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Ruler Tape - 1/2" x 10 Yard Roll  These removable, adhesive backed rulers are printed in Imperial (inch markings) and Metric markings.

Ruler Tape - 1/2" x 10 Yard Roll 

They are perforated and repeat in 12" segments. Great for marking fabric or work surfaces for quick measurements while cutting or trimming. Features & Benefits: 1/2 in x 10 yards (12.7 mm x 9.1 m) Removable Press-on Printed rulers on the front, low tack adhesive on the back Imperial and Metric notations Proudly made in the USA! Tips: Use them to mark fabric or table for quick and easy trimming. View PDF Instructions.


Fabric Journal Covers. Animation Tutorial-Doing the Walk-Part I. A practical guide on how to make a whiteboard animation – part 1: the setup : 31Volts [Service Design] Imagine you want to explain something to someone.

A practical guide on how to make a whiteboard animation – part 1: the setup : 31Volts [Service Design]

Something that might be hard to transfer. Like an idea or concept. Something that is very comprehensive and hard to capture in a few words. You might consider making a whiteboard animation. A tool that is excellent to share thoughts and knowledge. This is the first of two blogpost that will tell you a bit more about how to make a professional whiteboard video. In this first part we will cover the practical side of making a whiteboard animation: lighting, filming and post-processing.

You might want to watch this video in advance. Too much light on the hand too dark, too much shadow nice! In this post: STEP 1: LIGHTING SETUP – What stuff did we use and whySTEP 2: CAMERA SETUP – Which settings are important and what is their effectSTEP 3: FILMING – Tips for filming your whiteboard videoSTEP 4: POST PROCESSING – How to make the final touch BONUS: AUDIO SETUP – Getting the best sound quality without noise Shut drapes and close doors.

Tip! Tip! DIY RECIPES FOR TEXTILE PAINT. Every day of the week, we use textile paint to transfer stencil designs to our 100% organic cotton jersey.


While the colors that can be produced by mixing paints are limitless, we primarily work with the following base colors: opaque black, transparent sand, opaque blue, pearl silver, opaque red, opaque white, opaque yellow, opaque sky blue, pearl red, and forest green. By mixing these colors, we create all of the hues and shades that help define our patterns, stencils, and collections. Our artisans use our painted stencils as a guide for embellishing our designs with appliqué, reverse appliqué, and beading techniques. We have also discovered that a basic garment featuring a subtle stencil adds texture and delicate details to our designs. Many of our Studio Style DIY customers and workshop participants have asked for these unique combinations of textile paint; below, we share recipes for some of our most popular colors.

ALABAMA RED 500 mL opaque red 15 mL opaque black. Lilly's Wedding Quilt Quotes by Kelly Long. Quilt Label Sayings and Quotes for Memory Quilts. So, you've made a handmade gift quilt to celebrate a special occasion: a graduation, a wedding, the birth of a new baby, or a precious friendship.

Quilt Label Sayings and Quotes for Memory Quilts

Why not say something special to match the occasion on the label that tells the recipient who made the quilt? Here is a list of sayings and quotes to put on your quilt label to show the recipient how much care and creativity was lavished on this special, one-of-a-kind gift. All-Purpose Quilting Quotes and Sayings When you sleep under this quilt, you sleep under a blanket of loveFrom my hands… to your heartThe best kind of sleep beneath Heaven above/ Is under a quilt, handmade with loveMay this quilt warm your body and comfort your soulMemories stitched with loveWhen you use this quilt, remember meI wish you health/I wish you wealth/ I wish you gold in store / I wish you Heaven after death/ What could I wish you more?

Quilting Quotes and Sayings about Friends Husband or Wife / Anniversary Sayings Wedding Gift Quilting Quotes Baby Quilting Quotes. Sleevehead. Handmaids™ by J. Wecker Frisch. Lots and Lots of Bow-tie Blocks. I'm back and still trying to settle in properly.

Lots and Lots of Bow-tie Blocks

It feels so odd to leave the routine of my life for a couple weeks and then come home only to view things from a fresh perspective. My youngest sister had an unexpected sewage problem that ended up with some major master bath/laundry room remodeling issues. Oh and it was such perfect timing too seeing as she was two weeks or so from her due date! All is well now thank goodness and she has a 8 1/2 pound little boy named Jagur. Sweetest little guy ever and I miss him already. Material Obsession. That girl... That quilt: Half Square Triangles Tutorial {3 ways} In preparation for piecing our blocks for our Chasing Chevrons quilt along, I decided to work ahead and show the three different ways that I make half square triangles {HSTs}.

That girl... That quilt: Half Square Triangles Tutorial {3 ways}

Each way has both pro's and con's and in the end, the method you use relies the most on your cutting, piecing and pressing accuracy. By rolling this tutorial out ahead of time; hopefully you will have time to practice and decide which method works best for you for when it comes time to piece the HSTs for your Chasing Chevrons quilt. Please note, the measurements for these methods and blocks are not the same as the quilt along so don't go getting crazy and start cutting your fabric for the actual quilt. I'm showing the math for figuring HSTs for others who might use this tutorial and well, because I'm nice. But this is just practice for the real quilt... Method 1 {my favorite} Want to make 4 HSTs at once? There is some math involved in this method but an easy way to figure what size your HSTs will be it is: Three Cheers for Stylish & Crafty Living. Sewing with Confidence - The Sewing Coach. Small Craft Business Tips: 20 Proven Types of Blog Posts.

This is the first in what we hope will become a helpful series of posts for small craft business owners.

Small Craft Business Tips: 20 Proven Types of Blog Posts

We consider makers, suppliers, designers, authors, and anyone else trying to earn money while participating in their craft a “craft business owner.” Do what you love. If you’re committed to having a successful online presence as part of your business, then you’ve probably started (or at least thought about) a blog. Whether your business is brick-and-mortar, online, or simply your brand, a blog is an important tool for many reasons: A blog is a great way to connect to your customers and the people you want to be your customers.A blog can help you establish your authority as an expert.Quality blog content will help improve your search engine rankings.A blog is an excellent place to announce news about your inventory, classes, publications and more.A blog is the perfect place to conduct market research.

It’s a lot of work to post quality content every day without becoming redundant. Dear Stella Design. Opinions on sewing patterns, style, wardrobes. How To Make An Invisible Stitch the Piece O' Cake Way! Fabric Journal Cover COLLAGE. As I mentioned yesterday in the Fabric Journal Cover Tutorial, I’m a bit obsessive about making stuff, hence the Fabric Journal Cover Collage.

Fabric Journal Cover COLLAGE

I’ve always played and experimented, and took an idea and exhausted all possible options. While I may not have exhausted all options – I’m going to share with you a lot of different ways to modify the basic journal cover that was covered in yesterday’s tutorial. There are some tricks, some crazy ideas and some very good ideas for using up stuff. Sit back and enjoy – but I’m issuing a challenge. Put your creative hat on – find something around your sewing room that you can use up. My daughter saw my first journal cover and said she would love to have a cover for her journal. Because this is so important, I’m covering it again. Instead, wrap the measuring tape around the CLOSED journal.

The importance of measuring properly when making a fabric journal cover. M (my daughter) wanted a collage for her journal cover. Ta-da! Linda’s journal cover. Ciao! Female Pinnable Pinnable dress Form Magnetic Shoulders.

DWR blue

Getting settled/Estableciéndonos. Embroidered Quilt Label - Custom Layout. » Custom Labels for Quilts. The art of creating quilts has again become popular as people realize the beauty that only a custom made quilt can bring.

» Custom Labels for Quilts

Adding custom woven labels to your quilts is the perfect finishing touch. Custom made sewing labels add more than just your name; it is a professional touch that compliments the design of your quilt. Quilt labels or tags can contain all of the important things you want people to know about you and your quilts- your name, the materials you used to create them, wash and care instructions, or anything else that you feel is important. Why Do My Quilts Need Labels? If you create quilts to sell, labels are even more important. Another use for quilting labels are heritage quilts. Which Type of Label is Right For My Quilts? Once you have decided to use fabric sewing labels, you may wonder what the best type to buy is. Where Can I See Samples of Your Quilt Labels? When you are ready to design or to order your labels, you should consider a number of things.


Making fabric. Everything But The Kitchen Sink. QUILTS. SEWING. Blogs. Supplies. AJ. PAPER. SHOES. Yarns. EMBROIDERY. DIY Fridge magnets and pushpins. (Be sure to upload your photos from trying this project into the Brassy Apple Projects Flickr group!)

DIY Fridge magnets and pushpins

I love taking fabric and using it on other fun crafting projects besides just sewing or what you would typically expect. I have several projects I have done over the last couple of months and thought I would share them with you! So if you - or your kids - are itching for a little DIY project, here's a great one for the whole family! Fridge magnets and pushpins step 1: gathering the supplies - you will need large crafting "bubbles" with one side that is flat.

Over top moving it around until you find a pattern that you like. Step 3: Trace around your bubble and cut out your circle. Step 4: Using a toothpick, squeeze out some glue and use the toothpick to apply it to the right side of your fabric. Step 5: Using craft or hot glue adhere your magnets to the back and place them right side up to dry. Step 6: Once dry they can dot your fridge, metal file cabinet, etc. Push pins. A DIY Bamboo Wind Chime Michele Made Me. DIY Domino Set // From Aesthetic Outburst. Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst was kind enough to share with us an adorable DIY project for creating your own Domino set-how fun! Hi, everyone! It’s Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst. I’m super excited for Elsie and Jeremy and know I’m not alone in wishing them complete and utter happiness! I’m also thrilled to be here and have cooked up a little domino DIY project for you all. So without further ado, let’s make dominoes!

Supplies: 29 pieces of wood, cut to 1" wide x 2" tall x 3/4" thick puff paint, any color will work sandpaper cork backed ruler pencil. Step 1: Cut wood tiles to 1" wide x 2" tall x 3/4" thick or you can pick up blank tiles here. Step 2: Use your sandpaper to smooth any rough edges. Step 3: Using your cork-backed ruler, measure halfway up the domino. Step 4: Using the chart I've provided below and your pencil, make small marks for all of your dots.

Step 5: Use your puff paint and make a puff paint dot over the pencil marks and a dotted line over your middle pencil line. xo. Confessions. What happens in Vegas... 2012 As Art Production Fund Artist-in-Residence, Candy Chang lived in the The Cosmopolitan and turned its P3 Studio gallery into a contemplative experiment around anonymity, vulnerability, and understanding in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Visitors were invited to submit their confessions on wooden plaques in the privacy of confession booths.

She hung the anonymous plaques on the gallery walls so they gathered over time like a Shinto Shrine prayer wall. She projected and painted select responses on large canvases. The space featured an original soundtrack by Oliver Blank. 2012. Dorte Rasmussen.Denmark is dortebirgitte on Pinterest. Contemporary Household Objects & Judaica. This double concrete tea-light holder is made for two standard tea-light candles (in a metal container of 1 1/2" diameter). The item is sold with two teal-lights. The clean architectural form of this contemporary candleholder draws attention to the warm and tactile textural quality of the concrete.

The round tea light containers are set off from the concrete mass and protrude from the border of the rectangular shape. HAND MADE Materials: Concrete, protective rubber bottom. Dimensions in inches: W 3½" x L 2⅜" x H 1⅝" Dimensions in milimeters: W 89 x L 60 x H 41 Contact us to purchase ceMMent products in all locations: (Click icons for alternate views) Rock 'n Romance Collection by Pat Bravo. How do you make a monoprint? How to make a monoprint Because monotype printing allows considerable freedom in the approach to imagery, this is considered to be a very versatile method. The artist can decide to work positively or negatively, to use waterbased or oil based inks, to incorporate other materials or not. Working positively means that the artist will put down imagery with brushes or rollers. Working negatively means that ink is removed with hands, rags, cotton swabs or anything pointed. The directness of painting directly on the plate requires skills of drawing and painting as well as a sure hand and a considerable degree of spontaneity.

Materials and methods To make a monoprint or a monotype all you need is a plate and some ink. Once you have a plate, just paint directly on it with etching or lithography inks using any kind of brush. Another method of producing images allows to work negatively from dark to light by wiping off ink from the plate rather than adding it. Using waterbased inks. Eclectic Paperie. Hi Everyone! Starla here! I'm so excited that Kim asked me to be a guest DT on the eP blog this month!! Life has severely limited my crafting mojo for several months now and I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive about coming up with a project worthy of the eP standard!! I decided that stressing was not the best way to get back into the creative groove. Instead, I got out some very neglected "toys" and spent the day making a glorious mess and having fun exploring creativity!! I decided to pull out my 6x6 Gelli Plate, some TCW stencils and Claudine'swonderful paints.

Close up of the raised paste Decided to use some of the extra paint on my mat to stencil another background Just a FEW of the prints that I made!! After a few hours of messy fun, I finally decided that maybe I should actually use one of the backgrounds to make a finished project. Basic details: Card base is cut to 5.5 x 5.5". I thoroughly enjoyed getting messy in creating again!! Ruth Ander » Making new work- March 2014. Bee In My Bonnet Co. Patterns. Product Categories Personalized Labels. Custom Printed Cotton - Twill Clothing Labels. S Number One Label Maker Since 2006 by JennifersJewels. Labels by MommieMadeIt by MommieMadeIt. Embroidered Quilt Label - Custom Layout. The Fabric Hive by TheFabricHive. PixieSpit's FRESH STASH fabrics by FreshStash. Hand Embroidery: Lettering and Text Index.

Hand Embroidery Tutorial: How to Personalise a Baby Quilt. Make a Quilt Label. Quilt Labels- the Cute and Easy Way! How to sew straight lines... Athena Fat Quarter BundleAngela Walters for Art Gallery Fabrics. Antique Threads of Time Fat Quarter BundleJulie Hendricksen for Windham Fabrics - Fat Quarter Bundles. Sewing Patterns and Purse Supplies. Comma Zen Chic by Moda. Results for zen chic - Moda Fabrics Comma by Zen Chic Comma Charm by SewPerfectlyVintage. Ciao Bella Fat Quarter BundleAnother Point of View for Windham Fabrics.

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