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A Guide To PHP Development For WordPress Users. Known as the pioneer in open source technology, PHP has come a long way and now has become an important part of WordPress CMS development.

A Guide To PHP Development For WordPress Users

Although WordPress is known for the ease that it provides to the WordPress developers, it has helped PHP evolve from the last 12 years. As a scripting language, PHP holds a position and has a huge number of developers from across the globe. It is still being used to power many websites. PHP – The King of Web Because it is one of the oldest programming languages, there are many developers and thus looking for solutions and fixing bugs is much easier.

The Perks: Brand New Engine PHPNG is the new engine that now powers PHP development which has proven to be a very efficient engine. New Features With PHP 7 being introduced, much has changed in PHP development. Developers Love PHP If you have queries on the subject, you can write to me or comment in the section given below. Like this: Like Loading... Why Most Business Owners Count on WordPress Web Development? WordPress web development has come a long way from having started as a blogging platform.

Why Most Business Owners Count on WordPress Web Development?

Over the years, it has truly transformed as an open source content management system offering incredible customization choices to its users. No wonder that reputed brands including Sony Music, TechCrunch and MTV News are relying on WordPress for reaching out to the tech savvy audience and enhancing their brand image. Let us put a glance on some of the reasons that make business owners to bank on WordPress for effective web development: Easy to use and manage Once you have got your WordPress website built from a WordPress Web Design Agency, you can easily manage it by yourself as it hardly takes minutes to get accustomed to this CMS.

SEO-friendly Being an open source CMS platform, it is more amiable to Google and offers better crawling and indexing options to search engine bots. Mobile friendly Extremely secure. 5 Steps to Optimally Use Social Media Platforms with WordPress. Today, Digital marketing has become necessary for B2C and B2B businesses in order to be visible in the eyes of their target audience.

5 Steps to Optimally Use Social Media Platforms with WordPress

Many fight for a place in the search engines and some fight for maximum visibility on the social platforms. But one of the major parts of digital marketing is social media marketing which has become necessary for B2C businesses in order to maintain their online presence. And for those belonging to the B2B sector, it is a way to build and improve their public relations. With the increase in the WordPress users, WordPress developer and online marketing professionals are constantly making efforts to introduce various ways of using social media through WordPress where business using WordPress as their online framework get the benefits every now and then.

Role of Social Media Integration of Social Media Tabs Make sure this process is really easy. Use of Like Button When you have your products listed, then you can choose to integrate a like button for Facebook. Outsourcing TYPO3 Norway. Hos Helios Solutions anbefaler vi TYPO3 fordi TYPO3 CMS (Content Management System) har åpen kildekode og er en Enterprise CMS, som brukes internasjonalt for å bygge og administrere nettsider av alle typer – fra små nettsider for non-profit bedrifter til flerspråklige enterprise-løsninger for store selskaper.

Outsourcing TYPO3 Norway

TYPO3 CMS er brukervennlig og har et ekstremt detaljert tilgangssystem for implementering av profesjonelle redigeringsarbeidsstrømmer for både brukere og grupper . Administratorer kan også administrere flere nettsider i en TYPO3 CMS-installasjon og dele brukere, utvidelser og innhold mellom dem . Funksjonene til TYPO3 CMS inkluderer, blant annet, enkel templating, enkel sidestruktur, flerspråklighet, innebygd bilderedigering, frontend-redigering, automatisk caching, kraftig utvidelsesrammeverk , stort ”lager” av utvidelser, fellesskap og kommersiell støtte, Multi-site Management, osv. Drupal Utvikling Agency. Helios Solutions er en prestisjefull utvikler innen Drupal som leverer skreddersydde løsninger for en rekke bedrifter, fra hoteller og restauranter til byggefirmaer og eiendomsbedrifter.

Drupal Utvikling Agency

Vi er veldig stolte av å utføre utviklingsprosjekter innen Drupal, og vi tilbyr skreddersydde pakker på en effektiv måte. Vi har et dynamisk team med spesialister innen Drupal, som vellykket har fullført store prosjekter for små, mellomstore og store bedrifter. Case Studies Online appointments and SchedularRead More Helios Solutions har et stort in-house team som er spesialiert i å utvikle skreddersydde produkter i Drupal. Helios Solutions tilbyr følgende Drupal tjenester: Komplett webside/webportalModulutviklingUtvikling av Drupal teamerUtvikling av webapplikasjoner ved bruk av Drupal som rammeverk Hvorfor outsource prosjekter innen Drupal til Helios Solutions? Helios Solutions forstår Drupal fra topp til tå. Våre Drupal-utviklere er spesialister i ulike teknologier innen Drupal Content Management System.