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The Cost of Full-Time Travel. Wise Bread Picks “How much does it cost to travel full-time as a Professional Hobo?”

The Cost of Full-Time Travel

I am asked this question regularly by readers of my personal website. And while I maintain that the cost of full-time travel is dependent on oh-so-many factors that are unique to every individual, I have just finished my year-end accounting for 2008 and am willing to share my own finances with the world. 2008 was a year for me spent entirely on the road. I opened the New Year on a remote corner of the Big Island of Hawaii, then traveled around for a week and moved to the other side of the island for four months. Despite Wise Bread reader comments about being extraordinarily expensive, I must still emphasize that travel – and the costs thereof – are very unique to the individual. At the height of my career as a financial planner, I enjoyed more lavish trips, including a three-week bonanza in South Africa that set me back almost $10,000.

But the cost of traveling full-time is somewhat different. How To Fund A Nomadic Lifestyle Of Camping And Traveling - Inspired Camping. Price of Travel. The Professional Hobo. How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!) Wise Bread Picks For the last five years, I've been traveling the world full-time, and for less money than I've ever spent (and I'd wager less money than most people would spend) to live in one place.

How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!)

My worldly possessions fit into one bag (just larger than carry-on size) and a backpack containing my laptop and computer gear. This small entourage (weighing less than 45 pounds in total) comes with me as I wander around the world, sometimes quickly, but mostly slowly. In 2011 alone, I traversed 13 countries and over 45,360 miles. Sounds pretty expensive, huh? Going it alone: Retirement for singles. Sisters Andrea and Diane Wilson are both avid readers of MoneySense, but they have a bone to pick.

Going it alone: Retirement for singles

You see, the Winnipeg women (we’ve changed their names and some identifying details) are both in their mid-50s, and they turn to the magazine to gain insights for their approaching retirements. But they find that much of our advice doesn’t apply to them. The reason? They’re both single. “The articles are predominantly geared towards couples,” says Andrea, who’s been divorced since her 30s and has no kids. “It just leaves me wondering,” adds Diane, a widow since her 40s with a grown daughter.

How to See the World: Art of Travel; European and World Backpacking; On $25 a Day or Less. Budgetting for long term travel. Art of Hobo-ing: How to Budget for Long Term Travel Some of you have been curious how I budgeted for seven months on the road.

Budgetting for long term travel

Or maybe, you want to know how much to sock away for India, Asia and Southeast Asia. So let’s talk about budgeting and hobo-ing. Each traveler is different, we all have different budgets, comfort zones and spending habits. So I’ll just say up front, that whatever your budget (as long as it’s realistic and has some padding for occasional comforts) is, is doable. Budgeting 2-weeks to seven months. How to Travel to Exotic, Expensive Cities on $50 a Day. (Photo: Marc P. Demoz) OK, I’ve had a few short posts recently. 20 Ways to Cut Your Expenses, Grow Your Bank Balance, and Have Money for Travel. I want to start this blog post with a short exercise.

20 Ways to Cut Your Expenses, Grow Your Bank Balance, and Have Money for Travel

Get out a sheet of paper and write down all your set expenses: rent/mortgage, car payments, cable bill, cell phone, insurance, school payments, and the like. Tally them up. Then write down all your discretionary spending. How to travel around the world and travel more- travel tips. The Best 18 Resources for Cheap, Free, or Paid Travel. Fund Your Life Overseas - International Living. Get Paid to See the World: 12 of the Best Jobs that Combine Work and Travel. Are you ready to start planning your own RTW trip?

Get Paid to See the World: 12 of the Best Jobs that Combine Work and Travel

Sign up today for Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days and start receiving email lesson plans tomorrow – it’s free! 8 Tools to Help You Travel Forever and Live Rent Free. So you’ve decided to do it.

8 Tools to Help You Travel Forever and Live Rent Free

You have a friend or family member who can store your belongings for an undetermined period of time, you’ve tied up loose ends, and your bags are packed. It’s time to start traveling long term! But now what? You have a few family members and distant friends who have offered up a couch if you’re in their neck of the woods, but surely they won’t appreciate your arrival on their doorstep with no planned departure date in sight.

The myth of getting paid to travel. I can’t stand all the posts on travel blogs that claim it’s possible to travel the world for free through writing. It’s NOT. Okay, maybe it’s possible for a few select writers. But for the majority of us, forget about it. Unfortunately, those posts get tons of hits because they prey on the hopes and (unrealistic) dreams of hordes of wannabe travel writers. Working Nomad - Start an online business and work from anywhere. Quit Your Job, Travel, and Live Remarkably. I just returned from 10 days in the Caribbean, where I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding.

Quit Your Job, Travel, and Live Remarkably

This wedding was particularly poignant because the bride and I were together the day she met her future husband. It happened three years ago. She and I were trekking in the Himalayas. My bum knee was slowing me down, so she reached the hut below Annapurna Base Camp several hours before I did. By the time I limped into camp, she and a tall, tanned Frenchman were tangled in each others arms. The couple became inseparable from that moment on. Eighteen months later, I reconvened with the couple in Central Australia to swap travel stories. Yet we shared a bond from experiencing the same places and enduring the highs and lows of our distinct lifestyle. Another year passed by. The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer. The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer By Tim Leffel Updated 2013 A few weeks ago I received an interesting piece of mail.

The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer

Guide to Working on the Road – Round the World Travel Guide – Around the World Tickets – BootsnAll Travel Network. Sometimes people just can’t save enough money while at home for their RTW trips.

Guide to Working on the Road – Round the World Travel Guide – Around the World Tickets – BootsnAll Travel Network

Putting away tens of thousands of dollars is not easy, especially if you’re young and right out of school, and particularly in the current economic state. If it’s going to take you a decade to save the amount necessary to go on the trip of your dreams, you may want to think about other options. If you’ve read through the planning part of the RTW section, you should be pretty well versed on what your working options are while on the road. This guide is going to give you the resources you need if you decide that working on the road is for you. Teaching English Teaching English is one of the most popular ways to make money while traveling. Travel Sooner: 5 Secrets to Funding Your Journey Faster. You’ve been bitten by the travel bug. Your evenings are spent pouring over maps, websites and blogs of people doing what you want to do, sampling the exotic.

You, however, are stuck in the 9-5 or working your way through school with what looks like a very long road ahead. How You Could Pay For Your Next Trip to South America. The goal of taking a good photography is to make the region recognizable, but set your picture apart amongst the masses of others like it I’m not a professional photographer, but for over five years now I’ve used stock photography to supplement my income and help cover travel expenses. One of my favorite trips in recent years was to La Paz, Bolivia. One morning during the trip, I found myself scratching my head outside my hotel. I was staring at a large pile of sleeping bags, tents, mountaineering boots, ice axes, and food stacked on the sidewalk.

Somehow, we had to get this huge pile of gear, five climbers, and our hired driver into a 1980’s era Toyota Corolla taxi, and then on to a remote region of the Andes six hours to the southwest. Our principle goal was to climb Nevado Sajama, Bolivia’s highest peak, but we also wanted to explore the surrounding region and soak up the stark, but stunning scenery. Never Ending Voyage. Wandering Earl. Nerdy Nomad. Living Spree. Do Something Cool. Traveling the way most people do it isn’t enough. Saving all year long at a job for just two weeks a year won’t let you see the world the way you want to see it. Nomadic Matt's Travel Site.