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Programming/Learning and Teaching. Tools. 7 iOS7 Settings that Improve Eye Health. According to the Apple Website, "Eye strain refers to the ocular fatigue, eye discomfort and headaches associated from intensive use of eyes". Commonly the glare emitted from screens can cause eye strain. Small text and poor colour contrast also contribute to eye strain. There are many ways to reduce eye strain when using iPad technology. Environmental conditions can also improve visual standards.

Quality light and ergonomics play an important role in eye health. As well climate control to reduce dryness of the eyes, physical changes can be made to device settings to reduce eye strain. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Research suggests that poor eye health is caused by "lack of time spent outside" and not related to the use of mobile technology. Wikis. 40+ iPad Lessons and Resources for Primary Grades Sorted by Subject. The Answer Pad – Enhancing Student Engagement in a BYOD or 1 to 1 Environment.

There are different ways in which BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can enhance student learning. It improves the levels of student engagement in a learning environment and also makes the process of learning more interactive. But at its very core, it simplifies the process of learning for the students and educators. It also saves valuable instructional times that can be used in other learning activities. But, the success of BYOD rests on two important aspects: 1) BYOD programs are only as good as the way they are used by teachers. 2) The systems that are made a part of the of the BYOD learning process. The Answer Pad software application is a student dialogue system that leverages the potential of BYOD to take learning to the next interactive level. What is the Answer Pad? The Answer Pad is a student response system and more – this software application runs on iPads, computers, and other devices (making it BYOD-friendly).

So how is it different from other student response systems? Answer Sheets. The 5 Steps of Effective Technology Integration - Getting Smart by Dave Guymon - edchat, EdTech, education. In schools, districts, and departments of education alike, a trend toward integrating technology into the education process is on the rise. One could argue that it always has been. But with the proliferation of Internet access in school buildings and the ubiquity of mobile computing devices, educators are taking note and beginning to consider new ways they can include these tools into their classroom instruction.

The formalized field of educational technology is still in its infancy. As a result, professional development and training practices are still being refined. As they are teachers in many school districts are choosing to lead their own technology integration through experimental applications with their students and curriculum. It’s not uncommon to see a teacher bring his or her personal iPad into the classroom to support instruction and label it technology integration. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Technology in education. 1:1 iPad Classroom.