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Search High Quality Flickr Images. GoogleGuide: Learn How To Really Use Google. GoogleGuide is an online interactive tutorial site that can show you how to really use Google.

GoogleGuide: Learn How To Really Use Google

It provides tips, tricks and tutorials on making Google search easier and effective for novices, experts and everyone else. All guides are properly categorized under the headings ‘ Query Input ‘, ‘ Understanding Results ‘, ‘ Search Tools ‘, ‘ Services ‘ and ‘ Developing a Website ‘. To start simply pick the category you want and browse, you can search the site as well. It also provides PDF cheat sheets of Google search shortcuts. The Social White Pages. Welcome to VisualWikipedia!

7 Almost Unknown Google Search Engines You Should Use. Last week we covered some fun Google Easter Eggs, that you can find while browsing the site. This week, to take a more academic approach, we are going to cover 7 almost unknown specialized Google search engines that can be used for specialized consumer and academic research. Also included in this realm, but not within this post are [NO LONGER WORKS] Google Video, Pictures, News and Blogs which most users will already be familiar with so we have not included them in the list below. Google Patent Search Its amazing that a database like this exists, but most people don’t even know about it. Google has taken it upon themselves to fully index and cross-reference over 7 million patents of past and present. Google Custom Search Engine. Yahoo! Glue - all you need, all in one place. Let me google that for you.