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Abuse - PHYS

Grace and the Cycle of Abuse Grace and the Cycle of Abuse (Image: Prison fence via Shutterstock)Those to whom evil is done. Do evil in return. - W. H. Auden
Home / Welcome to BatteredWomen.com This site is dedicated to all the battered women and abuse victims in the world. We hope you find the answers here to help with whatever situation you may be in. Empowering Battered Women Empowering Battered Women
Abuse - EMO

Verbal Abuse Journals - Verbal Abuse Is Domestic Abuse That Leads to Physical Violence
Psychologically Abusive Relationships: Are You in One? Psychologically Abusive Relationships: Are You in One? Written by Natasha Tracy Psychologically abusive relationships can be seen in any configuration: between spouses, caregiver and child, within a friendship or in the workplace. While anyone can be abusive from time-to-time, psychologically abusive relationships are built on frequent and constant situations of abuse. And instead of a meaningful apology after an abusive act, the perpetrator half-heartedly apologizes often with a justification such as, "it's so hard to be nice to you."1 Psychological abuse, sometimes called verbal abuse or chronic verbal aggression, does not discriminate. Psychological abuse can happen to heterosexual or homosexual couples of any race or socioeconomic status.



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GORSKI-CENAPS Best Practice Standards GORSKI-CENAPS Best Practice Standards Research-Based Best Practice Principles "For treatment to work, it must be built upon science-based principles. The GORSKI-CENAPS Model is a dynamic system. It's designed to integrate new research findings. This means the model can adapt to the changing environment while continuing to become more effective and efficient."