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Teach Digital: Curriculum by Wes Fryer / copyright. Back to School: 10 Terrific Web Apps for Teachers. From keeping track of grades to sharing lesson plans, from helping students collaborate to communicating with parents, teachers now have a host of web-based tools at their disposal to help them stay organized and make their jobs easier.

Back to School: 10 Terrific Web Apps for Teachers

Teachers have one of the most difficult and least appreciated jobs in the world, and most of them spend many unpaid hours after school doing extra work coming up with lesson plans and managing their classrooms. That's why it is exciting that new tools are making it easier for teachers to manage the administrative tasks — like keeping track of attendance — so they can focus more energy on helping students learn. Here is a collection of ten teacher applications that really make the grade. Do you know of any other applications that can be helpful for teachers? Let us know in the comments. 10 Tips for Teaching Technology to Teachers. I have been working with teachers to learn to integrate technology into their teaching for almost ten years.

10 Tips for Teaching Technology to Teachers

Here are a few of the things I have learned - in no particular order (number 10 is probably the most important). Please share your thoughts and suggestions! 1. It isn't really about the tool it is about how you use it: It isn't the word processing software, it's the skills and usefulness of word processing. It isn't the presentation software, it's how to create a meaningful and effective presentation. Video - I Need My Teachers to Learn - Dangerously Irrelevant. Nine great reasons why teachers should use Twitter. 25 Random Things Innovative Educators Can Do To Enhance Teaching. While I read Ah, Yes, More About Me?

25 Random Things Innovative Educators Can Do To Enhance Teaching

Here Are ‘25 Random Things’ and 25 Things I Didn't Want to Know About You and contemplated the efficacy of actually coming up with these things, I realized I’d like to change the assignment slightly. Instead, I did a sort of year in review to summarize 25 random things innovative educators can do to enhance teaching and learning. Here they are: First Thing: Collect and save inspirational quotes.Read: Ten 21st Century Education Quotes I Carry With Me Second Thing: Develop your personal learning networkRead: 5 Things You Can Do to Begin Developing Your Personal Learning Network. FrontPage.