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The Grove Encyclopedia of Medieval Art and Architecture - Colum Hourihane - Google Books. The Quilting Edge: There's More than One Way to Quilt a Spiral... Quilting Spirals with a Walking Foot When using a walking foot, I love the amount of control I have as I'm stitching, resulting in very even concentric circles.

The Quilting Edge: There's More than One Way to Quilt a Spiral...

Don't get me wrong, I love the wobbly free motion ones as well but depending on the project and size of the desired's nice to have a choices. This particular method works best, if the piece you are quilting isn't overly large, since you are moving the quilt round and round in a circular motion. Clay Times Magazine. Combination Glazing Techniques Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about working with clay is the endless variety of techniques that can be tried and experimented with to yield new and exciting ways to decorate one's pots.

Clay Times Magazine

Combination glazing, in which two or more glazes are combined to achieve various effects, can be performed in many different ways to achieve countless possibilities. These techniques are especially desirable for oxidation firing, as they put more life into the glazes. Etching. Pottery Tips and Techniques Drop and Fill Glazing. Tips - Definitions - Clay Projects - Pottery Gallery - Pottery Tools - Glazes - All About Clay Have you ever come up with a good idea while working with your handmade pottery and thought that you would like to share it with others?

Pottery Tips and Techniques Drop and Fill Glazing

You have? Well, why not send it to us and we will add it to the tips page for all to see. Ceramic Glazing Techniques Archives. Single Girl Quilt Along – Week 5. So, your Single Girl is all basted and ready to quilt.

Single Girl Quilt Along – Week 5

Yay! Are you hand quilting yours too? I’m going to chat about how I transferred the quilting design provided in the pattern onto the quilt top, my threads & needles of choice & some thimble love. From beginner to artisan; sharing what we love about Janome sewing machines for sewing, creating and quilting. Quilty Folk: Part #1: Learning How to Make the Baptist Fan Pattern for Hand Quilting. Someone asked about a tutorial for making the Baptist Fan Pattern for hand quilting.

Quilty Folk: Part #1: Learning How to Make the Baptist Fan Pattern for Hand Quilting

It seems pretty complicated until you break it down, then you might wonder why you haven't been stitching this pattern all along! For the formal (very structured and tidy) style of Baptist Fans, you start with a basic template. I use template plastic, but cardboard is good too--just make sure it's stiff enough to withstand repeated use. Cut your template plastic (or cardboard) in a long rectangle shape at about 1 1/4" wide and 9 or so inches long. Then, starting from the bottom, mark the distance you want between the arcs of your fans, making sure that the distance from the bottom of the template to the first mark is the same distance as well. First off (see the picture below), you need to line your template up placing the bottom hole directly over the corner of your quilt (paper).

Next, you move up a row and start much as before. Sewing Patterns.


Colorways. Color schemes. Color Hunter. CRAFTY STORAGE. Design & Inspiration. Fabric Sources. Supplies. Yarn. Reference-Sewing. Sewing - Garments.

Sewing - Other. How to Make a Rolled Hem with Your Sewing Machine. There's always a certain amount of hemming and hawing about having to hem.

How to Make a Rolled Hem with Your Sewing Machine

Just about every project you do includes some sort of a hem, and there are so many techniques from which to choose. There is the simple double-turn hem, blind hem, faced hem, covered hem, taped hem, curved hem, single hem, narrow hem, cuffed hem, and bias hem. Then there are all the special hemming techniques for certain fabric types, such as leather, fur or lace, as well as projects with scalloped edges or pleats. Whew! But with even with these choices, there is one particular type of hem we receive more questions about than any of the others: the rolled hem. Not to be confused with a narrow hem, the rolled hem is created using a special sewing machine foot, in our case: Janome’s Hemmer foot. As with all areas of sewing, you must always consider the type of fabric you’re sewing. You've seen rolled hems on all kinds of items. In our example, we are using a woven cotton fabric that is easy to press.

Quilter's Paradise - The Leader in Laser-Cut and Pre-Cut Kits and Services for the Quilting Market - Binding Calculator. Clothwork: applique. Goodness , its been a while since i last posted , i think i misplaced my mojo for a bit .

clothwork: applique

How are you? Things are pretty quiet around here which is a blessing considering all of the terrible events happening about the world. Its still raining though and im starting to wish for the dry season. Im over the mould and mud - i got bogged in my driveway this morning taking the kids to school! Understitching: The Secret to Perfectly Sewn Necklines! Collarless necklines come in many forms.

Understitching: The Secret to Perfectly Sewn Necklines!

Some come up close to the neck, like a jewel or round neckline, while others are more revealing, like a V-neck or bateau-style neckline. But no matter the shape, these garment necklines all share one thing in common: In order for them to look just right, the facings that finish them must turn ever so slightly below the neckline edge.

As a sewing instructor, I amazed at how many of my students have never heard of understitching. They don’t know what it is, how to execute the technique or the role it plays in achieving a beautifully smooth and well turned neckline. But this technique is one of those essential sewing techniques every sewer should know! Binding calc. Turn a Photo into an Appliqué - Little Button Diaries. Ages ago, before our little buttons were on the planet (and what a different planet it was…), I did a bit of experimenting with turning photographs into appliques.

Turn a Photo into an Appliqué - Little Button Diaries

Iwould chop out pictures, often magazine images, place them onto scraps of fabric, and sew to create an applique like this one: Flicking through some pictures the other day I came across one of Amelie that I thought would be nice ‘in fabric’. Print and Save this handy chart of bias binding and straight grain binding calculations for various size quilts. Ava & Neve Liberty Art Fabrics Brisbane. Skip to content Brisbanes largest stockist of all things Liberty 0 items in the shopping cart No products in the cart.

Ava & Neve Liberty Art Fabrics Brisbane

View Cart Checkout. Sew Scatterbrained: Solstice Medallion Quilt Pattern. Two weeks ago, I found myself aimlessly rummaging through my basket of super-special-awesome fabric scraps. I keep most of my scraps organized into plastic containers by color, but the SSA basket is reserved for pieces that need special attention. I've been on Heather Ross and Munki Munki kick, scouring Etsy and Instagram for those hard-to-find pieces for sale in a manner not unlike...a junkie really.

So that's the main contents of the basket at the moment. I've been a HR fan as long as I've been quilting, but reading How to Catch a Frog really put me into overdrive. Being able to recognize elements in her prints that she describes in her book brings a whole new level of appreciation. Quilted Sketchbook Cover Tutorial. I love having small notebooks and sketchbooks all over the house for journaling and keeping track of my creative ideas.

Moleskin notebooks and their copycats are my favorite. They are thin and portable, easy to throw into a bag, and the blank covers leave endless options for customization. {Sisters and Quilters}: Customer Sharing Days Are My Favorite - With Halloween Ideas!

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