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Trailers For Sale - Tin Can Classifieds. 1954 Trottwood Travel Trailer camper Canned Ham Silver Vintage Beauty. Vintage Camper. Vintage Camper Trailers - Vintage Camper Trailers For Sale. Vintage Camper Trailers - Vintage Camper Trailers For Sale. Flyte Camp Vintage Trailers and Restorations. Lucy Woodie Boles Aero vintage trailer GMC motorhome vintage Airstream Airstreams for sale.

Trailers For Sale - Sisters on the Fly. About. I’m Reanna Rosemarie Alder.


For over a year I have been documenting my creative and domestic labours at The Daily Make. That project will tell you a lot about my life. As for backstory, I earned a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria in 2006, and have published short fiction and non-fiction (including an article about butchering and eating a roadkill raccoon, and one about trailer homesteading in the Mojave). I have worked as an editor and features editor. Desert Homesteading These days I live with my husband in a vintage travel trailer in Joshua Tree, California. We are in the process of renovating a house to live in, and so I am nose-deep in natural building, A Pattern Language and passive solar architecture. Quilting Back in 2009, when I was in the midst of falling in love with my husband, I saw a strip quilt in the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft gift shop and I thought, “I could do that.”

Airstream Classic Travel Trailer. Airstream Classic With the richest history of all Airstream travel trailers, the Classic is built for people committed to a life well-lived.

Airstream Classic Travel Trailer

Designed and equipped for long-term adventures, the Classic epitomizes the traditional craftsmanship, innovation and durability that’s made Airstream an icon of the American highway. Abundant storage capacity, elegant design, private sleeping quarters, and spacious living areas for entertaining old and new friends alike. Everything we have learned from decades of experience on the open road has gone into creating the best in comfort, convenience and style. You’ll feel right at home no matter how far you roam. New 2017 24RK Rear Kitchen Lite Light Travel Trailer Slide Out Camper Never Used. Basecamp. 2017 Airstream Basecamp 16, Travel Trailers RV For Sale in Eugene, Oregon. 2017 Airstream Basecamp 16It's time to be a little spontaneous.

2017 Airstream Basecamp 16, Travel Trailers RV For Sale in Eugene, Oregon

Our most nimble Airstream yet, Basecamp is the very definition of get-up-and-go. It's compact, light, and easy to tow, and the perfect place to land after a day of adventure. Storage is versatile and abundant, sleeping space will surprise you, and you’ll still have all the essentials, plus some added luxuries. So get going.

Basecamp is ready when you are. Every adventure needs a Basecamp. Southwest Region of the USA - Tin Can Classifieds. Tin Can Tourists – Tin Can Tourists is an all make and model vintage trailer and motor coach club. TRAILERS FOR SALE. NEUTRON. Neutron Standard Features We are now accepting PRE-ORDERS for the 2016 Flyte Camp Neutrons.


Starting at $84,000. BeauEr. Teal Panels Home. A boat and a pop - Early Retirement & Financial Independence Community. If one is happy with using a kayak for fishing, things would be much simpler and allow many variations, which of course we have all seen on the road.

A boat and a pop - Early Retirement & Financial Independence Community

Oops! Wrong picture! The following are better examples. Else, a truck camper like a Lance or a Host offers amazing comfort, while it can still pull a small boat. This is the inside of a nice camper. Tiny homes on wheels. Living Large In A Tiny Home American Innovation!

tiny homes on wheels

Give us lemons and we will make lemon-aid with a Tiny Home. Another option for full time RV’ers or any one that wants to down size. There’s a movement in tiny homes on wheels sweeping the nation. The real estate collapse, the economic downturn, burning out on 12-hour workdays – many people are rethinking their ideas about shelter – seeking an alternative to high rents, or a lifelong mortgage debt to a bank on an overpriced home.

There are over 150 builders who have taken building homes to another level, creating tiny homes (under 500 sq. ft.). Many people have decided to scale back, to get by with less stuff, to live in smaller homes. Barbara Andrews. Travel Trailers, Trailer Camping, 5th Wheels, and Trailer how Tos. The Boat Brokers & RV - New RVs - R-Pod. Hornby Island Caravans. Boler Fiberglass Trailers - US. Nature's Head Composting Toilets - The environmentally sustainable waterless toilet for Your Boat, RV, Cabin, Big Rig, Barn, Workshop, or Yurt! Handmade Matt. The box truck RV. By Guy V.

The box truck RV

Sell Sell Sell everthing must go including trailer. Teardrop Travel Trailers by Camp-Inn. Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC. Fiberglass UltraLight Camper Trailers – ParkLiner Ultralight Travel Trailers. View topic - Jeff's Cargo conversion. Here is the story behind the trailer.

View topic - Jeff's Cargo conversion

I had the idea about ten years ago. I found a used trailer out of South Africa called a Bushwakka and did an incredible amount of modifications to it. But It had a roof top tent and just did not like tent camping anymore.I then purchased a Four Wheel Camper and completely redid the interior and added a whole host of goodies. ... n=organizeThe wife finally went camping with me up in the back country of the Sierras in the camper, but she did not like climbing up into the bed over the cab and said she would like to have hot water.So the camper is for sale and I have been working on this trailer for about 8 months now. We are almost empty nesters now (4 kids) and I would like to find more things to do together. Here are some pictures of under the bench set that folds and tumbles into a queens size bed.

This is the entire area below the seat. This is the heater which is all the way to the rear against the wall of the kitchen. Jeff. Ultralights: Smaller Trailers for Smaller Tow Vehicles. Livin' Lite designs and builds affordable, lightweight, towable RVs and truck campers.

Ultralights: Smaller Trailers for Smaller Tow Vehicles

It offers a complete lineup of towable RVs, sport/utility RVs, VRVs (Versatile Recreational Vehicles), and soft- and solid-wall truck campers. The company's state-of-the-art truck campers pair nicely with quarter- and half-ton pickups. There are other companies, such as Coleman, Scamp, and Aspen, who also manufacture small towables, but Livin' Lite is one of the few that specializes in this size towable.The MSRPs for Livin' Lite units begin under $4000 and go up to $19,000.

Dry weights for a camping trailer start at 600 pounds, and the top dry weight on the travel trailer doesn't exceed 2999 pounds. In most cases, you don't need a large and powerful tow vehicle. Construction Livin' Lite uses no steel in its trailers -- only aluminum and composite materials. The towables that incorporate fabric use rugged material like that found on tents. The 8.0 and 10.0 floorplans accommodate six people. Untitled. Airstream.

1966 Airstream Overlander International Airstream is a brand of luxury recreational vehicle manufactured in Jackson Center, Ohio, USA.


It is a division of Thor Industries. The company, which now employs fewer than 400, is the oldest in the industry. Airstream trailers are easily recognized by the distinctive shape of their rounded aluminum bodies. This shape dates back to the 1930s and is based on designs created by Hawley Bowlus. History[edit] The company was created by Wally Byam, a lawyer by training, who began building trailers out of Masonite in his backyard in Los Angeles during the late 1920s.[1] Byam published a magazine selling "how-to" kits to customers wishing to build their own trailers.

Overland Style Trailers - Off Road Trailer News & Information. Wednesday, 26 February 2014 14:21 Hits: 1902 The ADAK Adventure trailer is not for the faint of heart. Tiny Yellow Teardrop. Overland Teardrop Trailer & Adventures. ADAK Trailers - Exterior. Airstream Basecamp small travel trailer review - Roaming Times. Airstream say: "Basecamp pays homage to Airstream's past, taking styling cues from Airstream founder Wally Byam's original 1935 Torpedo.

Modern-looking and sleek, Basecamp is so light you almost won't know you're towing it. Park and open out the back: a tent option, engineered by outdoor products giant Kelty, gives you sleeping room on the ground to go with the two bunks inside the trailer. " Aistream tell Roaming Times (2008 model) that the base MSRP is $24,095.

The floorplan is shown below and is different! We like the overall concept very much - all of this in a trailer just 16'2" long. Some of the Basecamp's features (Airstream information): I checked out the Airstream Basecamp yesterday... - Fiberglass RV. ... and was half impressed, half disappointed by it. It sure made a dramatic first impression, though, all complex curves and Airstream gleam. Similar in size overall to my Scamp 16, but the wheels seemed far bigger. That would help haul the freight over rough roads (or at least give that rugged appearance, which may be what matters more, to most). No salesman was nearby at the dealership, so I opened the double doors and went inside.

Wait- not before you lower the hinged step/ramp, because it has a high-clearance floor. Sport. Airstream Sport travel trailers are true premium compact trailers that let you live large. Smart floorplans maximize space and minimize waste in two easy to handle lengths. Spacious and airy with its own lights, water, shower and fuel for cooking – plus more creature comforts than some trailers twice their size – the Airstream Sport offers the best travel trailer investment. When you're towing an Airstream Sport, getting there seems almost effortless. Its ultralight weight allows it to be towed efficiently by most smaller and midsize sport utility vehicles, or even the family car, with outstanding fuel efficiency. Airstream Forums. Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers. Vistabule.

Little Guy Teardrop Trailers. Vintage Trailer Repair & Restoration. SQUOB. Casita Travel Trailers - America's Favorite Lightweight Travel Trailers. Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC. Timeless Travel Trailers. Vintage Trailer Crazy. 1957 Boles Aero Mira Mar 18' “Happy Hour” Boles Aero trailers are built like an Airstream with riveted outer aluminum panels and aluminum ribs. They didn’t use the traditional screws holding the outer panels on like the “Canned Ham” style of trailer. They also used a much higher grade of aircraft aluminum. Thus it is a much more solid trailer fifty years later. The big difference between the Boles Aero and traditional “Silver Palaces, i.e. This Mira Mar is VERY rare due to its floor plan.

The 4-person booth is located on the side across from a full two-door fridge. The Complete Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration Web Site. A Victorian RV - Construction. Step one is the removal of all of the seats. Jake's School Bus Conversion and Other Projects. Untitled. Caravan. Types of caravans - The Camping and Caravanning Club.

The conventional caravan The majority of caravans have a single axle and are between 3 and 6.5 metres long inside. Depending on the interior layout, they can sleep between two and six people. CaravanTimes. Sisters on the fly,Cowgirl Caravan,fly fishing,trailers,vintage trailers,western bedding. Lifewithalazydazerv : Life With A Lazy Daze RV. Table of Contents.