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3 Fixes for the Low Views on Etsy - Guest Post by Timothy Adam. This is the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of periodic guest posts from other indie-minded bloggers.

3 Fixes for the Low Views on Etsy - Guest Post by Timothy Adam

I’ll be taking a brief vacation from the computer in a few weeks, but guest bloggers will keep things going here at MissMalaprop. If you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger, just contact me with your ideas for guest posts! Timothy Adam writes an in-depth explanation about what Etsy sellers can do to increase their product views! For more tips, check out his book, How to Make Money Using Etsy.

Low views: Defined by Timothy Adam! Last year at this time on Etsy I could relist/renew an item and receive 20-30 views easy before that item got buried. As you already know there is a problem getting your items seen on Etsy these days. Here are some interesting stats taken from an Etsy Storque Article. Every minute 21 items are listed on Etsy. Here are November’s key numbers, each of which represent the highest total ever: 3 DIY Fixes Fix Number 1 – Pictures On Etsy Promo: 1. 2.

The Best Free Photos on the Web (Where to Find Them and What to. Ya know what we like best about Teh Intertubes?

The Best Free Photos on the Web (Where to Find Them and What to

The pictures. No, wait, scratch that — the FREE pictures. Now that the Library of Congress and NASA and the New York Public Library all have their collections online, there are more copyright-free pictures around than you can shake a stick at. What to do with all those free pictures? Cover your ceiling with photos from the Hubble telescope.Frame some vintage portraits and tell people they’re your relatives. Keep reading for where to find the greatest photos on the web, and what to do with ‘em when you find them. The Best Free Photos (Where to Find ‘Em and How to Use ‘Em) Photos courtesy of: The Library of Congress and NASA Whatcha Gonna Do With All Them Pictures? Access to practically infinite photo resources means you can do a whole heck of a lot with all those pictures. Make a fake family portrait wall! The Smithsonian Institution The collection: The Smithsonian Institution George Eastman House The collection: George Eastman House.

Thirty Free Image Resources on the Web - Where to Find Free Imag. Free Stock Photos and Free Images. Best Graphics Design Free Icon Sets. I put together a massive collection of some of my favorite icon designs work for your inspiration or use.

Best Graphics Design Free Icon Sets

So I hope you enjoy these 75 Best Free Graphics Design Icon Sets and please if you liked this post feel free to Digg or bookmark it. Xi4Dox Web 2.0 Crystal Icon Pack Function Free Icon Set Yoritsuki Icons Web 2.0 App Icon Set Pool Icon Folder Icons Pack 3D Cartoon icon Pack By Deleket Carbon Fiber Icons Vista Boxes Icon Set Web Design Icon TABDicons De Freu Icon Pack 3D Cartoon Icons Pack III Crystal B and W Web 2.0 Icon Pack FastIcon: Web 2.0 Scocial Networking Icons Web 2.0 Social Networking Icons Web 2.0 Date Icons For Your Blog Free Microformats Icons Pixel Press Web 2.0 Icons Badge-it Yourself Web 2.0 Icon Set Realistic Icons MP3 Players Icons Refresh CL Web 2.0 Icons Pack iKons PNG Icon Pack Dock Icon Set VII Crystal Clear Icon Set By Everaldo famfamfam: Silk Microformat Icon Set famfamfam: Flags Microformat Icon Set famfamfam: Mini Microformat Icon Set Massive Media Icons-Win New iMac 07 Icon Set.