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Double Pinwheel Quilt Block: 3", 4", 5", 6" and 8" block sizes. Skill Level: Confident beginner Grid: 2x2 The Double Pinwheel quilt block is made completely of quarter square triangle units in three fabrics.

Double Pinwheel Quilt Block: 3", 4", 5", 6" and 8" block sizes

The QSTs form a small pinwheel and the HSTs a large one, hence the name. You may also know this block as Old Windmill (or just plain Windmill) or Whirligig. This same block can be colored in several other ways using two or three fabrics to create a number of variations in look of this block. Penny Patch: Straight Line Quilting. This post is part of a series {Penny Patch} a Beginner’s Quilt-Along.

Penny Patch: Straight Line Quilting

You can join in anytime, even if you’re not a beginner! Please see this page for links to all posts, and join us on Flickr to share your questions and work-in-progress! So we've finished that top, prepared a backing and basted.... Now it's time to quilt all three layers together. Quilting stabilizes the batting so it won't shift and bunch over the years. Mama Love Quilts: 10 Tips for Trouble-Free Straight Line Quilting. In response to my last post on the hera marker, I had a reader ask me to share tips on quilting straight lines.

Mama Love Quilts: 10 Tips for Trouble-Free Straight Line Quilting

I imagine she's not the only one with questions, so I decided to put together this list of tips to share with you. Tip #1: Mark If you want super straight lines, there is no substitute for marking. Check out my post on easy peasy marking. Tip #2: Pin baste Correctly pin basting will prevent a lot of problems. When you baste your quilt, make sure the backing is smooth and taut. Canoe Ridge Creations: Straight-line Quilting. One // a good baste Making sure your quilt or project is properly basted is one of the key elements to a successful & enjoyable quilting experience, not just straight-line quilting!

Canoe Ridge Creations: Straight-line Quilting

I prefer to spray baste all of my quilts using 505 Spray for two reasons: [1] it's faster than pin basting, which equals more quilting & sewing time! And [2] i've found that it eliminates shifting when quilting. Free Motion Quilting ~ Home Machine Features & Tips. We know many of you want to learn more about free motion stitching on your home machine.

Free Motion Quilting ~ Home Machine Features & Tips

Kellie from our board and Don’t Look Now blog does a lot of free motion stitching and does it well! Today she shares some tips so you can feel comfortable jumping in and trying it out on your own machine, plus features to consider when looking for a new machine conducive to free motion stitching! Handmade Modern Quilts and Quilt Patterns by redpepperquilts. Welcome!

Handmade Modern Quilts and Quilt Patterns by redpepperquilts

All PDF patterns now available for immediate download! You can download your pattern (pdf file) at any time, and without limit on the number of times you download the file. In addition to an Etsy Purchase Confirmation email you will also receive a Ready to Download email. Color Wheel Block - Pattern and Tutorial. To complete the Color Wheel Block you will need the Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern and Templates which are available for purchase as a single PDF file from my Pattern Store ($US4.00) here: You will be sent an email with a secure link to download this pattern (pdf file) immediately.

Color Wheel Block - Pattern and Tutorial

What follows is a foundation paper piecing tutorial and photos of all steps required to successfully complete one Color Wheel Block. Seamless Lite - Seamless Pattern Design by COLOURlovers. Quiltonomics: The Real Cost of Quilts. Before I started quilting about a year and a half ago, the only thing I knew was hearing about high quality Amish quilts sold in locations like rural Pennsylvania.

Quiltonomics: The Real Cost of Quilts

As ridiculous as that sounds, that really was my only point of reference. One night, years ago, I looked up some websites that peddled these quilts and experienced sticker shock at seeing them at $1,000+. Now I understand… As a novice quilter – I’ve come to understand that $1,000 is actually a *very* reasonable price considering the fact that Amish quilts are hand quilted, which is far more time consuming than machine quilting. Yet, at a day in age when one can go to a big box retailer and purchase a manufactured quilt for $50 or less – without question – there is a huge pricing gap comparing store bought vs. handmade quilts. Every four years, marketing gurus with F+W Media conduct comprehensive research to learn about the spending habits of quilters. Seriously? The great pricing divide Handmade does not always equal affordable. §. §.

Patchwork Tree Quilt Block Tutorial. Earlier this week I shared some little patchwork tree blocks I'd been making.

Patchwork Tree Quilt Block Tutorial

I loved sewing them together into this little patchwork forest mini-quilt. The method for making this blocks is quick and fun and I'm going to show you how right now! (How exciting can life get?) For my palette I chose a variety of greens in different shades and scales, to create interest and depth. I paired the greens with white-background prints and pulled in just a little bit of red.


Spec Projects. John Flynn Multi Frame Kit 45" Wide Free Motion Machine Quilting & DVD at AllBrands.com. Quilt like you have a longarm machine.

John Flynn Multi Frame Kit 45" Wide Free Motion Machine Quilting & DVD at AllBrands.com

Use this 3-roll quilt frame with your sewing machine for no-baste free motion machine quilting or hold in your lap for hand quilting. Now includes two roller pipes made of PVC, three fiberglass rods for rolling the quilt easily and smoothly, side tension ribbons, three muslin leaders, plus an instructional DVD. Accommodates quilts up to 45" wide. Photos du journal - Man Sewing with Rob Appell. Learn How to Machine Quilt Big Projects on Your Home Sewing Machine. Class Description. START HERE! Are you new here? Hi! Welcome to the Free Motion Quilting Project! I’m sure you have a lot of questions about what this project is, how it works, why I created it, and where to get started, so the easiest thing was just to make a video explaining it all in one go: Click Here if the Video Does Not Appear Tip: If any video on the project stops playing try clicking “pause” and allow the little red bar at the bottom to fill up completely before hitting “play” again.

Down To Sew: Emily's Urban Birthday/Wedding Quilt. This is another family-made quilt for my cousin Emily's wedding gift. The pattern is Urban Birthday using Jenny's Quick Curve Ruler. It went together so fast and easy! This was my Mom's quilting design. She had made this pattern once before and quilted it herself on her domestic machine and wanted to see how much better it would look if I quilted it the same way. ha ha.

However, I never saw the quilt before she gifted it and there is no photographic evidence of it, so we will never really know for sure who "quilted it best"! The wedding was a couple weeks ago. Temecula Quilt Company: Go Four It. I have been sharing my APQ Quilt Along progress on Instagram. Here are the details in case you would like to join in on the fun. §. §. §. Land.missouriquiltco.com/illusion-block/

Lilly's Wedding Quilt Quotes by Kelly Long. Quilt Label Sayings and Quotes for Memory Quilts. So, you've made a handmade gift quilt to celebrate a special occasion: a graduation, a wedding, the birth of a new baby, or a precious friendship. Why not say something special to match the occasion on the label that tells the recipient who made the quilt? That girl... That quilt: Half Square Triangles Tutorial {3 ways} In preparation for piecing our blocks for our Chasing Chevrons quilt along, I decided to work ahead and show the three different ways that I make half square triangles {HSTs}.

Lots and Lots of Bow-tie Blocks. » Custom Labels for Quilts. The art of creating quilts has again become popular as people realize the beauty that only a custom made quilt can bring. Adding custom woven labels to your quilts is the perfect finishing touch. Getting settled/Estableciéndonos. Embroidered Quilt Label - Custom Layout. Custom Printed Cotton - Twill Clothing Labels. For those who care about the environment, and want to provide with 'green' labels for their products, or maybe give them a more earthy feel to their presentation, cotton labels are a great choice.

Available in both Natural or White color, cotton labels feel very soft to the tact and we are confident you will certainly feel very pleased with them. Printed on soft natural cotton with your choice of PMS colors. Great to place on all natural, 100% cotton goods such as purses and jackets. Bee In My Bonnet Co. Patterns. Product Categories Personalized Labels. Labels by MommieMadeIt by MommieMadeIt. Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

S Number One Label Maker Since 2006 by JennifersJewels. <div id="javascript-nag" class="notice"><p> Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Embroidered Quilt Label - Custom Layout. On the Windy Side. How to sew straight lines... Quilt Labels- the Cute and Easy Way! I've had so many questions and comments lately regarding my quilt labels. Make a Quilt Label. As anyone who has ever stitched, admired, or snuggled with a quilt knows, quilting has a history steeped in resourcefulness, storytelling, community, and warmth. Quilting Board. Mini Medallion Quilt Tutorial + Sew-Along. WIP wednesday: gypsy wife update. A Few Scraps. §.

§. Mommy by day Crafter by night: La Passacaglia Quilt Pattern.

BOMs & Quilt-a-Longs

Borders and binding and backs. Colorways. History. Stitches. Patterns. Supplies. Trend Report. One million stitches … Quilting. The Free Motion Quilting Project. Stitched in Color: {Tutorial} Quilt-As-You-Go Log Cabins.

Techniques & Tips. Life 4 - Hello Dear, What Did You Do Today? Craftsy. The Quilt Index. Jinny Beyer Studio. Quilting, $3.5 billion industry, seeing bolder colors, bling and recycled-bottle batting. Quilt Industry, August 2014 Market Research & Statistics. Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt Along! « LoveBug Studios. A Wave of Sewing Jobs as Orders Pile Up at U.S. Factories.