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8 Tools to Track Your Footprints on the Web - ReadWriteWeb. Last week we looked at how easy it is to leave footprints on the Web; today we'll show you how easy it is to track them.

8 Tools to Track Your Footprints on the Web - ReadWriteWeb

Although search engines provide a great starting point when you're searching for someone online, with all of the new social sites that have popped up over the past few years, they're often just not enough. In our recent State of Blog Search 2009 post we discussed the various reasons you may choose to use any or all of the following blog search tools: Technorati, Google Blog Search, Ice Rocket, Blogsearch, and FriendFeed. While these blog search engines are great to fill specific needs, they're also another great place to look for your footprints on the Web. Reading Rewards - Track Time Spent. Reading Rewards is a free service that allows parents and teachers to track the amount of time their students spend reading.

Reading Rewards - Track Time Spent

Students create goals in Reading Rewards then parents and teachers can reward them for reaching their goals. Every minute students read equals one Reading Reward (RR) mile. Twitority. 15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends. One of the great things about TwitterTwitter reviews is that it is a great place to track emerging trends.

15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends

When major events or big stories occur, people tweet about it and it inevitably ends up at the top of Twitter Search as a top trend. - Is your content being duplicated, copied or plag. BARRY'S BEST COMPUTER TIPS - They'll Change Your Life: This open-source app is a little gem.

BARRY'S BEST COMPUTER TIPS - They'll Change Your Life:

Nowadays it may not make sense to spend lots of money on humongous financial tracking apps. From the web site: "SimpleD Budget is an open source Windows application designed for personal or household financial management. Klout. Wakoopa - Discover software & games. So How Much Time Do You Waste On Twitter? Notifixio-us: Watch Website For Updates | Ever tried to susbcribe to a website but couldn’t because it didn’t offer any RSS feeds?

Notifixio-us: Watch Website For Updates |

Next time you come across such a website try using Feedity. This handy web app lets you create a fully-functional RSS feed for almost any webpage. Simply copy and paste the web page URL into provided field and click on ‘Preview’ button. In the next step you will be able to preview and if necessary refine the generated feed further. Once you’re satisfied with the results, proceed to ‘Get feed’ to add the new feed to your feedreader.

Tweet Scan - Microblog Search.