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Atheist Revolution There are too many social networks out there for me to possibly keep up with, and this is why I've been focusing my efforts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I just don't have the time to keep up with much more than that. I use Facebook and Google+ primarily as ways to give people additional ways to follow and interact with content. Atheist Revolution
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The Big Religion Comparison Chart: Compare World Religions 296KStumbleUpon 3906Google + The ReligionFacts "Big Religion Chart" is an attempt to summarize all the complexities of religions and belief systems into tiny little boxes on a single, quick-reference comparison chart. Yes, of course this is impossible. The Big Religion Comparison Chart: Compare World Religions
Human prehistory and the Stone Age… a timeline critique (4th edition - October 2012) by A.O. Kime Stone Age Timelines Stone Age Timelines
The Temple Mount - Jerusalem 101 The Time Between 70 AD and 638 AD When the Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 638 there were no buildings on the Temple Mount to destroy. The Christians had left the Temple Mount in ruins, and even used it as a garbage dump. The temple was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans. In 132-135 AD after the Jew’s second revolt against Rome the Jews may have attempted to rebuild the Temple. The Temple Mount - Jerusalem 101
Religious Congregations & Membership Study ANNOUNCING the 2010 U.S. Religion Census! The 2010 U.S. Religious Congregations & Membership Study

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Positive Atheism (since 1995) Join the Struggle Against Anti-Atheist Bigotry! Positive Atheism (since 1995) Join the Struggle Against Anti-Atheist Bigotry! And Think Before You Click! A note to some theists who write to us: We insist on the right to insist on truthfulness in all discussions. Positive Atheism is for atheists.
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Christopher Hitchens Christopher Hitchens Christopher Eric Hitchens (13 April 1949—15 December 2011) was a British-American[2][3] author, polemicist, debater, and journalist.[4] Hitchens contributed to New Statesman, The Nation, The Atlantic, The London Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement and Vanity Fair. He was the author of twelve books and five collections of essays, and concentrated on a range of subjects, including politics, literature and religion. A staple of talk shows and lecture circuits, his confrontational style of debate made him both a lauded and controversial figure. Known for his contrarian stance on a number of issues, he excoriated such public figures as Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Lady Diana, and Pope Benedict XVI.
Christopher Hitchens Quotes (Author of God Is Not Great) “About once or twice every month I engage in public debates with those whose pressing need it is to woo and to win the approval of supernatural beings. Very often, when I give my view that there is no supernatural dimension, and certainly not one that is only or especially available to the faithful, and that the natural world is wonderful enough—and even miraculous enough if you insist—I attract pitying looks and anxious questions. How, in that case, I am asked, do I find meaning and purpose in life? How does a mere and gross materialist, with no expectation of a life to come, decide what, if anything, is worth caring about? Christopher Hitchens Quotes (Author of God Is Not Great)
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