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Nielsen. It's Data Privacy Day: Do You Know Where Your Data Is? @YachiraG: Not at all.

It's Data Privacy Day: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Did you read their privacy policy? UltraReach Internet Corporation collects certain information from and about its users directly from our Web Server logs. (1) Web Server Logs. When you visit our Website, we may track information to administer the site and analyze its usage. What Libraries Can Learn from Facebook. A colleague and I were discussing the recent Facebook TOS kerfuffle and she said she was fascinated by how much privacy people are willing to give away in exchange for a desired experience.

What Libraries Can Learn from Facebook

I agreed that I am equally fascinated, and that it is vitally important for librarians to be on the vanguard of monitoring these trends, and educating our customers as to the possible risks of sharing too much information. But I also think that librarians, at times, can be too knee-jerk about privacy issues, and I wonder if while looking at one end of the Facebook dustup (big corporation trampling on privacy rights) we might be missing some important lessons on the other end (big corporation letting customers control their own information in exchange for a highly engaging experience. And Facebook DOES give customers a tremendous, leading edge, amount of control. See: "10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know.) Here's to librarians, saviors of the data-weary.

It took me half the book to grasp the real meaning of Marilyn Johnson's title, "This Book Is Overdue!

Here's to librarians, saviors of the data-weary

" It's not a wry play on a librarian's scold, but a statement of fact: This book should have been written long ago. Its subtitle, "How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All," indicates why it's being published now, cybrarian being a "too new for Webster's" word, but one that's been on the Internet for years. Johnson, a longtime magazine writer, became interested in librarians while writing "The Dead Beat," her book about obituary writers. Librarians often had fascinating obituaries, one reason being that they're overseeing the great shift in information storage from books to cyberspace.

6 Incredible Twitter Powered Art Projects. Twitter has brought us many things.

6 Incredible Twitter Powered Art Projects

It lets us communicate in real-time about breaking news events, it lets us share content like photos, music, and videos, and it lets us do business in new ways. But Twitter is also being used to power some very intriguing and beautiful virtual art projects. Tweets are being visualized and mashed up with other content in ways that create stunning online art. Facebook Management Has Lost Its Grip on Reality - ReadWriteWeb. Facebook made one of the most important announcements in the young company's history today.

Facebook Management Has Lost Its Grip on Reality - ReadWriteWeb

It has proposed a set of foundational documents, including the first official statement of Facebook Principles. The proposal is made to Facebook's users, who will now have 30 days to read, comment and perhaps vote on the documents.