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Sales Decision Engine. Model Governance and Monitoring | M² | BRIDGEi2i. In today’s environment, with models increasingly driving most decisions, managing Model Risk is critical to drive predictability in earnings and build trust with regulators. Our research suggests most institutions face the following challenges to build effective Model Risk Management practices. Complex eco system, with multiple model life cycle events, products, regions & functions Several data silos & platforms capturing model related information Lack of visibility, clarity of responsibilities and communication among stakeholders Model monitoring resource intensive making it less frequent or ad-hoc Long lead times to respond to evolving regulatory requests To address these challenges, BRIDGEi2i, has developed M² a flexible, end to end, Model Governance and Monitoring solution. Governance Mechanism Customizable governance workflow across model lifecycle with role based access controls, updated documentation, interactive review and alerts.

Model Inventory Management Model Performance Tracking. Customer Analytics | Customer Experience Analytics | BRIDGEi2i. A plethora of information is available in the form of structured and unstructured data in the Customer’s buying journey. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way we understand our customers. Today’s customer is more empowered and connected than ever before. He wants more options, convenience, service, personalization, protection and value from his investment. He wants to be treated as a privileged and valuable customer and not merely a demographic.

The questions we ask ourselves today when deploying customer analytics, are much more holistic and inquisitive towards the sustainability of the business as compared to the questions we used to ask before the data explosion. Questions asked yesterday What type of customer do we have? What is the future potential of our customer? Information is meaningless unless it provides actionable insights to solve business problems.

Customer Analytics not only answers who our customers are, but also what is the future potential of customer. Know More. Marketing Analytics | Marketing Management Analytics Solutions | BRIDGEi2i. Landscape today Over the last decade enterprises have made significant strides with adoption of marketing analytics. Marketing organizations have spent time, effort and dollars in building / sourcing Analytics capabilities and technology implementation. However organizations have been struggling to keep up with the data deluge and digital dominance. Disconnected data environments, technology deployment in silos and the lack of a holistic marketing analytics strategy has presented a new set of challenges to CMOs today.

Challenges Art & Science of Marketing Finding the balance between the art and science of marketing and tying efforts to business outcomes. Marketing Environment Addressing disruptive competition, leveraging emerging new channels for driving personalized targeting and better understanding of customer. Marketing ROI Marketing Analytics Solution How does BRIDGEi2i’s MSC deliver ROI Drive better Marketing Visibility Enhance Customer Share of Wallet Enhance Customer Experience Solve Simplify. Insurance Analytics | Solutions & Consulting | BRIDGEi2i. Industry landscape The Insurance Industry, like any other, is faced with rising competition, evolving customer preferences and tighter margins. The Insurance landscape today demands strategies that go beyond the scale of exposure and underwriting expertise. The ability to use and monetize new sources of data through advanced analytics is going to be the differentiator in the insurance industry.

Insurance Analytics that deliver a better customer experience, better marketing ROI and clearer understanding of the market landscape is the need of the hour for the Insurance Industry today. BRIDGEi2i Insurance Analytics Solutions brings in a unique combination of advanced analytics techniques and domain experience to help businesses develop a clear understanding of the market landscape, prioritize marketing channels and transform digital data into actionable insights to deliver an incremental marketing return on investment. Drive Growth Optimize Channels and Go-to-Market Strategy Why BRIDGEi2i.

Retail Analytics | Retail Analytics Solutions Company |BRIDGEi2i. Industry landscape Over the last decade, the retail industry has seen a major evolution. The digital revolution has forced brick and mortar retailers to rethink business strategy. With the growth in ecommerce, customer preferences and behaviours have changed drastically. The scope of retail analytics therefore has shifted from analysing POS data to analysing huge volumes of data for understanding customer behaviour. To stay relevant and achieve success, retailers need to scale up their analytics to address better product margins, better customer targeting & personalized outreach, better product mix at a store level, data driven decision making around pricing and better return on marketing investment.

BRIDGEi2i’s retail analytics capabilities help retailers leverage the power of data to derive insights on customer behaviour and develop a personalized customer centric approach to product, marketing, pricing and channel strategy. Performance measurement & insights Personalized Recommendation. Sales Analytics | Sales Data Analysis Solutions | BRIDGEi2i.