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Polish Design

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Téléchargement immédiat broderie de feuille de par babushkadesign. Polish embroidery. Machine Embroidery Designs at Embroidery Library! - Polish Folk Art. MTAP Polish Textiles. Polish linen table cloth withcutwork embroidery.Photo by Pearl Yee Wong Polish table cloth made from cotton, using cutwork embroidery.Photo by Pearl Yee Wong Wool and linen "serwietka" or table runner.

MTAP Polish Textiles

From Kurpie Region, Poland. 1976.Photo by Pearl Yee Wong Set of Polish dolls with embroidered clothing, made by Kimport, 1930s.Photo by Pearl Yee Wong The textile traditions of Poland reflect the region's long history of the intermingling of different cultures and the evolution today of as many as 60 distinct local cultures, each with its own variations of textile designs, styles, and techniques. The textiles in the collection of Michigan State University Museum are primarily of the twentieth century, with some dating as early as the 1920s.

Polish embroidery on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace. Polish Folk Art: paper cut-outs, embroidery, dolls, sculptures, gifts, handicraft - Lowicz folk art. Polish Art Center - Polskie Hafty i Koronki - Zdobienia Stroju Ludowego - Polish Embroidery and Needlework - Folk Costume Designs. Sparklepunch for Auna. I know I've said this before but I love making baby quilts for friends - especially those who truly appreciate the time and effort that goes in to the process.

Sparklepunch for Auna

My friend, Jessica, is pregnant with her second baby and when I asked what colors she wanted, she practically jumped for joy. Because it was her second, she didn't want to ask me for a quilt. (I had just made a quilt for her first, born in 2012.) Nonsense, I told her. ALL babies deserve their own quilt, regardless of birth order! Baby #2 is a girl and Jessica requested purples and greens. She picked Sparklepunch. I love the finished product and hopefully little baby Auna will love it, too! I quilted this with an overall free motion pattern of stars and loops - one of my original go-to free motion patterns. This is the 101st quilt I've ever made. DomArtystyczny. Cotton Café. cOto.patchwork. The Textile Cuisine. A little bit of the autumn / fall a little:) Uwielbiam barwy złotej jesieni :) Jak zabierałam się za uszycie tego bieżnika,to nie miałam wątpliwości,że właśnie takich kolorów użyję.

A little bit of the autumn / fall a little:)

Bieżnik jest stosunkowo niewielki. W całości przykrywa blat szafki, na której leży. Kolor blatu nie bardzo mi się podoba,a jesienny bieżnik "wniósł" do wnętrza trochę życia. I love the colors of the golden autumn. Świat łat - patchwork, szycie, szycie........ Patchworkowy zawrót głowy. Patchwork, quilt, pikowanie, szycie to moja pasja. Polish Quilters. So my heritage is 100% Polish -- I am a first generation Polish-American, I love cabbage, sauerkraut, kelbasa and peirogi!

Polish Quilters

Both my mother and father were born in Poland and immigrated to the states back in the early/mid 1960s. My sewing skills come directly from my mother and her side of the family although my father's side of the family was just as skilled. So, I have always had an interest in finding Polish quilters, which there are few or few that I am aware of because I don't think quilting in the sense as we know it in the states is something they do in eastern Europe, but I could be very wrong. So over at Quilting Bloggers website, they have lists of bloggers by country --- guess what, they have three quilt bloggers in Poland -- very neat! Quilting Blogs from Poland / Quilting Bloggers, Quilting Gallery.

The polish quilter. Polish quilt patterns -nail. MY DOUBLE POLISH CHAIN. After successfully squaring the Double Irish Chain to form the borders and sashing for the Strawberry Patch quilt, I decided to do another.


Because 1979 was designated as the "International Year of the Child" and my father's parents had come to America as teens, I decided to dedicate a quilt to their family. This would be Dad's Christmas quilt. With red and white being the colors of the Polish flag, choosing my colors was easy. Next I called my two youngest aunts and asked for help in deciding what each person should be doing on the quilt. Working mostly from the Aunt Martha patterns from the 1950's, I designed nine of the blocks. About the family: Jon Suchocki came to America with neighbors at the age of 14 in 1885. Polishsite: A Website About Polish Culture. Polish folk traditions around Easter. This past Sunday was Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week.

Polish folk traditions around Easter

In Poland, for Palm Sunday, people make or buy palms made of either dried flowers and plants or live plants (like a branch of birch or boxwood) decorated with ribbons, live, dried or paper flowers. These palms, although now celebrate Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, have even earlier (pagan) roots in Polish culture. They used to represent life, fertility and health. During Holy Week (the week before Easter Sunday), an important activity was (and is) cleaning and preparing the home. It was tradition to decorate the home for Easter with wycinanki (paper cut-outs), pająki (“spiders” – decorations made of straw), and flowers. Pająk made of straw and tissue-paper flowers Also, during Holy Week, pisanki (colored eggs) were prepared. The egg in folk tradition is the concentration of life, a symbol of the universe, fertility, the beginning of spring. There are several ways to get the look of the pisanki as pictured below.

Wydmuszki. Mark Lipinski.