ZenPax » Gravatars2 Gravatars2 WordPress Plugin Works with the “new” gravatar.com 2.0 Service(the gravatar.com service only works sporadically, however) The “new” service still uses the same query format, so there was nothing to change for that. Note the images are now self-rated, defaulting to “X”, so you may want to change the “Default Rating” in the plugin management page to “X” to get the images for people that forgot to rate their gravatar. Unfortunately, the REST API was nixed in the “new” 2.0 system, meaning there is no way to check if an image is available without just downloading the image. And now since a nice blue “G” is returned if there is no image (or if the max rating is not met), a kludgey test has to be made to make sure a good image was returned. ZenPax » Gravatars2
Like in the years before there will be a huge Christmas special with SP-Studio updates every day! This event will take place from December 1st until December 24th. Make sure you tell me what you want to see in this year’s Christmas special. Planearium.de presents: SP-Studio.de

Planearium.de presents: SP-Studio.de

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