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Professor Pincushion's Blog. If you’re anything like me, you love makeovers.

Professor Pincushion's Blog

Nothing is more fun than before and afters of an upcycled project to see it transformed into something new and improved. I love undertaking these projects myself and you can see an example of my latest project. Someone was offering these old patio chairs for free and I really needed some chairs for my backyard. In their current state, they weren’t really usable as they were... Midriff Top Crochet Pattern Skirt set 70s motif par PatternBabe. Cute Midriff and Skirt Crochet Pattern Set Can be made with or without motif floral border.

Midriff Top Crochet Pattern Skirt set 70s motif par PatternBabe

(Floral and vine motifs are crocheted and then added.) Sizes 8-10, 12-14. How to make a ruched flower. Million Little Stitches: It will make you Happy. Spontaneous Combustion. Found poetry has caught my fancy.

Spontaneous Combustion

I decided I would find a poem daily and make a little tome of found poetry bound into a book with Japanese stab binding. It's going to be the book I make in 2015. I soon discovered a found poem daily was not happening and the other thing I figured was that if it was going to be found poetry there has to be an element of unexpected discovery so I'm looking to discover little gems without watching the clock and getting stressed out. Hand Quilting, Vintage and Antique Quilt Top Restoration, Gardening, Floral Design…etc. Color Hunter.


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