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Science Capital – an introduction. Technicians careers profiles. There are a wide range of biology jobs which you may not have considered.

Technicians careers profiles

Find out more about technicians and research assistants working in a variety of fields around the country by reading and watching the profiles below. Our Biology Week in schools programme also includes lots of other inspiring resources. Some of the technicians have also produced videos to provide a greater insight into their work - click on Zoe, Ian or Raquel's picture to learn more. Download more technician's career profiles.

About Questions for Governors - Wellcome infographic careers. Resources. There are a huge range of STEM resources and opportunities available.


Welcome to Primary Engineer - The Engineers of the Future. Welcome to Leaders Award - Create a ripple. Bloodhound SSC. Government accused of engineering diploma U-turn. 3 November 2012Last updated at 06:30 ET By Judith Burns Education reporter, BBC News The government has decided to update the engineering diploma for 14- to 16-year-olds An engineering diploma for teenagers downgraded in a shake-up of vocational qualifications is to be "reworked", the government has announced.

Government accused of engineering diploma U-turn

The engineering diploma was among 3,100 qualifications downgraded by ministers in January. Announcing the change, Chancellor George Osborne said the updated qualifications would help Britain "lead the way in science and technology". Labour accused the government of a "shambolic U-turn". Bio & maths. Bird Watch Stage: 2 and 3 Challenge Level: Do you know which birds are regular visitors where you live?

bio & maths

Terrariums Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Build a mini eco-system, and collect and interpret data on how well the plants grow under different conditions. Food Web.


Brian Cox: it is not acceptable to promote bad science. Warning over shortage of engineering graduates. 30 September 2012Last updated at 19:28 ET By Hannah Richardson BBC News education reporter Firms across the UK are struggling to recruit engineers The UK needs to increase by as much as 50% the number of science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) graduates it is creating, a report says.

Warning over shortage of engineering graduates

The study, by the Royal Academy of Engineering, says 100,000 Stem graduates are needed a year just to maintain the status quo. It argues the UK is already slipping down the international innovation league tables. The UK has dropped to eighth globally in the number of US patents registered. The report estimates 830,000 graduate-level Stem experts and 450,000 technicians will be needed by 2020. In the UK some 23,000 engineers are graduating every year. The report warns overall that the current pool of science, technology and engineering experts are already "stretched thin" and ageing rapidly. UK firms are already having to recruit experts from abroad.

Continue reading the main story. Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) programs take root in Inland Empire. Science and math classes might seem abstract, until they're turned into tools to investigate car crashes, make ice cream or build robots.

Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) programs take root in Inland Empire

"It's a club," Colton High School senior Lydia Hernandez started saying. "...but we're trying to make it a class," finished sophomore Isaac Ortega. Four of Colton High's six robotics club members stood in the Million Air Hangar at San Bernardino International Airport last week, one of more than a dozen exhibits at STEMapalooza, a student conference designed to excite San Bernardino Couinty middle school students about the possibilities of STEM education: science, engineering, math and technology. The STEM curriculum is growing in popularity across Southern California and the nation. Star Lecture Series. The Star Lecture Series has been developed by the University to allow teachers and pupils access to exciting curriculum resources delivered by some of our leading academic staff.

Star Lecture Series

Filmed and recorded at the University, these lectures cover topic areas on the national curriculum and exam syllabuses, link students' studies to current research and offer an insight into university study. The series aims to cover a variety of different subject areas and age ranges, from Year 9 to sixth form students. On the panel to the left you can find links to all of the Star Lectures that have already been filmed, along with accompanying information such as suggested further reading.

Our next Star Lectures will take place during the next academic year and details will be available here when they have been confirmed. YouTube channel Our YouTube channel has a number of videos about The University of Manchester. Enquiries For further information, email us at


Teaching resources - Future Morph. Science within work This resource helps you teach the curriculum through the context of jobs.

Teaching resources - Future Morph

Future Morph presentation This presentation has been designed with teachers and careers staff in mind. It provides a clear overview of… Top tips for using the site - Future Morph. 1.

Top tips for using the site - Future Morph

Career examples Engaging students in science, maths and engineering may be difficult, especially when they can’t relate it to the world they know. That’s why it’s so important to contextualise lessons. Future Morph: become someone. Teaching resources - Future Morph. Royalsociety. This scheme helps schools to run exciting and innovative projects in partnership with a professional scientist or engineer.


Home Page STEM Clubs. About STEM 11-14 projects. Benefits to pupils of STEM cross-curricular projects include: greater motivation making links between subjects, enhancing learning development of learning skills the opportunity to tackle authentic, complex problems over an extended period of time. Nuffield STEM projects challenge pupils to development their own ideas. To help them with this, pupils are explicitly taught a set of skills. These skills build on the knowledge, skills and understanding learned through individual STEM subjects.