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A Long Island SEO company with years of experience in digital marketing, MedResponsive is acknowledged by our valued clients for successful implementation of current SEO strategies and algorithms.

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What is the December 2020 Core Google Algorithm Update? What did it do? A Marketing Art Form That’s Easy to Implement in 2021. When you’re looking to establish a strong digital presence in the midst of established players, you need to think outside the box and go beyond the conventional search engine optimization strategies.

A Marketing Art Form That’s Easy to Implement in 2021

One such strategy, or a marketing art form you could use is second-tier link building. First Tier and Second Tier Links for Internet Marketing What is a first-tier link? It is a backlink linking to your website directly from another site. People normally think of only first-tier links when they talk of link building. Why Should a Digital Marketing Company Use Second-tier Links? They simply help the publication that approved & shared the content you wrote. There are plenty of ways to build second tier links. But how is a second-tier link formed from a guest post? 1. The screenshot above is a bio for Booktrep that wrote a guest post for Smart Blogger.

Here’s how to build second-tier links 1. 3. 1. Make sure the DA or PA is between 13-15. As you can see, I chose Backlinko as an example. Google: 3 Major Broad Core Algorithm Updates of 2020. Google is committed to improving search results for all internet users.

Google: 3 Major Broad Core Algorithm Updates of 2020

Almost everyday, Google releases one or more changes designed to improve their search results, in which most aren’t noticeable but help users incrementally continue to improve. Sometimes, these changes may have a massive impact on the ranking of publishers’ websites, and those are called Google core algorithm updates, also known as the broad core algorithm update. The major goal of Google core update is to provide users with the best results for their search queries in all countries in all languages, because in the past, it has been noticed that Google’s trend is to continuously emphasize features such as mobile-first indexing, speed, content quality, and relevance.

However, if not prepared well, these algorithmic changes do give webmasters a hard time. Therefore, relying on professional social media marketing agencies is a great idea if you don’t want to get affected by such core updates. 2022 Most Effective Link Building Strategies. As we are all set to welcome the New Year with hopes and aspirations, here are some facts we need to keep in mind while we step into the world of SEO in 2021.

2022 Most Effective Link Building Strategies

Our Top 10 Insightful Blog Posts of 2020. A Long Island SEO company with many years of experience in meeting the digital marketing goals of diverse businesses, Long Island MedResponsive also strives to share what we learned with you.

Our Top 10 Insightful Blog Posts of 2020

Our blog posts of 2020 covered a number of useful and interesting topics – social media optimization strategies, SEO trends, copywriting tricks, review management and more. Here are our top 10 posts for 2020. 6 SEO New Year’s Resolutions You Must Keep in 2021. How will SEO change in 2021?

6 SEO New Year’s Resolutions You Must Keep in 2021

There is one thing that has been constant all through these years – each year Google moves its algorithms more towards more user-friendly search results. An experienced New York SEO company will keep abreast with all the changes and trends in SEO. Without SEO Increase Your Traffic (Before 2021 Without SEO) Webmasters and SEO professionals are always keen to get high traffic to their websites, but the goal of all traffic is increased earnings.

Without SEO Increase Your Traffic (Before 2021 Without SEO)

You want conversions to happen – those people who enter your website must eventually perform the call to action. But an experienced NYC SEO company looks beyond just traffic. If you have heightened traffic visiting your site without signing up for your products or services or any other desired call to action, you don’t have any benefit from the increased traffic. Why Any Traffic Isn’t Good for Internet Marketing Sometimes, increased traffic can also equate with high bounce rate.

6 Digital Marketing Tips for Holiday Marketing During COVID-19. Most businesses know how digital marketing strategies are essential for their better future.

6 Digital Marketing Tips for Holiday Marketing During COVID-19

In this digital era, businesses should implement the right marketing strategies with the help of a good SEO company in New York to improve their visibility so as to reach their prospective consumers. During the holiday season, your product’s visibility is a crucial consideration as you should reach your targeted customers before your competitors do. How Digital Marketing Techniques Help Revolutionize FMCG Brands. Nowadays, digital media is changing the landscape for marketing everywhere.

How Digital Marketing Techniques Help Revolutionize FMCG Brands

Today, with the advent of several social platforms, businesses and industries are particularly looking out for innovative options to market their products and services and stand out among the competitors. The rapid growth of social media marketing has urged several industries to incorporate novel digital marketing ideas to attract audiences and the FMCG sector is no exception in this regard. When compared to other industries, the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry needs to apply more shrewdness into their digital marketing strategies to get more customers and promote specific brands. They can do this by employing a digital marketing agency which comprises seasoned specialists knowledgeable in various marketing tactics. Benefits of Digital Marketing for FMCG Brands A growing number of consumers now prefer shopping online for FMCG products rather than visiting a physical store. 12 SEO Techniques You Need to Be Using in 2021.

While strategies such as keyword research, title tag and meta tag optimization and creation of unique, optimized content would play a key role in the coming year too, there are some top SEO techniques businesses should be aware of to drive significant growth in organic visibility and resultant traffic.

12 SEO Techniques You Need to Be Using in 2021

Being an experienced digital marketing agency, we use diverse SEO strategies customized for clients from different business sectors on a daily basis. Here are the top 12 SEO techniques, which our SEO team anticipates that businesses will be using in 2021 – Pay attention to ‘People Also Ask’ People Also Ask box or PAA is a key SERP feature that has impacted businesses in the last few years. This box is an interactive, universal search result from Google that displays a box of questions that other searchers have asked related to the original search. December 2020 Core Update - Google’s Third Core Algorithm Update. On December 3, 2020, Google released a broad core algorithm update which it called the “December 2020 Core Update”.

December 2020 Core Update - Google’s Third Core Algorithm Update

As we all know, search engine giant Google changes their algorithms every few months or so, which are referred to as “core updates”. This is the third core update for the year. Google’s first core update this year was rolled out on January 13, 2020. The next one, the May 2020 core update was rolled out on May 4. The December 2020 Core Update comes seven months after the May core update. Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants to Survive during COVID-19. Just like any other business, the competition in the restaurant industry is getting fierce with each passing year. Today, the decision about what to eat and where to eat is determined by online reviews, locations, prices etc. Most of the customers check online before going out for dinner, so if you don’t have a strong online presence then you are missing out on many potential customers and the opportunity to grow your restaurant business. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for your restaurant business to find more new customers online.

Long Island digital marketing services could help you develop a website, and optimize it to appear among the top search results on all popular search engines. The outbreak of COVID-19 led to the closing of non- essential businesses and public places to ensure social distancing and prevent the spread of the virus. How Theme Parks Dealt with COVID-19 through Digital Marketing. The COVID-19 crisis has been unprecedented. The whole world has been crippled by the pandemic, and one of the aspects most affected has been entertainment and hanging out.

While the lockdown affected the running of most businesses, amusement parks were among those that felt the drop in business the most. During these challenging times, the services of a digital marketing company could be critical to keep the audience interested. 11 Key Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Businesses. How to Optimize GIFs to Drive More Traffic to Your Website. Graphic Interchange Format, commonly known as GIF, is regarded as a new trend that hit social media recently. But the truth is, GIF has been there in the digital world since 1987, introduced by Steve Wilhite. GIFs are image files that support both animated and static images that are popularly used in memes today. They are a very useful marketing tool that helps customers see things work in a better way. They are more interesting than images and add more energy to your content thus making it unique. So, if you wish to amp your digital marketing skills, partner with a reliable New York SEO Company that can utilize animated GIF in the best way possible to boost your digital marketing campaign.

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Organic Click-through Rates. Worried about your website not getting enough organic search traffic even with good ranking in the SERPs? That’s because you are not getting enough organic click-through rates (CTR). Any business – be it healthcare, legal, education or any other –looking for traffic, ranking, branding, and revenue has to consider how many people are clicking on their listing and not bouncing immediately. You have to attract more visitors who are likely to stick around and then convert. For that to happen, you need to improve organic CTR. Rely on experienced New York SEO company that provides professional support to improve organic CTR. 4 SEO Web Development Tips [For Long Island Services] Do you want your website to get noticed by Google?

Then you might need to apply the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to your website. Especially if you are a beginner to SEO, it’s important to understand that there is no crosscut to make your website rank on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. You need to consider applying SEO from the earliest stages of web development. For that, you can seek expert assistance from a web development company in Long Island as they would apply the right SEO techniques, and make sure your website ranks high on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO is a combination of approaches that makes a website easier to find through search engines. 6 Important Steps to Get Your Local Business Online for the First Time.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it inevitable for businesses to go completely digital, and most of them probably have already gone digital long before the pandemic. 7 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies to Follow During COVID-19. In this digital era, digital marketing has become a necessary part of every business as it helps to reach an enormous audience in a cost-effective and measurable way. Tips to Create an Effective Meta Description.

SEO has changed tremendously over the years. Why Customer Feedback is Important for Businesses. Customer feedback is information provided by the audience about their experience with a company’s products or services. 11 Top Innovative Website Design Trends for 2021. In today’s digital world, life is fast moving and people need quick and accurate results. Technology is changing and improving fast, and web design trends are also changing to provide users the best experience. Dedicated web design solutions such as those provided by Long Island web design development services could be crucial for your website’s success in the coming years. Why? How Organic Influencer Marketing Can Promote Law Firms. Influencer marketing is a proven way of promoting your products and services, and this strategy that utilizes the support of prominent industry figures and thought leaders gained popularity with the increased use of social media.

Heading Tags Are a Strong Signal, Says Google’s John Mueller. 7 Tech Trends to Expect from Mobile Apps in 2021. You could argue that apps are probably the greatest invention since the wheel. That’s why software development for businesses focuses a great deal on developing apps. Research states that mobile app downloads could hit 258 billion by 2022 and the number of app users could exceed 7 billion globally by 2021.

Latest Trends and SEO Strategies for the Holiday Season 2020. Festive holidays are the time of the year when people splurge their savings on shopping, travelling and celebrations and they actively start looking for the best deals and offers. 8 Important SEO Copywriting Rules for 2020. Which Is the Better Option, Long Form or Short Form Content? As a provider of New York SEO services, we know that quality content is one of the most important ranking factors in Google. However, the length of the content has always remained a matter of debate. Any content that is more than 1200 words is considered as long-form content and any content less than 100 words is regarded as short-form content.

How to Maintain Your Brand Image in the Midst of Global Crisis. Adopt Customized Strategies Along with White Hat SEO. Learn About Google Stop Words. Keyword Research for Your New Business - An Overview. SEO Considerations When Changing Website Domain. 8 Essential Considerations in On-Page SEO. Debunking 8 Most Common SEO Misconceptions. What Are Buyer Keywords and How to Optimize for Them. Why H1 Tags Matter and How to Optimize Them for SEO. What Are H1 and H2 Tags in SEO. Take Your Ecommerce Website to More Traffic and Conversions. Six Effective Website Design Tips to Get a Professional Website by MedResponsive Long Island.

Best Practices to Get a Google Knowledge Panel for Your Business. How Businesses can Optimize Their Website and Improve Rankings. What is Crawl Budget and How is it Related to SEO? How Google’s New Free Promoted Pins Work [Infographic] Difference Between SEO Content Writing vs. Copywriting. What Are the Major Aspects to Be Monitored in an SEO Audit? What SEO Professionals Get Wrong about Google Updates. Should External Links Open in the Same Tab or New Ones? 6 Things You Should Stop Doing in Social Media Marketing. A Google Search Glitch that Created Havoc with Search Results. Step by Step Guide on How to Do SEO Copywriting. SEO Copywriting Services. 7 SEO Quick Techniques to Improve your Website’s Ranking. Biggest SEO Mistakes That Can Damage Your Website In 2020. 10 Reasons to Use Infographics in Your Content Marketing. 2 SEO-intent Writing Practices to Adopt After a Google Update. How to Prevent Google from Ranking the Wrong Page.

Use Online Tools to Improve Your Business amid COVID-19 Pandemic. Why Businesses Should Focus on Improving Customer Satisfaction by Long Island MedResponsive. Eight Important Rules for SEO Copywriting in 2020. Google Rolls Out Free Promoted Pins for Businesses. What is the optimal word count for SEO? SEO Copywriting vs SEO Content Writing - Is There a Difference? Designing a Homebuilder Website - Take Note of These Key Points. Google My Business: 4 Tips to Optimize your GMB Profile. Tips to Create an Effective FB Brand Building Strategy for Schools. Get Your Website Back on Track after Ranking Drop Due to Google Update.

Get Your Website Back on Track after Ranking Drop Due to Google Update. Top Nine Search Engine Optimization Market Trends For 2021. 7 Helpful Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand's Reach. Three Critical SEO Trends that Businesses Should Be Aware Of. Google Discourages SEMRush’s Paid Guest Blogging Service. 6 Social Media Marketing Things You Should Stop doing Right Away. What are the Best Strategies to do Your Google Ads the Right Way? SEO Title Tag Optimization - Key Tips to Follow [Infographic] Top Strategies to Use Hashtags for Your Business in Social Media. Top Strategies to Use Hashtags for Your Business in Social Media. Six Top SMM Tools to Grow Your Social Media Presence in 2020. How to Identify and Deal With Fake Negative Reviews. Google May 2020 Core Update Officially Rolled Out. Tips to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews about Your Business.

What is the Best Time and Day to Post on Social Media? May 2020 Core Update: Google's New Core Algorithm Update Rolls Out. Facebook Brand Building Awareness Strategies for Schools – Tips. Long Island Medresponsive's answer to Which is the best SEO tool for local businesses in 2020, Google My Business or Google Ads? E-commerce Marketing Strategies to Consider during COVID-19. Google Launches Identity Verification Program for Advertisers. 6 Key Tips to Optimize for Market-defining Keywords. Five Effective Steps to Take Your Local Business Online. How the Virtual Business Strategy Can Help Local SEO. Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Tools for Digital Marketers. MedResponsive to Offer Uninterrupted Support Amid Coronavirus Outbreak - MedResponsive - Digital Marketing Company Long Island.

MedResponsive to Offer Uninterrupted Support Amid Coronavirus Outbreak - MedResponsive - Digital Marketing Company Long Island. Key Features of Facebook Creator Studio [Infographic] Which SEO Tools Can Improve Your Website Ranking In 2020. How to Effectively Implement COVID-19-related Announcements. How to Revise Your Marketing Plans amid COVID-19 Outbreak. Long Island Medresponsive's answer to How effective is Google My Business for SEO? Search Engine Optimization for the Coronavirus Situation.