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Incubator 0 - Hammock Gear. I'm a relatively new hanger, having owned and used a WBBB for the past 2 years or so. I've hung with it locally here in North Carolina, as well as in some pretty obscure places, like in Himachel Pradesh in the southern Himilayan Mountains. I. love. my. hammock. I've been using the Warbonnet 3 season Yeti for most of my trips, but a recent trip with my sons for their Boy Scout outing pushed me to the lower limits of the Yeti - around 20-25 degrees. The following morning, with a weak 3G signal on my Samsung, I ordered this product with 4 extra ounces of extra stuffing. What I love about it: I love the overall quality. The materials are also wonderfully chosen.

The bias cuts are perfectly proportioned. What I didn't like: There is a collection of elastic bands running both the length and width of the pad. Secondly, because this is a heavy UQ, (I ordered the extra 4oz) you can expect this UQ to hang heavy. I used a 4' section of 1/8" elastic cord cut into 3 equal lengths. Overall Impression: Thru-Hiker. Climashield | Outdoor. Climashield® develops lightweight thermal insulation for products including sleeping bags, outerwear, gloves, footwear, comforters and quilts. Climashield® développe des isolants thermiques légers pour des produits tels que les sacs de couchage, les vêtements d'extérieur, les gants, les chaussures, les couvre-lits et les duvets. "Climashield®", entwickelt Leichtgewicht thermische Isolierung für Produkte wie, Schlafsäcke, Oberbekleidung, Handschuhe, Schuhe, Decken und Quilts.

Climashield® specjalizuje się w tworzeniu lekkiej izolacji cieplnej, która sprawdza się w produkcji śpiworów, odzieży wierzchniej, rękawic, obuwia oraz kołder i narzut. Climashield® sviluppa isolanti termici per vari prodotti, tra cui sacchi a pelo, abbigliamento da esterni, guanti, calzature, coperte imbottite e trapunte. Climashield为您提供轻量化的保暖填充材料,广泛应用于睡袋、外衣裤、手套、鞋袜和被褥的制造。 Climashield® разрабатывает легкие, Теплоизоляционные вещи, включая спальные мешки, верхнюю одежду, перчатки, обувь, одеяла и пончо. Hammock Forums - Elevate Your Perspective - Hammock Camping News and Announcements. DIY UnderQuilt | Stick's Blog. Any day now I am expecting a nice little package from Adam & Jenny from Hammock Gear, and inside that little package will be a sweet cuben fiber 20 F Phoenix Under Quilt (along with a nice 12 oz summer down quilt!)

In the mean time, I got bored and thought that I would try my hand at my own DIY UQ. For this little project, I decided to go cheap just in case it did not work out, but naturally, still wanted it to be effective (if it turned out…) So, I headed to the local Wal-Mart and picked up a few items. Some I had at home, and others I needed to pick up. Here is a check list of items that I decided I needed for my UQ: 5 yds of $1.50/sqyd ripstop nylon (appears to be ~ 1.7 oz/sqyd)45 in x 60 in PolyFil Quilt BattingCheap emergency mylar sheet3 mm cord2 cord locks2 small Wal-Mart carabiners I had everything at home minus the ripstop nylon and the PolyFil batting.

So, to begin with, I spread out the mylar sheet on the floor and placed books at each corner to hold the sheet down. ~Stick~ How to make a DIY Insultex (IX) underquilt for hammock camping: MYOG. Original BWDD IX UQ plan To provide some insulation for the bottom of a camping hammock, many folks use an insulating blanket wrapped around the outside of the hammock body. Since common practice is to use down for insulation, a quilted construction method is used. So, we have a quilt that hangs underneath a hammock, hence the name “underquilt” (UQ for short). I made a summer weight UQ out of a single layer of fleece approximately 90″ x 55″, with a darted, offset cut to help the quilt conform to the shape of the bottom of the hammock. The fleece UQ is not warm enough to use alone in the winter or even shoulder seasons. So, I set out to find a way to make my own insulating quilt without spending the $200-$300 that is common for a professionally made down UQ.

I really wasn’t ready for this project, as I was still kicking around a few design ideas and hadn’t even really decided to go with this type of rectangular 3/4 length style. How I did pleats instead of darts in the ends Stuffed IX UQ. Just Jeff's Hammock Camping Page. 12 August 2013: All Six Mods Resign from Dear members, In October 2006, we started Hammock Forums to create the internet's most useful repository of hammock information on the internet, and to provide a peaceful sanctuary for hammock enthusiasts to discuss our shared interest. Through careful selection of moderators and by paying special attention to creativity, originality and respectful discourse, Hammock Forums grew into a unique community that many members proudly say is the best forum on the internet.

Integrity has always been the foundation of our operations here, and has undergirded that creativity and respectful discourse. One key aspect of the site's operations that deserves special scrutiny is the donation procedures. This is because several months ago, the site's owner withdrew access to HF's financial accounts from all six moderators. We're sure Hammock Forums will continue without us and we wish you all the best in the future. Just Jeff's Homemade Gear - Hammock Engineer's Red River Gorge Quilt. The quilt is made with an outer shell of a down proof fabric. This can be 1.1 oz DWR ripstop nylon or Momentun90 available at as used in this project. The outer shell is chosen to be a lighter color to keep radiant heat loss to a minimum, and the inner shell material is chosen to be black to help absorb your radiant heat. The length of this quilt is 78” long, which comes out to 6’6” long.

I am 6’4” tall. The drawstring that is used to close the foot end takes away a little bit of the length. Using the dimensions of 78” long by 48” wide, now the seam allowances need to be added it. The baffles are made from noseeum netting. If you are unsure about the dimensions to use, cut out a piece of cheap fabric to size and see how it works for you. There are different types of down available. 750 fill grey goose down was used for this quilt. This quilt was made to get a total loft of 2.5”. I chose an equal spacing on the baffles. DIY Poncho Liner Under Quilt (PLUQ) (Sew and No-Sew) - The Ultimate Hang. Here’s another one of my early illustrations, updated and improved, showing how to convert a US Army poncho liner into an under quilt.

In my early hammock camping days, I couldn’t afford a down-filled under quilt and I most often used a closed-cell foam pad when temperatures dropped. I still wanted to try an under quilt with my Hennessy Hammock, so I started playing with a poncho liner. The no-sew version works okay, but it’s difficult to seal the edges 100 percent. The sewn version is nice if you want to add some additional insulation, like a layer of Climashield® or other synthetic insulation.