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iAbacus Self-Evaluation and Improvement Planning Tool. A framework to facilitate discussions - Good practice for leaders. We have a 'Children Causing Concern' element on our Agenda but I like the idea of talking about anything about a child...can make it more positive.

Good practice for leaders

Will encourage this change. Remembering Children Are Your Core Business This has some really useful tips such as not putting off the conversation and having someone in with you who could take notes. Also if someone gets angry that you should remain calm. These tip will be helpful in a variety of settings. It's a great eye opener that everyone will be on this change curve at some stage and that some of the emotions that are involved are part of a natural emotional cycle and not simply people being defiant or awkward. I think the ideas stated make it clear how beneficial delegation is along with seeing it as an opportunity for others to develop and not just decreasing my workload.

Having attended 5 interviews over the last 2 years, I am very keen to ensure I am successful next time around. New Year Means Share the Vision. It’s the start of a new academic year, new members of staff are joining the school and familiar colleagues are coming back off their holidays.

New Year Means Share the Vision

This is a key moment for leaders. We need to make sure they can connect people, with all their different roles, to the vision with as much clarity as we can muster. The story goes that a reporter spoke to two men who were working on La Sagrada Familia asking them both, “So what are you doing?” The first man told the reporter, “I have been laying bricks for ten years.” He told the reporter that he had laid one brick on top of the other, in the rain and baking sun, until he got to the end of the row and then started again on the next layer. I’ve sometimes referred to my first day presentation as “the state of the union” speech. Pupil Premium Analyser and Tracker. The educational attainment of students entitled to free school meals and children looked after is below that of their more affluent peers.

Pupil Premium Analyser and Tracker

This is simply unacceptable and it is part of our collective moral purpose and “preferential option for the poor” to close this gap in attainment. I’m not one to lavish praise on Secretary of States for Education or the Department for Education, mainly because they don’t often deserve it, but the introduction of Pupil Premium funding is a great decision.

We must use it to maximum impact, long may it continue. This isn’t all about quick fixes and there are some long hard miles ahead of us if we are to eradicate the educational disadvantage currently experienced by some of the poorest students in our communities. When I review the Pupil Premium data, published on our website there are a lot of positive indicators of the impact we are having on students who are entitled to the funding. Eyes On, Names On, Actions On Base Data. What Kind of Leaders Do You Want? Who Do You Bring to Leadership? Paralympics - London 2012 - Sport doesn't care who you are - Everyone can take part - Samsung. NCSL log in. ‘In-school-variation’: Governors and Data. By Loic Menzies - LKMco Director Tomorrow I will be doing something I think I should do more often.

‘In-school-variation’: Governors and Data

Four key lessons to get your school to outstanding. Definitions of outstanding abound, not least from Ofsted.

Four key lessons to get your school to outstanding

Under the latest framework no school can be judged outstanding overall without outstanding teaching and learning. This instinctively makes sense. However, being an outstanding school is more than getting an Ofsted “outstanding grading” – that may take a school part of the way but it is not the end of the journey or the full story. So what does outstanding look like and what lessons can we learn from schools? It is important to note that what takes a school from satisfactory to good, is not necessarily the same as what is required to bridge the gap to outstanding. In the CfBT Education Trust report To the Next Level: Good schools becoming outstanding (May 2011), one headteacher highlighted this difference: “You have to tighten up to be good. Within a culture of excellence students and teachers need to be empowered to take calculated risks. Ofsted – an inspector's advice. England’s chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw addressed all Ofsted inspectors during our recent training via video presentation.

Ofsted – an inspector's advice

He spoke about “tougher requirements on schools from September 2012, significant amendments and changes to the January framework”, as well as referring to the “two million children who are in schools that do not provide a good standard of education”. Inspection requirements have changed and as school leaders we must do our utmost to prepare as thoroughly as possible. Here, I explain the main changes to the inspection process and outline how I think this will impact on us as headteachers. This is a summary. I would recommend that all headteachers download The School Inspection Handbook and The Framework for School Inspection from the Ofsted website and become as familiar with them as you can.