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BeauEr. Teal Panels Home. A boat and a pop - Early Retirement & Financial Independence Community. If one is happy with using a kayak for fishing, things would be much simpler and allow many variations, which of course we have all seen on the road.

A boat and a pop - Early Retirement & Financial Independence Community

Oops! Wrong picture! Tiny homes on wheels. Living Large In A Tiny Home American Innovation!

tiny homes on wheels

Give us lemons and we will make lemon-aid with a Tiny Home. Another option for full time RV’ers or any one that wants to down size. There’s a movement in tiny homes on wheels sweeping the nation. The real estate collapse, the economic downturn, burning out on 12-hour workdays – many people are rethinking their ideas about shelter – seeking an alternative to high rents, or a lifelong mortgage debt to a bank on an overpriced home. There are over 150 builders who have taken building homes to another level, creating tiny homes (under 500 sq. ft.). Many people have decided to scale back, to get by with less stuff, to live in smaller homes. Travel Trailers, Trailer Camping, 5th Wheels, and Trailer how Tos. The Boat Brokers & RV - New RVs - R-Pod.

Hornby Island Caravans. Boler Fiberglass Trailers - US. Nature's Head Composting Toilets - The environmentally sustainable waterless toilet for Your Boat, RV, Cabin, Big Rig, Barn, Workshop, or Yurt! Handmade Matt. The box truck RV. By Guy V.

The box truck RV

(havelock, NC) My wife and I started off in Indianapolis, losing the home, the business, etc. Brian's site proved an inspiration when we decided to chuck it all and hit the road. Problem was, we didn't have a lot of money. So we started looking on ebay for a used bus. So we started the search again. Sell Sell Sell everthing must go including trailer. Teardrop Travel Trailers by Camp-Inn. Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC. Fiberglass UltraLight Camper Trailers – ParkLiner Ultralight Travel Trailers. View topic - Jeff's Cargo conversion. Here is the story behind the trailer.

View topic - Jeff's Cargo conversion

I had the idea about ten years ago. Ultralights: Smaller Trailers for Smaller Tow Vehicles. Livin' Lite designs and builds affordable, lightweight, towable RVs and truck campers.

Ultralights: Smaller Trailers for Smaller Tow Vehicles

It offers a complete lineup of towable RVs, sport/utility RVs, VRVs (Versatile Recreational Vehicles), and soft- and solid-wall truck campers. The company's state-of-the-art truck campers pair nicely with quarter- and half-ton pickups. There are other companies, such as Coleman, Scamp, and Aspen, who also manufacture small towables, but Livin' Lite is one of the few that specializes in this size towable.The MSRPs for Livin' Lite units begin under $4000 and go up to $19,000. Dry weights for a camping trailer start at 600 pounds, and the top dry weight on the travel trailer doesn't exceed 2999 pounds. In most cases, you don't need a large and powerful tow vehicle.

Construction Livin' Lite uses no steel in its trailers -- only aluminum and composite materials. Untitled. Airstream. 1966 Airstream Overlander International Airstream is a brand of luxury recreational vehicle manufactured in Jackson Center, Ohio, USA.


Overland Style Trailers - Off Road Trailer News & Information. Wednesday, 26 February 2014 14:21 Hits: 1902 The ADAK Adventure trailer is not for the faint of heart.

Overland Style Trailers - Off Road Trailer News & Information

This full featured trailer is primarly built for hunters, but could easily be used for exciting overland & off road travel. Tiny Yellow Teardrop. Overland Teardrop Trailer & Adventures. ADAK Trailers - Exterior. Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer review - Roaming Times. Airstream say: "Basecamp pays homage to Airstream's past, taking styling cues from Airstream founder Wally Byam's original 1935 Torpedo.

Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer review - Roaming Times

Modern-looking and sleek, Basecamp is so light you almost won't know you're towing it. Park and open out the back: a tent option, engineered by outdoor products giant Kelty, gives you sleeping room on the ground to go with the two bunks inside the trailer. " Aistream tell Roaming Times (2008 model) that the base MSRP is $24,095. I checked out the Airstream Basecamp yesterday... - Fiberglass RV. ... and was half impressed, half disappointed by it.

I checked out the Airstream Basecamp yesterday... - Fiberglass RV

It sure made a dramatic first impression, though, all complex curves and Airstream gleam. Similar in size overall to my Scamp 16, but the wheels seemed far bigger. Sport. Airstream Sport travel trailers are true premium compact trailers that let you live large.


Smart floorplans maximize space and minimize waste in two easy to handle lengths. Spacious and airy with its own lights, water, shower and fuel for cooking – plus more creature comforts than some trailers twice their size – the Airstream Sport offers the best travel trailer investment. When you're towing an Airstream Sport, getting there seems almost effortless. Its ultralight weight allows it to be towed efficiently by most smaller and midsize sport utility vehicles, or even the family car, with outstanding fuel efficiency.

Airstream Forums. Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers. Vistabule. Little Guy Teardrop Trailers. Vintage Trailer Repair & Restoration. SQUOB. Casita Travel Trailers - America's Favorite Lightweight Travel Trailers. Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC. Timeless Travel Trailers. Vintage Trailer Crazy. 1957 Boles Aero Mira Mar 18' “Happy Hour” Boles Aero trailers are built like an Airstream with riveted outer aluminum panels and aluminum ribs. They didn’t use the traditional screws holding the outer panels on like the “Canned Ham” style of trailer. They also used a much higher grade of aircraft aluminum. Thus it is a much more solid trailer fifty years later. The big difference between the Boles Aero and traditional “Silver Palaces, i.e. This Mira Mar is VERY rare due to its floor plan.

The 4-person booth is located on the side across from a full two-door fridge. Please see price, pics and specs at. The Complete Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration Web Site. The Complete Travel Trailer and Vintage Travel Trailer Repair and Restoration Guide / Manual. For making repairs, modifications and customizations. THE DO IT YOURSELF GUIDE. THE MOST INFORMATION ON THE WEB Click on the menu items on the left or use the keyword search tool below. Everything You Need for Restoring Your Vintage Travel Trailer. Search Keywords. A Victorian RV - Construction. Step one is the removal of all of the seats. I invited a bunch of friends over for a mid-winter barbeque and we finished in a couple of hours. An angle-grinder with a cut-off disk made short work of the rusted and frozen bolts and let us get the seats out without having to crawl around underneath the bus.

We striped the seats down and I re-used as much of them as I could and separated the rest of the components for recycling. Once you get the seats out the space will seem HUGE and you'll imagine that you can fit all sorts of things in there. This is an illusion! There's a ridge down the length of most buses that supports the outer edge of the seats. One we got the bus partially completed we put it on the road and did some camping in what we called our "steel tent. " Jake's School Bus Conversion and Other Projects. Untitled. Caravan. Types of caravans - The Camping and Caravanning Club. Caravans come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the different types you can choose from.

The conventional caravan. CaravanTimes. Sisters on the fly,Cowgirl Caravan,fly fishing,trailers,vintage trailers,western bedding. Lifewithalazydazerv : Life With A Lazy Daze RV. Hi! Welcome to lifewithalazydazerv, a free service for anyone who either owns a Lazy Daze RV or would like to. PLEASE SAVE THIS MESSAGE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, and take a minute to review it now. == The Basics == To send a message to members of this group, either use the group's website: ...or send email to: You can unsubscribe from the group by sending an email to: == Buying or selling? Whether you're shopping for a used Lazy Daze or looking to sell the one you have, there's lots of good information on our website. == Got a question? Here are some other resources to check out: The Lazy Daze Companion--a compendium of questions and answers from group members.

The Lazy Daze Pocket Guide--a quick reference to all floorplans, specifications, and year-by-year feature changes. Table of Contents.