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Humble Quilts. Technique: Understanding Bias and making Bias Tape (+ video instructions) Bias Tape.

Technique: Understanding Bias and making Bias Tape (+ video instructions)

What is it? What is it used for? What the heck does “bias” mean? And how can you make your own? Let’s talk about it! Have you walked by the zippers and threads in your fabric shop and wondered what all those cute packages of solid trim are? If you need a solid colored bias tape, the store bought stuff is convenient. With a few tools and an iron, a 1/2 yard of fabric is transformed into 9 yards of double-fold bias tape! You can watch a full video of this tutorial by pressing the play button below. And when you’re ready to sew it on, jump to our next tutorial: How to Sew Bias Tape. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Inside all those pretty packages are some interesting trims:* Bias tape usually comes in solid colors of polyester/cotton blended fabric, is 3 yards in length and varies in width and use.* Quilt Binding is a fancy name for wide bias tape.

Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial. Welcome to Day 3 of the Coastal Cargos sew along.

Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial

Today we’re tackling bias tape and outseams. If you’re an overachiever, you can go ahead and put your cargo pockets on. But first, a bias tape tutorial. I think the bias tape is my favorite detail on this pattern. Quilt Genie - Economy block. Virtual Bee Quilt Along Block 12 (the confused quilter) Save my Bleeding Quilt! Connect: An Hourglass Figure: Hourglass Block Tutorial. Here is a tutorial for a fundamental quilt block, the Hourglass block.

Connect: An Hourglass Figure: Hourglass Block Tutorial

Such a classic! Bet you can't guess what block will be May's Sisters' Ten block?? Hee hee. The block for the BOM will build upon this hourglass block... but I love having the basics separated out into it's own tutorial. Here we go... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Bird of Paradise Quilt Block - Ludlow Quilt and Sew. Bird of paradise quilt block Strelitzia bird of paradise flowers at Katen’s wedding The Bird of Paradise quilt block is usually shown in blues, pinks and purples, but I have chosen to make it in the brown and yellow of the flower called Bird of Paradise, strelitzia.

Bird of Paradise Quilt Block - Ludlow Quilt and Sew

This was the flower that my niece used as a focus of her wedding decorations last year. I have made the block here as an 18″ square finished size. Arts and Crafts Quilt - Ludlow Quilt and Sew. Arts and crafts quilt This is a Fabric Freedom quilt pattern designed to showcase another beautiful fabric range.

Arts and Crafts Quilt - Ludlow Quilt and Sew

It looks complex, but as so often it can be broken down into small steps which are not nearly as difficult as they look. The more you look, the more you see in the design. The quilt measures 60″ square and I have used 1.1/4 yards of white fabric, 3/4 yard of the green fabric in block one and 1 yard of the patterned fabric in block one. A Pink Classic Quilt Tutorial. After staring at fabrics for too long trying to decide what pattern to make my baby a quilt with…I went with classic hourglass blocks.

A Pink Classic Quilt Tutorial

There are probably loads of good tutorials for these blocks already, but since these are one of my favorites I wrote one up for this quilt: Square in a Square Quilt Block. Why you find so much free stuff on this site...Some of the links on this page are affiliate links.

Square in a Square Quilt Block

If you buy something thru them, I receive a small commission—at no extra cost to you. This helps me provide all the free information found on this site. To learn more, read my full Disclosure Policy. Skill Level: Beginner. Perfect Square-in-a-Square Technique - The Crafty Quilter. I admit to being a perfectionist (when it suits me).

Perfect Square-in-a-Square Technique - The Crafty Quilter

The square-in-a-square block is one of those easy looking units that never comes out quite right. In other words, WONKY. I have always used the traditional technique of using corner squares, stitching and trimming them and then crossing my fingers that it comes out square and even: Traditional square-in-a-square technique via McCall’s Quilting But no more wonky! Virtual Quilting Bee - Square in a Square tutorial - Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog. Welcome to part 1 of Finishing Your Quilt as part of the Virtual Quilting Bee!

Virtual Quilting Bee - Square in a Square tutorial - Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog

(Apologies for it being a little lot late in the day. It’s just been one of those weeks.) On Point Quilter - Kari Schell On Point Quilter Blog. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the block is called Belle and that’s the name of the main character in Beauty and the Beast because this block was a beast for me to make.

Over the course of the next year I’m going to be making a number of the blocks for various exciting reasons so I know Belle and I will get to dance again. Which is great because I’m not happy with either of the blocks I’ve made. Throughout the sew-along we’re going to show you a number of ways to make the blocks and today, because this is the first block that involves a Y Seam, I’m showing you how to made a “cheat” version of the block using From Marti Michell Patchwork Templates Set A.

(I’ve also included some measurements that are not in the book so you can make it if you don’t have the templates. Sqinsqtutorial. Square in a Square Tutorial! (click here for printer friendly version) Blossom Heart Quilts. HALF SQUARE TRIANGLE TUTORIAL - Ludlow Quilt and Sew. Half square triangle tutorial When you learn how to make half square triangles (hst’s) you will find that there are many ways of doing this.

I have listed four of them in this half square triangle tutorial, beginning with the most basic method and progressing through three more ways that make more hst’s each time. The first point to note is that because you are cutting squares to make these half square triangles, you need to begin with larger squares to allow for the additional seam allowance no matter which method you use. Soulful Eyes: Daring Reflection Quilt Tutorial. Finished size 78'' by 60'' Materials 1¼ yards of PE-454 1¼ yards of PE-408 2 ½ of assorted Dare fabrics printBiding 3/₈ of a PE-408Backing 3 yards of DAR-54301 Cutting Instructions Ninety (90) 4'' by 4'' squares of PE-454 Ninety (90) 4'' by 4'' squares of PE-408 One-hundred and eighty (180) 4'' by 4'' squares of assorted Dare Fabrics Construction *All HST are constructed the same way.

The fabric combinations (Dare Fabrics) are open to your personal selection. The main picture is only a suggestion, so have fun combining prints *1/4 seam allowance for everything Step 1. How to Make 8 Half-Square Triangles at Once: The Magic 8 Method. If you don’t like cutting and stitching loose triangles together on the bias, or need to make lots and lots of half-square triangles for a quilting project, here’s a quick and easy solution. Making the Magic 8 work for you. (Want to save this post? Click here to download a printable PDF version, PLUS get bonus tutorials for even more quilting hacks you need to know — absolutely FREE!)

Field Trips in Fiber - Adventures in quilting, hand dyed fabric and other arts. In the evenings I’ve been “relaxing” with my Zentangle pens and the label for my Cathedral Window quilt. I was diligent this time and took photos of all the steps so you can see how I do these. I start by creating the text in a Word document and printing it on paper. Then I tape the paper to a a piece of plexiglass that’s about 12 x 14. This give me a stable, firm and rotatable surface to draw on. Economy Block ANY Size! (With Cheat Sheet) There’s a new craze out there promoted by Red Pepper Quilts, crazy mom quilts, and others, and it’s called the economy block. Square in a Square Quilt Block. Laugh yourself into Stitches*: Free Hourglass block tutorial with Math chart. Ludlow Quilt and Sew - How To Quilt And Sew For Beginners. Utah Long Arm Machine Quilting. BadAss Quilters Society-In Quilting - Attitude is Everything!

A Quilter’s Cautionary Tale – Longarming Gone Wrong. No one likes a tale of woe, quilters most of all. For those who have experienced it, there is nothing like that heart-stopping moment when you find that your quilt has been mistreated by the person who was supposed to love it and bring it to life. Today we learn from the experience of a friend who is currently damned to the hell of skinning two quilts that were very badly done.

Quilt Rescue - Finishing Antique Tops - Anita Shackelford. Pins from on Pinterest. Don't Call Me Betsy. Pinterest. La Passacaglia. Charm About You. My Blog. Sewn: Mimicking Mary. Have you ever fell in love with someone's style? It was love at first sight when I saw Mary's quilt Gypsy Kisses. I started following her blog, Molly Flanders, and have seriously loved everything I have seen. Sharon Schamber Quilts. This blog allows me to state my dreams in hope they come true. Laundry Basket Quilts.

Techniques & Tips

Supplies. Borders and binding and backs. Labels & sleeves. Stitches. Block patterns. Art With a Needle. Selvage Blog: "That's My Q" by Kathleen Loomis. Modern Applique Illusions: Perspective. Welcome back to this next-to-final post on the Modern Appliqué Illusions blog tour. I’ve had such a great time sharing more details about each quilt in the book with you over the past two weeks, and I’m so grateful for your following along! Today, I’ll be talking about the final quilt in the book–Perspective. Before you read my post, though, hop over to my friend Cindy Lammon’s blog, Hyacinth Quilt Designs, to see the mini project she made from this pattern and hear her thoughts about the book!

Perspective is a fitting project to close out a book about using perspective and depth in quilts, since it’s message to viewers is to “Keep Things in Perspective.” (In all honesty, this is something that I need to tell myself all the time, and I think it’s a powerful message in addition to being a good catch phrase for the book.) The twist to this quilt is that the appliqués are the shadows of the letters, and the letters themselves are created from the negative space between those appliqués. Quilting. Soft Grip Oval Quilt Clips from Tut for quilting frame. FMQ tip and other uses for foam pipe insulation. The Quilting Edge. Bias Strip Petals.....My Process and Book Give Away Shifting Impressions. The Quilting Edge: Duct Tape......Who Knew!!!!/Design Wall Tutorial. Well, all you handymen, of course.....but was I listening, well frankly, NO. Quilty Habit: Top 10 Tips: Being A Good Swap Partner/Beemate.

Sharon Cox Vest - Photos de la publication de Sharon Cox... Machine quilt frames. THE QUILTED PINEAPPLE. Blue Mountain Daisy. Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Quilting Is My Therapy Quilting Is My Therapy Website- All about machine quilting. Diane Gaudynski "A New Tradition in Quilting" Tallgrass prairie studio: Straight Line Quilting...Hints and Tips. Free Motion Quilting, Clam Shells and Quilting. Quilty Habit: Top 10 Tips: Using Your Fabric Stash. Diane Gaudynski "A New Tradition in Quilting": Relaxed Diane-shiko.

Because thread is the best glue. Right Sides Together - stitches & spunk. 2015 – Gypsy Queen Mystery Quilt Along. NEORQC Mystery Quilt. Custom Quilting Photos, page 1. Meadow Mist Designs: Pattern Writing Blog Series. Trunkshows & Workshops. Elven Garden Quilts. Sashiko: Traditional Japanese Sashiko Design & Instruction. Sashiko. Running Stitch Scarf. Fabrickaz+idees. Christa’s Quilt Along 7.5 – Modern Trees Machine Quilting Part 2. Bias Binding: Figuring Yardage, Cutting, Making, Attaching. Quilt Pattern Playground - Over 1 Million Free Patterns. Quilt - Patterns Paired with Fabric - Pinwheel Wreaths Quilt Pattern. Tips for Cutting Fabric Appliques with the Brother Scan n Cut. Quilters' Corner >> Brother scan n cut update. Prisma Elements Fat Quarter BundleArt Gallery Fabrics. Nifty Fifty Quilters of America's Arkansas State Quilt Blocks.

A cuppa and a catch up. Quilty Habit: Top 10 Tips: Creating Alternate Gridwork in Modern Quilts.