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My Favorite Quilt- Double Wedding Ring! - The Sassy Quilter. What is my favorite quilt???? Double Wedding Ring I decided to go back into my quilt vault for this one and it is one of my favorites for so many reasons! First and foremost it was my grandmothers favorite quilt to make; her signature quilt! She was the original “Sassy”… because that was her nickname. She taught me everything I know and this was like the second or third quilt I made, ever! She assured me it was easy and wouldn’t be too hard… the time I was done I swore off curved piecing forever.

When did I make it? 8 years ago from a pattern from Lap Quilting by Georgia Bonesteel, a quilting book that was my grandmothers. Have I shown this quilt anywhere or entered it in contests? No. What memories or people does this quilt remind me of? Sassy! What do I like best about the quilt? Hmmm, I would say the memories and that it actually looks like rings and it pretty flat!

How did I grow as a quilter while making it? If I could make this quilt again, what would I do differently? So….. Sewn: Mimicking Mary. Have you ever fell in love with someone's style? It was love at first sight when I saw Mary's quilt Gypsy Kisses. I started following her blog, Molly Flanders, and have seriously loved everything I have seen.

I totally want to be more like Mary. :) I even tried out chunky quilting with perle cotton on a pillow recently - chunky/primitive quilting with various bright colors of perle cotton is Mary's signature quilting style. Love it! I wanted to start another English paper piecing project this summer that I could bring with me to the park and pool and decided that I wanted to recreate the look and feel of Gypsy Kisses. Ironically, I have not been able to work on the project at the pool or the park - those crazy kids want me to play with them, not sit and stitch - who would have thought? ;) But I have been working on it every evening after the kids go to bed. Anyway....This was my first block - a star in a hexagon. So I gave it another try. They look pretty good all together, but...

The Quilt Index. Double Wedding Ring (ca. 1890) Ind. Wedding Ring (Flying Geese Border) (ca. 1890) Pickle Dish (ca. 1885) Wedding Ring? Smith, Wilene Wedding Ring, October 1, 1887, Farm and Home (Phelps, Springfield, MA), the earliest published engraving for this design that is presently known. When did this design become the Single Wedding Ring? Someone asked me this question several years ago and I was surprised by the answer when I looked in my database. Why the name change? Double Wedding Ring The Double Wedding Ring was first illustrated by Capper's Weekly (Arthur Capper, Topeka, KS), October 20, 1928: "When some good but unknown man conceived the idea of a double wedding ring ceremony it gave his wife an equally good idea. Just eleven days later, Ruby Short McKim's Wedding Ring was published in the Weekly Kansas City Star, October 31, 1928, followed by the Kansas City Star, November 3, 1928, but Mrs.

Missouri Ruralist (Arthur Capper, St. 19th Century and Early 20th Century Double Wedding Ring Quilts. Swirly Twirly Dresden - Orchid Owl Quilts. I finally have the paper piece pattern ready for the Swirly Twirly Dresden. This was definitely a labor of love which only survived because so many of you loved the design. My original pattern was hand drawn and then scanned into my computer and copied onto paper.

It worked great for my personal use but I wanted a clean copy that I could share with the universe. After all, my hand drawn copy was drafted on freezer paper and included millions of lines that were drawn, erased, drawn, erased….you get the picture. When it was scanned and copied it just didn’t pass my OCD perfectionist personality. If you read my Computers are Devil post you know I suffered a melt down when I tried to trace over my original pattern in Illustrator. The final step was breaking it into two pieces using Photoshop.

Anyway….enough rambling about my insane inability to let things go. You can print the Swirly Twirly Dresden pattern here. Each end needs to be trimmed down to a 1/4″ for the seam allowance. Wedding Ring Quilts: Traditional and Contemporary. Many quilt historians agree that double wedding ring quilts originated in the early twentieth century, around 1930. The motif of interlocking rings is painstakingly pieced, giving experienced quilters quite the sense of accomplishment when they can cross this quilt off their “to make” list. We’ve rounded up some inspirational wedding ring quilt patterns and variations. If you’re not up for going it alone, read on for info on some quilt alongs to help you along the way! Double Edge Love is a stunning quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and quilted by Lisa Sipes. A modern take on the traditional double wedding ring quilt pattern, Victoria’s quilt took Best in Show at the inaugural QuiltCon event hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild.

The fractured pattern plays with color placement, depth and negative space, as well as the themes of country life and city life. Monet’s Wedding Ring by Craftsy member Betsy0 is another variation of the double wedding ring quilt pattern. The Wedding Quilt | Chapter One | Books | Jennifer Chiaverini | Jennifer Chiaverini | NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author of the Elm Creek Quilts Novels. Chapter One ... Sylvia had gone to the waiting room to update Andrew and Joe on her progress, so Sarah asked Gretchen to search her tote bag for her cell phone. She felt dizzy with relief to see a text from Matt—“How are you? How are the babies?” Sarah would worry less once she finally heard Matt’s voice. “I’m feeling much better now that I’m hooked up to the epidural.

Matt laughed, but then he abruptly stopped. “Of course I am. “Well, yes, but all you said was—” “I said you needed to come home!” “You said you hoped I was on my way home, but you’ve been saying that for days.” “But this time I said it while I was having contractions!” Matt panted slightly, as if he were running. “You’re still in Uniontown?” “Not for much longer. “I really do.” “I’m sorry.” “My mom’s still on the way.” “I will. “Drive carefully,” she said, and hung up. “You’re going to be fine,” Gretchen soothed her. Sarah managed a shaky laugh.

Sarah had to laugh. “Matt was going to take pictures,” Sarah suddenly remembered. John Flynn’s Double Wedding Ring Class | Told You Sew! October 26, 2010 by CraftHappy In his brown cowboy boots and faded jeans, John Flynn looks more like a Montana outdoorsman than a quilting expert. But don’t judge by appearances. Flynn is a celebrated teacher for quilters around the US.

He goes to about 12 quilting festivals a year, so he’s a pretty busy guy. A former engineer, Flynn has now filled a warehouse in Billings, Montana with lasers that cut his cool pre-cut fabric sets. Flynn thinks like an engineer. Traditionally, quilters making Double Wedding Rings would put together small, slightly curved rectangles of scraps of fabric, delicately hand-piecing each little rung in each ring, and then carefully cut the curves of the background fabric, and piece that together with the bands of the rings. Flynn has sped up this whole process. Enter the DART – Flynn’s brilliant way of making curves out of straight lines of fabric. Pretty neat, huh? We all were assigned a Janome machine. Here are some quilts made by Flynn to inspire us all. Curved Piecing Tutorial: A Guide to Sewing Curves. Double Wedding Ring part 2 quilt video by Shar Jorgenson. t97_1.pdf. Flynn Quilt Frame Company: Double Wedding Ring.

My First Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I finished piecing a Double Wedding Ring Quilt that I started last Wednesday. It was much easier that I expected! I am going to go into great detail on the making of it (you have been warned!) Because I have plans (and more importantly - fabric) for a second one. I find these "tutorials" very handy for myself to refer to when I am making something for the second time. If some one else finds them useful, even better. The quilt top is 62" x 73". This Double Wedding Ring is made with the GO!

I cut the fabric in two sessions (it took a few hours each time). I find a little 5" mat useful when cutting individual sections (the die runs through the rollers with out harm, and fabric is only cut under the mat). These are the widths of fabric that I cut for the different elements - (the letters refer to the package instructions). I accordion fold the fabric. I end up with little waste. I made all the arcs first. I found that I used a true 1/4" seam throughout. I chained pieced them 4 at a time. Sew Much Like Mom: Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along: Let's Talk Fabric. Welcome!! Today we're going to talk about one of my most favorite things: Fabric. I have a confesstion. I'm an avid fabric collector. Some may call it "hoarding", but I prefer to call it "collecting". Maybe you can relate? My fabric stash is made up of a bit of everything: treasured reproductions, florals, stripes, solids, new, old, and even some rare, hard to find prints.

I'm going to be demonstrating three different ways to use fabric for making your arches, which are generally the focus of the Double Wedding Ring design. As you begin thinking of the fabrics you'd like to use, also think about which method (solid, pieced, and improv) that you want to try for making your arches. Prewashing. Why prewash for the Double Wedding Ring? Another thing to consider as you think about fabrics, is the overall design that the rings of your DWR will take on. Any of these designs can be used with solid, pieced or improv arches. Let's talk fabric requirements. Thank you for stopping by! ~Cristy. Quilt Inspiration: February 2013. As we continue our coverage of wedding ring quilts, today we're bringing you some beautiful double wedding ring patterns by Judy Niemeyer Quilting. Judy Niemeyer Quilting is a family owned business based in Kalispell, Montana and incorporated in 1996. Judy's Foundation Paper Piecing patterns are designed to enable quilters with minimal previous experience to create intricate and complex heirloom quality quilts.

Wedding Star, 67 x 67" by Tammy Zanella Here is Judy Niemeyer's Bali Wedding Star pattern, sewn by Tammy Zanella. We originally featured Tammy's quilt as part of our coverage of the 2012 quilt show by the Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County in California. We really like the lively curved border which provides so much energy around the outside of the quilt.

Close-up of Wedding Star by Tammy Zanella Tammy says, "This is a Judy Niemayer paper pieced pattern. Bali Wedding Star, 80 x 80", Judy Niemeyer Quilting Flowers for my Wedding Ring, 87 x 100", Judy Niemeyer Quilting. Tips for Double Wedding Ring Quilt. Advanced Quilting: Double Wedding Ring Quilt Patterns. For many quilters, making a double wedding ring quilt is a rite of passage. With its interlocking curves and traditional aesthetic, the advanced quilt pattern creates treasured heirloom quilts. Double wedding ring quilt patterns have been adapted over time with a few variations that make them easier to piece. Some designers like to change the look of the quilt all together, while still maintaining the characteristic interlocking rings. Photo via Craftsy member Scarlett Rose Scarlett’s Double Wedding Ring Does curved piecing scare you to pieces? Get the Scarlett’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern here.

Photo via Laurel’s Studio Double Wedding Ring Quilt Designer Laurel, who learned to sew from her mom and has been quilting for nearly 30 years, redrafted the traditional double wedding ring quilt pattern to include slightly diamond-shaped intersections. Get the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern here. Image via Craftsy member endulzar Rings Paper-Pieced Block Pattern Polka Dot Bikini Quilt.