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Internal BLM memo shows wild horse woes. Reno, Nev. • The head of the government’s $70 million wild-horse management program warned last summer that it is headed for financial collapse unless "drastic changes" are made in the decades-old roundup policy she said could be setting U.S. rangeland-improvement goals back 20 years. In a strongly worded internal memo to an assistant director of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief Joan Guilfoyle recommended suspending all roundups until thousands of mustangs currently in federal corrals are sold or adopted. Guilfoyle also said sterilization should be considered, and she recommended for the first time euthanizing wild horses on the range "as an act of mercy if animals decline to near-death condition as a result of declining water and forage resources.

" "Drastic changes in course are mandatory to remain financially solvent and reverse trends" undermining the Bureau of Land Management’s goals, she wrote. Last June, Arizona Rep. Your Town. By Jessica Bartlett, staff Animal lovers and supporters of the abused Quincy dog, known as "Puppy Doe" and "Kiya", gather in front of the Norfolk Superior Court.

The man accused of torturing a Quincy dog was held on $500,000 cash bail for allegedly stealing $130,000 from the elderly woman for whom he was a caretaker. At an arraignment Tuesday at Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, Radoslaw Czerkawski, a 32-year-old Polish immigrant, pleaded not guilty through an interpreter to two counts of larceny of property over $250, one count of larceny of property over $250 from a person over the age of 60, and one count of attempted larceny.

Though prosecutors asked that bail be denied, Czerkawski’s attorney requested a nominal bail because he is already being held on 12 animal-cruelty charges and a count of misleading a police investigation. “When he was arraigned at Quincy District Court, he had $500,000 cash bail. That was sufficient enough to get his appearance here.

New York State Considers Killing Or Capturing All Mute Swans. From our newsroom to your inbox weekday mornings at 9AM. Sign Up NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York State is looking into killing or capturing all wild mute swans by the year 2025. Mute swans are large white birds with orange and black bills; they are less vocal than other swans. State officials said an overpopulation of the swans threatens water plants, water quality, puts planes at risk and displaces local birds, 1010 WINS reported. New York State Looks To Kill, Capture Mute Swans WCBS 880's Sophia Hall reports The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation also said the swans are aggressive towards humans and other birds.

The DEC said in a statement, “mute swans can exhibit aggressive behavior towards people, destroy water plants, displace local birds, harm water quality, and put planes at risk” The proposed state plan would allow mute swans to be shot or euthanized, sterilized, or captured and placed in a zoo or other wildlife facility, WCBS 880′s Sophia Hall reported. Judge extends temporary restraining order in horse slaughterhouse case. Updated: 01/03/2014 9:55 PM | Created: 01/03/2014 11:45 AM By: Ryan Luby, KOB Eyewitness News 4 A judge on Friday extended a temporary restraining order on Valley Meat Company. The Attorney General filed for the restraining order, saying the company would violate state laws. In court on Friday, Judge Matthew Wilson spoke frankly. "The equities in this case weigh heavily on both sides," Wilson said.

Wilson agreed that both sides need more time to present detailed evidence, and acknowledged that any final decision will have widespread impact. "The food being introduced into the food supply, that may be harmful to the human population," Wilson said. Valley Meat owner Rick De Los Santos promptly disputed those concerns. "I believe it's safe. He cannot definitively say he'd closely follow state law.

"There's no guarantee that something like that doesn't happen again as far as missed turning in monitoring reports," De Los Santos said. Zero Herd Policy: Obama’s War On Wild Horses–Gone In 20 Years. This story seems like something from the 1800s. Since the 1970s, the federal government has balanced the rights of ranchers and railroads with those who enjoy the wild horse herds in the West. While there have been disputes on herd size and management, this story isn’t about that. The Obama Administration’s policy is one that find incredulous: U.S. policy is now aimed at zeroing out wild horse herd. It is one thing to manage them, but quite another to zero them out.

While the focus of this article is on the Salt Wells group and the mistreatment that is currently underway, the White Mountain herd and the Great Divide Basin herd are also scheduled to be eliminated. This is a planned extinction event.This is something your grandchildren will not see. The wild herds will be no more. It is bad enough that the herds are being zeroed out. Backdrop Sandy Jewel, Secretary of the Interior, has decided to continue Ken Salazar’s policy to zero out these herds. The Round-Up Current Mistreatment. t2.gstatic. Stop Horse Slaughter in New Mexico by Beverley Hughes. Take ‘An Alphabet Journey’ with the first wolf back in CA by Hajra Meeks.

An Alphabet Journey is a children's alphabet book about OR-7, the wolf known as "Journey", the first wolf back in California in 80 years. Children can follow Journey on his journey through parts of Oregon and California. Through his encounters with bears and highways, ranch fences and wildfires, he looks for a place to belong and be happy. This is a book for kids and parents who love animals and the environment. This is also a book for anyone who has felt like an outsider but never stopped trying to find a place to belong.

Finally, this is a book for underdogs, human and otherwise. Hopefully, this will raise awareness of endangered and displaced species like Californian wolves and grizzly bears, amongst others. An Alphabet Journey is illustrated in Schmincke watercolors on Arches paper with a limited palette of Manganese Violet and Chrome Yellow Deep that conveys Journey's loneliness and hope. The biggest risk for this book is that it will just disappear. The Nature Conservancy in Florida - Altamonte Springs - Organisation à but non lucratif.