve its ranking (on different search engines), reach out to the maximum number of people in an easy way & grow their business rapidly. How to Improve Conversion of E-commerce Websites. Being a web store owner, you should always focus on creating a highly-interactive website that can encourage targeted web visitors to visit your site and convert into potential customers.

How to Improve Conversion of E-commerce Websites

This means you need to execute the best optimization practices to boost the conversion rate of your web store, which in turn leads you to the increased online sales. Since the behavior, habits, and preferences of online shoppers keep on changing, it becomes crucial for you to optimize your web store to understand your real-time customers so that you can give them rich shopping experience. Well, there are tons of factors to consider, such as simple navigation structure, user-friendly search function, well-organized product categories menu, smooth online checkout, performance optimization and a lot more when it comes to optimizing conversion rate of an eCommerce site. But before this, make sure that you know why people are visiting your e-store and what they expect from you. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Conclusion: Step-by-Step Guide to Create a New Module in Magento 2 - CodexWorld. The trend of creating a custom module is gaining a lot of popularity after the official release of Magento 2 version.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a New Module in Magento 2 - CodexWorld

Magento web store owners and developers are leveraging the Magento2 Module development process to take their e-store to the new heights of success. With that concept in mind, we bring you this tutorial where we will show step-by-step guide for creating a new module in Magento 2. To make this blog post more useful, we will create a HelloWorld module in the new version of Magento. We will also learn some basic functionality and consider all the necessary development aspects to make your job easier. Magento E-commerce: How to Enhance Magento E-commerce Store Sales? As an E-commerce industry is growing rapidly, more and more entrepreneurs are creating E-commerce websites to accelerate their sales and grow their customer base across the world.

Magento E-commerce: How to Enhance Magento E-commerce Store Sales?

But staying ahead in this competitive web market is not an easy thing. You will need to focus on developing an interactive, feature-rich and professional-looking online store that can help you engage potential web customers with ease, which in turn, boost your online sales. How to Enhance Magento E-commerce Store Sales? Magento E-commerce: How to Enhance Magento E-commerce Store Sales? Web Design Guide: How to Improve eCommerce Website’s Conversion Rate - PremiumCoding. eCommerce is a wide platform where you can sell your products and services online to your potential web customers in the most effective and efficient manner. Whether you are a business owner or a small retailer, you can generate higher revenues by launching a full-fledged online store using the most popular eCommerce development platform.

5 Easy Steps To Improve SEO Of Ecommerce Website - Show My Idea. The concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is massive. Getting higher ranking on Google and other search engines are all about executing good SEO techniques. Since the algorithms of search engines keep on updating new rules, make sure you keep yourself updated with latest SEO trends and approaches, especially if you have an eCommerce site. Establishing a unique presence across the web world can be possible if you have a good grip on SEO practices. How to Improve the UX of an eCommerce Site. The conversion rate of an eCommerce site depends on how rich and soothing user experience you can give to your potential web customers. This encourages them to come to your site and make purchases again and again. In order to convert your targeted web audience into customers, then make sure that you provide them the seamless user experience, without any distraction. Optimizing the overall performance of your site, tweaking the web design, giving free shipping/delivery option, simplifying checkout process, and adding quality product images are some of the key tricks that can boost your UX and maximize your online sales to a great extent.

5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid to Enhance Magento Store Sales · TechMagz. A beautiful and convincing design of a Magento eCommerce site can lead you towards the accomplishment of your targeted business goals effectively and efficiently. Being a Magento web designer or online store owner, you should always contemplate for innovative ideas that can help you drive more web customers towards your e-store.

But most of us overlook the basics of web design and keep on making mistakes while Web designers avoid SEO while designing a site as it restricts their creativity. But if you want to make your brand visible on search engines, then you can’t overlook the SEO (otherwise, you won’t be able to generate leads). How to Promote your Magento eCommerce store? A success to any eCommerce business depends on how you prepare and leverage your web marketing campaign. Of course, you can start your web business with Magento – it is an ideal CMS tool for creating eCommerce websites.

Apart from its out-of-the-box tools, extensions, and themes, Magento can help you add, create, modify and delete product pages and other media files with ease. 8 Insightful Tips to Improve eCommerce Website Usability - Right2Start. How to Improve Conversion on Magento Ecommerce Site - VINAORA. Generating higher conversion is the ultimate goal for an eCommerce site owner.

Whether you are selling products or rendering service online, just make sure you give your web customers a rich shopping experience whenever they visit your site. Social Media Best Practices to Power up E-Commerce Site. A digital marketing is undoubtedly a broad term that can lead any business towards their targeted goals with ease. But for that, you need to strive more on diverse platforms available on the web. There are many ways of effective online marketing – be it a content marketing, email marketing or social media marketing. All the forms are incredible but social media has drastically upsurged the entire concept of how we promote our brands over the Internet. Marketing brands, products and services on multiple social networking websites can take your business to the new heights of success. The platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. have given exposure to eCommerce websites to promote their products in the most engaging and enticing way.

While there are hundreds of CMS platforms available for eCommerce development, most of the brands and online retailers opt for Magento. Planning and Research 1. 2. 3. A Guide to Improve SEO of Magento E-Commerce Store. Magento has evolved as one of the best content management platforms for the eCommerce solution. Marketing Tips to Increase Magento eCommerce Store Sales. The challenge of keeping ahead of competitors is never been easy in an eCommerce industry. 10 Tips to Speed up Magento E-commerce Site Performance - TheOBunce TheOBunce. Web Design Guide to Improve Conversion on eCommerce Websites. Nurturing higher conversion rate is an ultimate goal of all eCommerce site owners. 7 Superb Marketing Extensions for Magento eCommerce Sites - Tech Sparkle. Developing an online site on Magento is always a good start for those who are new into the eCommerce web development. Top 20 Prototyping Tools for UI and UX Designers.

The professional UI and UX designers have been turning up with new ideas and concepts while developing their web projects – be it a website or a mobile app. A Guide to Secure Magento Website from Hacker - Getting started with Magento eCommerce platform doesn’t mean your site is safe and secure. Despite the fact that Magento is the most robust content management system for eCommerce websites, you can’t take its security lightly. Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Magento Ecommerce Website.

Why you should Migrate Magento 1.x To Magento 2.x – QuadMind. 7 Superb Tools for Magento Store Development. How to Improve Your Magento E-commerce Website Usability? - Creative Alive. A Bunch Of Top 7 Responsive & Free Themes For Magento - Webdesignrbox. 7 Effective Ways to Make Your E-commerce Magento Website Successful. Boost Your Magento Website's SEO. How to Improve SEO of Magento eCommerce Website. How to Secure Magento eCommerce Website from Getting Hacked? 7 Effective Performance Optimization Tips for Magento eCommerce Sites. Offshore Magento Development Services.