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Twitter Talkback: What Makes a Quality Tweet? Many of you have likely read about the recent study that revealed that 40% of tweets are “pointless babble .” OK, there may be a place for such babble, but 40% is pretty high. It begets the question, “What then makes a quality tweet?” The answer to this, in fact, may determine the long-term success of Twitter . As a completely user-generated content website, the quality of its content is, well, up to us users. Sure, Twitter management can add or take away features and keep the site running, but whether a new user signs on to see pointless babble or quality content is solely and completely up to us! Below are my four categories in which most high quality tweets I read fall under. 1. This generally includes links to articles that help us learn about a subject in which we have interest. Instead of needing to surf the web to stay up on all our interest areas, these tweets save us time and we can trust others to inform us of relevant information. 2.

Free Twitter Ribbon Ad Generator. Tame The Web » Blog Archive » More on Twittering Libraries…a TTW. Lindy shared her project for LIS5313 with me via email and I asked her to share her study with TTW readers.

Tame The Web » Blog Archive » More on Twittering Libraries…a TTW

Thanks Lindy! Michael Recently, I read a post from about Twitter’s staggering growth in 2008: Twitter grew 752 percent in 2008 for a total of 4.43 million unique visitors in December! What does this mean for libraries? As Twittermania spreads, more and more of their patrons are will use it to communicate, socialize and make connections. Libraries must adjust to reflect the expanded use of social media by our youth (see the recent John D. and Catherine T. This past fall I wrote an article titled Twittering Libraries for my LIS 5313 (Design & Production of Media) graduate class at Florida State University. At the time, I found about 90 libraries on Twitter and I emailed the survey to all of them. My article is just a little window into the endless possibilities that Twitter can provide for libraries/librarians.

Re·Twit'd. Welcome to BrightKit - BrightKit. The Year in Tweets: 10 Most Memorable Twitter Moments of 2008. 2008 has been a big year for Twitter. The service once known for being unreliable has since stabilized and grown increasingly popular, branching beyond the tech community and into the mainstream. Twitter has also evolved into a medium for breaking national and international news, oftentimes before major media outlets.

From natural disasters like Hurricane Gustav to the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Twitter has proven to be a vital source of information. Here are the 10 most memorable Twitter moments of 2008. Share your most memorable Twitter moments in the comments. 1. The Super Bowl took place in February and Twitter had a nice representation of fans for both teams: The brash fans of the heavy underdog New York Giants and the odds on favorite New England Patriots who were going for a historic 19-0 perfect season.

However, something incredible happened on the way to the history books. 2. Why did I pick the Very Green Team logo? 3. Tame The Web » Blog Archive » Librarian, Library and Catalog Twe. I’m always on the lookout for innovative uses of social tools in libraries. This weekend I got an email from John Wohlers, Library Technology Assistant, Waubonsee Community College, detailing his experiences using Twitter at his library. John writes: A funny thing happened when I embedded the feed, other staff members felt left out, and a bunch (including myself) went and signed up for their own twitter accounts.

Encouraged by their enthusiasm, I began to think a bit more. I then went out and created a twitter feed for the library itself. With staff often to busy to handle things themselves, and me having a basic understanding of the API, it occurred to me that I could actually make the library itself tweet on its own. Once that was working, I brain stormed some more, and decided to link twitter to our wordpress blog, a simple process. This is ingenious – especially the automated part that sends message to the library’s Twitter account! John continues: Thanks for writing John!