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Volkswagen T-Roc India | In-depth Review - Motosutra. Volkswagen T-Roc Overview The Volkswagen T-Roc is a car that speaks, a lot of People’s interests. And that is because people cannot quite figure out where exactly in our market. It is a compact crossover with a compact petrol engine but, its price is 20 lakh rupees ex-showroom. Now in a market that equates the price of an SUV with its size, that does seem like a bit of an anomaly. But something tells me there is more to this car than meets the eye. And that is exactly, what I am here to find out today? But, before we dive right in, tell us what you think about the T-Roc down in the comments? Volkswagen T-Roc Exterior Dimension So, as you could tell, the T-Roc is not a big car to put that into perspective. Design What it lacks an outright size, it attempts to make up for with panache.

But his most striking feature is the least SUV like thing about it. And while you could have your T-Roc in black, white, or grey. Volkswagen T-Roc Interior The interior of the T-Roc, well it is very Volkswagon. What Is Audi Quattro? - Motosutra. Audi Quattro is one of the best all-wheel-drive systems out there in our market. Quattro was developed by German automobile manufacturer Audi as the name suggests (Audi Quattro). This system was developed for the Audi Rally teams in the 1976s. Since then Audi Quattro has been improving.

Now, it’s been 41 years since the development of this Quattro system. What is Quattro? If you understand Italian ‘Quattro means four’ and it’s been trademarked by Audi. Quattro is a system that delivered the optimal power to each wheel as needed, to deliver superior handling and optimum grip. Audi Cars come with a horizontal engine configuration and its equipped with Quattro. Why Audi Quattro is Different Than Other AWD Systems? Quattro instantaneously responds to differences in the wheel speed. Quattro mechanism Provides unmatched traction when you need it the most. A Brief History On Audi Quattro System Audi’s Quattro system was first introduced 40 years ago. Audi Quattro Rally & Development. Kawasaki Ninja H2R Price, Specs, Top Speed, Mileage, Review. Kawasaki Ninja H2R CC, Horsepower, Mileage, Price, Specs, Review, Top Speed, Overview What Bugatti Chiron is to four-wheelers, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R is to two-wheelers.

The flagship motorcycle is known to have beaten supercars like Bugatti Veyron, McLaren MP4, and Nissan GT-R as well in a half-mile drag race. Today in this article, We are going to share with you – The Kawasaki Ninja H2R Hyper Sport Bike Complete guide Including: Kawasaki Ninja H2R SpecificationsKawasaki Ninja H2R Price in India 2021 – Book NowKawasaki Ninja H2R Top speedKawasaki Ninja H2R For sale PriceKawasaki Ninja H2R Price in USA – Book NowKawasaki Ninja H2R Review Video World’s Fastest Motorcycle Interestingly, in 2016, in a record attempt, this superbike touched the 400 kmph speed mark.

Making it the world’s fastest production motorcycle ever And to achieve. Best power-to-weight ratios on a vehicle Top Speed Video Of Kawasaki Ninja H2R Kawasaki Ninja H2R Images Key Features – Kawasaki Ninja H2R Kawasaki Ninja H2R Specs. BMW HP4 Race 2021 Price, Specs, Features, Photos, Review. Motosutra presents you the BMW HP4 RACE. The HP series has a long history of raising the bar regarding performance and fit-for-racetrack technologies. Now, with the HP4 RACE, BMW Motorrad will go even further. To begin with, the HP4 RACE is limited to only 750 units, each of them hand-made.

The engineers at BMW have taken it to the limit and beyond to put together the best racing technology available today. The BMW HP4 RACE is every bit a racetrack-only superbike. THE ultimate superbike. BMW HP4 Race 2021 Specs Engine Performance Electrical System Chassis, Brakes, And Suspension Transmission Dimensions And Weight The craziest part is the weight because the HP4 race is all carbon fiber including, the chassis. BMW HP4 Race Photos & Video Price of the BMW HP4 Race 2021 We have the BMW hp4 race, and what a machine this is 215 horsepower 120 Newton meters of torque from an inline 4 998 CC motor.

The HP4 RACE comes at a very ambitious price and also is for the racetrack-only. BMW HP4 RACE Price in India. BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Price, Top Speed, Specs, Review. 2021 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Price, Specs, Mileage, Review, Seat Height, Overview The BMW R 1250 GS Adventure concentrated performance meets impressive efficiency. With the R 1250 GS Adventure, you will experience the boxer even more directly. An increase in engine displacement brings you even more performance. It pumps out 136 horsepower and 105 pounds foot of torque. BMW shifted the cam variable camshaft control system to ensure consistent power delivery. Throughout the entire power band, whether in the city on the motorway or off-road. BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Specification Engine Twin-cylinder boxer 1254cc engine with air and liquid-cooled system.

A new generation of twin-cylinder boxer engines needed this technology. Increased power and efficiency hence a very smooth running engine. Electrical system Chassis/brakes Power transmission Dimensions R 1250 GS Adventure – Standard Equipment R 1250 GS Adventure – Optional Equipment BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Price R 1250 GS Adventure Price 2021 for USA. Kawasaki Z1000 2021 Price, Specs, Review, Top Speed - Motosutra. The Kawasaki’s z1000 liter-class nuked motorcycle, was recently updated to the year 2021. The Japanese manufacturer unveiled the updated motorcycle in the international market. 2021 Kawasaki z1000 does not feature many changes as compared to the previous model. What’s New For Kawasaki Z1000 2021? The updated motorcycle features a new paint scheme. 2021 Kawasaki z1000 features an all-black paint scheme. That is complemented by red stripes on both side fairings, headlight shrouds, and rear fairing. Kawasaki will offer 2021 z1000 with one color choice only.

It continues to feature the distinctive twin-pod headlamp. The motorcycle features LED headlamps, taillamps, and turn signal indicators. Kawasaki Z1000 Specs Kawasaki z1000 will feature an updated version of the same engine that powered the bs4 models. The liquid-cooled in-line 4-cylinder 1043 cc DOHC engine. Kawasaki Z1000 Top Speed Video The motorcycle comes with the bare minimum electronic aids such as dual-channel abs. Conclusion. Audi Q2 Price In India - Review, First Look - Motosutra. Audi Q2 2021 Overview Here is a car that has been a long time coming, and it is the Audi Q2. And in Europe, it has been around for ages. But, hey, better late than never. It is finally here in India. Promises to offer something truly unique in the luxury car space. What is it like well, read more to find out? Audi Q2 Exterior It is a small luxury crossover that is 4.2 meters long. <img width="696" height="392" alt="Audi Q2 Side" class="wp-block-jetpack-slideshow_image wp-image-4393" data-id="4393" src="//

Audi Q2 Dimensions Then a boxy SUV, and while car designers can often get this sort of shape wrong. The strong shoulder line,Gently bulging wheel arches,Blacked out c-pillars,And raked rear,Windscreen draw your gaze, It has a wide rectangular nose with plenty of trapezoidal details. But what do you think about the Audi Q2? Audi Q2 Interior A big highlight of any Audi is always its interior. Infotainment System Back Seat. Kawasaki Z650 2021 Price, Specs, Features, Review - Motosutra. Kawasaki Z650 2021 Overview The naked Kawasaki Z650, if you are buying a big bike, can be intimidating, coming from something small.

It can be a sizeable jump in terms of performance, ease of use, and price. But there are a few motorcycles that make that leap a lot less daunting. And one such example is Kawasaki’s middleweight. Book Now Kawasaki Z650 2021 Styling & Changes In this new iteration, Kawasaki has made some changes. The engine is now BS6 and Euro 5 compliant,The second and more notable is the design,Kawasaki has stripped away the few curves of the older model, Sharpened up the lines around the tank,And the headlight and given it, a new paint scheme. What this has done is give the bike a much more dynamic and provocative design. There is some functionality amongst this new form too. Kawasaki Z650 2021 Features 649 cc parallel bicylindrical engine and liquid cooling;Lattice frame;Daisy-shaped disc brakes;Compact tail;LED flashlight;Adjustable levers;Compact multifunctional panel.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R Price, Specs, Top Speed, Review - Motosutra. KTM 1290 Super Duke R 2021 Price, Specs, Top Speed, Mileage, Review, Seat Height, Overview KTMs 2021 1290 Super Duke R is the KTM high-performance, open class naked bike. A couple of years ago KTM used to focus on the sportbike segment with its RC 8 and then RC 8r project. They abandoned that after a few years. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t close to being competitive in the Superbike class. So KTM went in a different direction instead of focusing on sportbikes. They went to focus on naked class street fighter sportbikes. And that brings us to the 2021 Super Duke R. <img width="918" height="629" src="//" alt="Orange ktm 1290 superduke r" data-id="5805" data-full-url=" data-link=" KTM 1290 Super Duke R Specification For 2021 KTM has made a lot of changes to this motorcycle.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R Mileage. Ather 450X In-Depth Review, Features, Range, Performance - Motosutra. We finally got our hands on the new Ather 450x and have spent an entire week riding it. While the Ather 450x may look identical to the standard Ather 450. When it comes to the design it does come in different colors. We’ve not seen before Ather has added this matte gray color scheme and mint green to the options list. The bigger changes, though, are underneath the bodywork. Ather 450x Power Figures The install battery capacity has increased. Ather 450x Digital Instument Cluster Ather has also updated the display on the 450x, and it now uses an android based os. and gets Bluetooth connectivity enabling call and music-related information.

Ather 450X Suspension Compared to the first generation Ather 450, the Ather 450x has also lost 11 kgs. and features a slightly stiffer suspension setup to help it steer more quickly. Ather 450X Range Range anxiety can scare away a lot of potential buyers. We put the electric scooter to the test and took it from 100% charges all the way to zero percent. BMW G310 R Review, Specification, Price & Features - Motosutra.

BMW G 310 R Overview This is the BS6 BMW G310 R, your entry ticket into the world of BMW Motorrad. Now the company says that they have worked on fixing the issues that plagued the BS4 motorcycle. And at the same time, they have slashed the price of this G310 R motorcycle by rupees 55,000. Now that is a significant amount, we know if you’ve got your attention. Updated BMW G 310 R The first thing we’ll notice about the BS6 BMW G310 R is the styling tweaks. <img loading="lazy" width="696" height="522" src="// BMW G 310 R Design The tail panels, tail lamp, and wheels are identical to the BS4 machine.

BMW G310R Features Another improvement comes in the form of the levers because both of them are adjustable. One of the things that you can take for granted for this motorcycle is that the BMW overall is quality. BMW G310R Performance The unpleasant vibrations in the BS4 motorcycle took away from that premium BMW feel. Volvo XC40 Recharge Unveiled in India - Motosutra. Volvo XC40 Recharge Overview Volvo has unveiled its XC40 Recharge this month. The big news is that this is Volvo’s first all-electric car that they’re bringing to India. They are going to start taking bookings in June, and deliveries are going to be in October. The even bigger news is that in less than a decade, the entire Volvo range is going to be all-electric. Volvo wants to take the lead on Sustainability. Volvo XC40 Recharge Performance It’s an SUV it is built on the same platform as Volvo XC40. The other talking point is that the range is about 418 kilometers.

Volvo XC40 Recharge Price The price has not yet been announced. Volvo XC40 Recharge Interior Let’s have a quick look at the interiors. Very comfortable seats Volvos always have comfortable seats. Conclusion Interestingly you’ve got one pedal drive which really changes the regen. Related Volvo XC40 Petrol Review | First Drive October 14, 2020 In "Cars Review" Indian EV Startup Pravaig Dynamics Has Unveiled Their Extinction Mk1. Honda CB500X Price, Review, features, Images, Mileages - Motosutra. Honda CB500X Overview Honda has been producing a range of 500CC motorcycles overseas for almost 10-years.

But we’ve never had them in India. But Honda CB500X is the first model to come to our market. And I think it’s the most viable Practical bike off that range for us. This motorcycle I haven’t ridden before. Honda CB500X Design Now Honda CB500X is not full-on an adventure bike. If you look at it, I think it has a nice stance. Honda 500X Specification Honda CB500X Riding Position The main aim of this motorcycle is to be versatile, practical, and comfortable. The point to note here is that the seat is quite slim down here. Seating position-wise very upright. Honda CB500X Features You have a tall windscreen. In terms of features and frills, I think this is a fairly simple motorcycle. Honda CB500X Specs But this bike is not about the frills. Performance The first thing about this engine is that it’s flexible.

There’s a lot of twin-cylinder grunts. This engine is all about the midrange. Related. Range Rover Evoque 2020 India Review | First Drive - Motosutra. Now you’re looking at Range Rover it says so on the bonnet but what is it, is this updated Velar well look a bit closer, and this is actually the all-new Evoque and we have it here.

This is a D180s version and we have it for the day to see what it offers. Range Rover Evoque – Exterior so first up those stunning lines less hardy Land Rover and more la-dee-da fashion icon, the new Evoque gets people’s attention wherever it goes, and that it looks like the stunning Velar does its prospects no harm at all, and truth be told it is difficult to tell the two apart both get similar mesh grilles, slimline headlights with rectangular LED inserts, headlight extensions that run under the front doors, severely tapering rooflines, and steeply rising beltlines. Range Rover Evoque – Interior Range Rover Evoque Driving Experience Since a large percentage of Evoques are owner-driven it must drive well too, first up however there is ride.

Conclusion. All New Renault Kiger Review - First Drive - Motosutra. Renault Kiger Overview This new compact SUV is the Renault Kiger, and it’s the French carmakers. A cool, new entry into the hot segment. Where does it fit? And what does it stand out for? These are questions we’ll be answering throughout this article. Specification & Engine Options The Renault Kiger 1.0 lineup comprises:- A 72 horsepower & 96 NM of torque.

The Renault Kiger 1.0 Turbo There’s also the option of a 100 horsepower & 160 NM of Torque one-liter turbo petrol engine. There’s no diesel engine option, and the petrol engines might not stand out for power and torque. Renault Kiger Prices But bring prices into the equation, and you’ll find the Kiger undercuts like to like engine gearbox versions. In fact, on price, at least the Kiger and its fraternal twin from Nissan the magnite. Renault Kiger Dimensions The Kiger measures just under 4 meters in length. In the metal, the Renault Kiger looks fairly substantial if also like an XXL-sized Renault Kwid from some angles. Styling Safety Rear Seat.

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