How to Be Idle My brother called the other day. He had heard a story on his local public radio station that made him think of me. It was called "How to Be Idle". I was flattered that he had thought of me, but slightly offended that he thought of me as idle. In my brother's defense, I had written once upon a time about sitting and drinking coffee and doing nothing but looking out the window, and when he heard the radio program, he was reminded of that post. How to Be Idle
5 Websites To Help You Become a Happier Person | I bet you that you create things on a daily basis. And guess what? That makes you creative! Now chances are that if you’re in a regular job, you will not find your daily routines very inspiring or artistic. It’s difficult to change certain things, it may take time or it may even be impossible. But can you change yourself? 5 Websites To Help You Become a Happier Person |
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