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Crazy Old Ladies Quilts: Orange You Glad- a tutorial. Thanks for all the love on my 'Orange You Glad' quilt.

Crazy Old Ladies Quilts: Orange You Glad- a tutorial

I sure do love it. I thought it would be cool to walk you through the process I used to make my orange peels. Colorways for current ideas. Colorways. Borders and binding and backs. Labels & sleeves. Stitches.

Block patterns

Quilting designs. Techniques & Tips. Supplies. Pinterest. Art With a Needle. Selvage Blog: "That's My Q" by Kathleen Loomis. Modern Applique Illusions: Perspective. Welcome back to this next-to-final post on the Modern Appliqué Illusions blog tour.

Modern Applique Illusions: Perspective

I’ve had such a great time sharing more details about each quilt in the book with you over the past two weeks, and I’m so grateful for your following along! Today, I’ll be talking about the final quilt in the book–Perspective. Quilting.