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Mobiledevices.pdf (application/pdf Object) Foursquare Changes the Game ... Literally. Earlier this week the much-anticipated Foursquare everywhere release came to fruition, making the location-based mobile game available to all regardless of their physical location.

Foursquare Changes the Game ... Literally

Details behind the everywhere launch and how it affected the overall game experience, however, were sparse. Until now. Foursquare everywhere changes the check-in game as we know it. So take what you know and throw it out the window. This just got more interesting. The City Shake Up The whole Foursquare experience used to be centered around your city, so badges and check-ins were city-specific, and anytime you'd find yourself in another city you'd essentially need to start over from scratch. You'll also notice that adding new venues is now address-optional. Badges of Honor Duplicate badges are donzo, which means gone are the days when you could earn the Newbie badge for each new city you traveled to. Who's on Top? Coming Soon With money in the bank, Foursquare is pushing out improvements at lightning speed.

Discover the world around you. Mobile Web Design – Working Code, Tips, Best Practices « DigInit. Taking a web site to the small screen comes with a host of considerations: device width, available bandwidth, touch versus click interfaces, browsers with limited functionality, etc.

Mobile Web Design – Working Code, Tips, Best Practices « DigInit

At the same time, the simplicity of these mobile browsing environments lowers the barrier to entry for developers. Some basic HTML and CSS is all that is required to get started. In my research, I have learned a few things and decided to put the learning into action by creating a mobile web template available for anyone to download, remix, and reuse.

Demo: Download: Read Me: The above template is using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, but you could substitute any server side language for the programming logic. Here are some tips, best practices, and design conventions I learned along the way. One column is a design convention worth following (See, or, or the essence or core pieces of your site to deliver to your mobile users. Like this: Like Loading... Go Mobile: Top 5 Mobile Services for Libraries ALA2009. 70+ Free iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens. While many people think of social media in terms of their computer, the iPhone and iPod Touch guarantee that you can interact anytime, anywhere.

70+ Free iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens

We've gathered up over 70 apps that will help you stay in touch with just about anyone, whether they are across the world or using the same Wi-Fi hotspot as you. Oh, and did we mention that all of these are 100% free? What isn't to love? What is your favorite way to stay connected with your social buddies on the iPhone and iPod Touch? Instant Messaging AIM - Keep in touch with all of your fellow AIM using friends while you're on the go. fring - You can converse with all of your AIM, fring, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, Skype, Twitter and Yahoo friends from this one handy little application.

IRChon - An Internet Relay Chat client for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to be connected to multiple servers at once. MobileLinked IM - Multi IM client that currently only supports MSN and Yahoo, but in the future will add AIM, GTalk, ICQ and QQ. Puppyo!