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Facebook Twitter Isn't working? 4 easy fixes. When you are introduced to people who may help your career, remember to thank your friends for introduction.

isn't working? 4 easy fixes

Almost everyone hates networking and does a lousy job at itGo to conferences and receptions. Go to every single party you're invited to.Thank your friends for every introduction; don't pester them too often Commit to 5 phonecalls a day, use a script, don't take "no" personally (CareerBuilder) -- Are you sick of the word "networking" yet? It seems to be on everyone's lips -- all those millions of people just like you who are looking for a new job. Networking is a lot of work. Here's the secret: Almost everyone is doing a lousy job of it. For most people networking is a big, shapeless drag -- something they do when they're not prowling the job boards.

If you'd rather be at home with a book than out there soullessly schmoozing strangers who would otherwise bore you, wouldn't time pass more quickly in your easy chair? Still, despite your preferences, you're out there. 4 Sites to Read Instead of the News. Photo by alancleaver_2000 Laid off?

4 Sites to Read Instead of the News

Stuck in a confined space with Joe Biden? Awaiting your swine flu test results? Avoiding a huge pile of work? Clearly, you need a laugh. Not Hired. If you have no idea what an RSS feed is, Anna at ABDPBT has a good tutorial here. Note: The first three sites mentioned above do include profanity. Other posts you might like:

Your online reputation can hurt your job search. As millions seek new jobs to replace positions lost in the recession, keep in mind that the Internet gives employers unprecedented access to information about you.

Your online reputation can hurt your job search

Employers aren't content with facts gleaned from public records. They're also using the Internet to assess your character. That means they're searching your name on Google. They're visiting social-networking sites and reading blog posts. Unflattering comments and photos can put you out of the running for a job. Search for yourself Your first step is to assess your online reputation. Do other searches that include your profession, previous employers and locations. You should also search networking sites. You will want to make two lists from your searches. Remove the negative Maybe you posted some of the unflattering images or comments. Next, contact the owners of sites that cast you in a negative light. State your case clearly. Things are more complicated with unflattering photos and truthful information. Promote the positive. HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume. Dan Schawbel is the author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, and owner of the award winning Personal Branding Blog.

HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume

Social media resumes are important for attracting hiring managers directly to you, without you having to submit your resume, blindly, to them. The problem with submitting your resume online to job postings is that most job postings aren't even vacant, might not exist, and 80% of jobs offers are received through networking. With a social media resume, you're able to paint a completely different portrait of yourself for hiring managers and customize it to reflect your personal brand. With the inclusion of various multimedia elements, sharing options, integrated social networking feeds and the same elements you'd find in a traditional resume, you are better equipped for success.

Social media has allowed us to reverse the recruiting process. Here is the social media resume process: The Resumator instantly improves how you collect resumes and adv. Choosy.