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How to Request Your Medical Records. If you are having the records sent to another person, you will need to provide their name and contact information.

How to Request Your Medical Records

For example, a patient requesting that his or her medical records from a recent hospital stay be sent to a new physician would have to provide the physician’s full name, address, and fax number or secure e-mail address. A completed and signed authorization form is mandatory for all record releases. An incomplete or unsigned request will not be fulfilled. 9 Popular Personal Health Record Tools. While many consumers remain skeptical of personal health records, advocates say these tools can help patients manage medical data and interact with doctors.

9 Popular Personal Health Record Tools

Here's a look at nine popular PHR offerings. 1 of 10 When 62-year old Mike Cooper, a former CEO, suffered a stroke, he turned to an online personal health record (PHR) tool to communicate with his doctors, schedule appointments, view lab and test results, and renew prescriptions from the comfort of his own home.

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