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One Line at a Time, Encore: 33 New Geometric Machine- Quilting Designs - Charlotte Warr Andersen. 100 Days – Week of Quilting – Straight-line Quilting Tips and Tricks. Straight-line quilting is just what it sounds like.

100 Days – Week of Quilting – Straight-line Quilting Tips and Tricks

Intersections, 2012, Alissa Haight Carlton, detail of quilting Sewing through all three layers of your quilt sandwich in a straight line! F.A.Q. Learn more about Leah and find the answers to all your questions about machine setup, tables, tools, supplies, fabric, and more.


General questions about the project How do you come up with so many designs? Why did you start the project? Are you a formally trained artist / Do you have an art degree? How do you manage to do it all? Where can I see all of the designs? Question Thursday #16. It's time for Question Thursday, the day where your questions get answered and hopefully sets you on the right track for free motion quilting.

Question Thursday #16

First off, reading through everyone's posts about Sharp Stippling, it seems my advice to "not hesitate on the points" has caused you all to feel that you must zoom through this design without stopping. So please go back and ignore my advice! Instead, stitch a wiggly line, then stop with your needle in the down position. Machine Quilting - Topics - Quilting Daily. Free-Motion Machine Quilting Free-motion quilting is more than just a way to hold the pieces of your quilt together.

Machine Quilting - Topics - Quilting Daily

Stitching lines, swirls, and motifs onto your quilt can add dimension, depth, meaning, and interest. You can use free-motion quilting to accent parts of a quilt or as an overall texture. And you can change the look of the stitches simply by changing the color of the thread. You can use free-motion machine quilting to write words on your quilt or to sketch an image. Machine Quilting - Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series – Pile O' Fabric. This post is part of the Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series.

Machine Quilting - Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series – Pile O' Fabric

We are going through an in depth series which will teach you everything you need to know to establish a solid quilting foundation. Click here to see all of the posts and learn more about the series. Quilting is the step in which you stitch all three of your quilt sandwich layers together. The first step before you begin quilting will be to decide and plan in which way you will be quilting. So let's talk about some of the different quilting methods before we begin. Walk the {Quilted} Line. Straight Line Quilting...Hints and Tips.

I love straight line quilting.

Straight Line Quilting...Hints and Tips

For me it has a clean, modern feel with a simplicity that I love. The possible combinations of straight lines are endless. Home Quilting Machines - Affordable short arm quilting machines for the home quilter. By Kris Driessen If you are trying to research home machine quilting systems, the alternative to an expensive long arm machine that allows you to use a home sewing machine and a carriage-rail system, here are several resources to help you.

Home Quilting Machines - Affordable short arm quilting machines for the home quilter.

This information is based on personal research, and reflects my own knowledge and opinions based on that research. If you would like to add a comment to this page, please E-mail me. Machine Quilting Tips and Tricks. If you have chosen to machine quilt your project, you need to prepare your machine for the chore at hand.

Machine Quilting Tips and Tricks

Each machine quilting technique requires a different type of presser foot and machine setting, so read through the following information carefully. If you have pin basted your quilt together, you must remove the safety pins as you approach them. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to stitch over a safety pin. Machine Quilting. The WWQP How-To's Introduction For many quilters, machine quilting is a way to quilt those tops that seem to go together faster than they can be hand quilted.

Machine Quilting

Machine Quilting: Managing a Large Quilt Sandwich. Question: For a year I have been learning free hand quilting by machine and I find it very difficult to move my work smoothly and with constant speed.

Machine Quilting: Managing a Large Quilt Sandwich

Often my movement is blocked because the heavy quilt won't come over the edge of my working table. Can you give me some advice or suggestions where to find information about feehand machine quilting and what kind of sewing machine is best to do this kind of work.